Deal Flow (Apr 19): 4 Websites, 6 Aged and 8 Branded Domains

Mushfiqur Sarker

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This week’s deals feature 2 websites for sale from Flippa in the psychology and cooking niches, and 2 websites from our private Facebook group in the food and pets niches. We also cover an aged domain in the business niche from Odys.

For domains, we share findings on 5 aged SEO domains and 8branded domains live at GoDaddy auctions.

Aged Domain:


Niche: Co-working

Source: Odys Global (see listing here)

Age: 2013 (10 Years)

Listed Price: $4,750


desk camping ahrefs

Notable links: NY Post, Gizmodo, Curbed, AlleyWatch,

Site History

This domain was used for a marketplace that helped freelancers rent a desk from co-working spaces or businesses with extra office space.

It was profiled in several publications like NY Post, which called it the “Airbnb for freelancers”.

Here’s what the site looked like:

desk camping archive

Growth Blueprint

This domain’s history and brandable name provide a good opportunity to launch a niche site about co-working spaces. This niche has good shoulder niches like the digital nomad lifestyle and home office equipment.

Worldwide co-working spaces are expected to double from 2022 to 2024 according to Statistica. Upwork estimated that 22% of the US workforce will work remotely by 2025.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Create a directory of top co-working spaces by city
  2. Create programmatic SEO pages for topics that can be covered for every US city such as “pet-friendly co-working spaces in Austin”
  3. Publish guides about how to use co-working effectively as a freelancer or business owner
  4. Publish articles answering common questions about co-working
  5. Publish buying guides for desk products and accessories for remote workers and freelancers

The primary monetization opportunity is display ads on informational articles. Other monetization opportunities include affiliate links to desk accessories and lead generation for co-working spaces.

Flippa Site:

Do you want to buy a content website? Hire us to catch red flags.


Niche: Psychology (Tests)

Source: Flippa (see listing here)

Revenue: $223/mo from Google Adsense


Overview Ahrefs

Due Diligence Dashboard

TWF For Blueprints › Monthly Analysis 5

Growth Blueprint


  • 100k+ unique users visiting the site per month
  • A simple and well-designed site with around 200 unique psychology tests
  • The traffic is evenly distributed among the top pages, with the majority of it coming from the United States.


  • Most of the backlinks are redirected from another domain that is still live ( The seller used many page-to-page 301 redirects from to This wasn’t mentioned on the listing.
  • Lacks sufficient EEAT signals for a health site
  • Backlink profile is relatively weak with 300 referring domains which could invite competition
  • The site was developed using Laravel so adding new content may prove to be a more complex task than on a WordPress site.
  • The site is less than a year old.

Easy Wins

  • To instantly increase your revenue, consider migrating the site to Mediavine or AdThrive.
  • By adding more content to the existing test pages, you can potentially increase the time visitors spend on those pages, improve RPMs, and boost your rankings for other keywords related to “tests”.
  • To grow the email newsletter list, you could consider adding a ‘Download PDF’ option for the test.


I recently discovered this intriguing website on Flippa. It has a collection of psychology tests that rank for over 3,500 keywords and attract 100,000 monthly visitors, yet only generates around $200 in revenue each month.

Although there are several potential opportunities for improvement, a red flag emerged when I noticed that another site is partially redirected to this domain.

This information was not disclosed in the listing, which concerns me. My assumption is that the original site failed, or the owner purchased it and redirected it to the new domain.

While this strategy can work, it comes with risks, as all backlinks could vanish in an instant.

If you intend to bid on this website, make sure to request ownership of the original domain.

After that, there are numerous easy wins like adding more tests, building a newsletter, migrating to Mediavine/AdThrive, adding more content to test pages and finally moving the site to WordPress.


As you may already know, I’m not deterred by high multiples if I spot an opportunity. In this case, the website is listed at an 80x multiple, based on its TTM earnings of $223 per month.

However, it’s worth noting that the previous revenue probably came from the first domain, as this site only began in June 2022. Given the questionable nature of this website’s history, I believe it would be smart to start bidding at 30-40x.

Flippa Site:


Niche: Food

Source: Flippa (see listing here)

Revenue: $590/mo from AdThrive only


cakes prices ahrefs 1

Due Diligence Dashboard

CleanShot 2023 04 18 at

Growth Blueprint


  • 6-year-old site bought by the seller about 6 months ago
  • More than 150 articles published
  • Stable 20K+ page views per month
  • Backlink profile has over 6K referring domains (but DR is just 7)
  • Includes Facebook Group with 3,100 followers
  • Strong AdThrive RPM of $29 per 1,000 sessions


  • Traffic is below AdThrive requirements so verify that AdThrive will allow the transfer.
  • Pageviews declined by about 1/3 from January to February but increased slightly in March.
  • Site was not updated for 3 years by the previous owner. It will require a lot of time to update the price information on many outdated pages.

Easy Wins

  • Update articles with the latest price information (you can hire a VA to help with this).
  • Add similar articles about cake prices at more stores and bakeries.
  • Improve EAT signals so that it is clear who is behind the website.
  • Hire an experienced VA to address on-page issues, such as overly long paragraphs, inadequate interlinking, and other related concerns.
  • Prune stale content that doesn’t rank (my threshold is under 10 clicks in the last 90 days according to GSC), and optimize the content on pages 2-3 of Google for the intended keyword.


This website is a typical food site with a few noteworthy features.

It was established 6 years ago and boasts a decent backlink profile of over 6,000 domains. Despite not being updated for 3 years, it still generates nearly $600 per month and 20,000 monthly users.

For experienced flippers, this could be an excellent investment opportunity.

On the positive side, there are several easy wins available to improve this site. Just updating the site and implementing basic fixes could increase revenue in a short amount of time.


The site has been priced at 34X its monthly earnings of $594, resulting in a Buy It Now price of $20,000. It is currently up for auction but has not received any active bids. The reserve price of $17,500 is a fair deal at a 30X multiple.

🚀 Off-Market Sites

The Website Flip runs a Facebook group where sellers can list sites for sale. Here is a selection of a few sites:

  1. $137/mo Food Site: 1-year-old site earning $137 L6M average via Adsense and Ezoic. Averaging about 17K monthly traffic on 41 articles published on a TLD. Asking $5,200 at a 38X multiple.
  2. Unmonetized Dog Niche Site: 1-year-old site not monetized yet. About 1K traffic per month from 150 articles written by a native English speaker. Asking £2,000 ($2,473).

🚀 Aged & Brandable Domains

Aged domains currently bidding from $25 to $2,735 at the time of writing.

  1. Started in 2016, this was an online spiritual site with a DR of 12 and ranking for 6,032 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from AOL, StackExchange and Medium.
  2. Was a personal webpage hosting site starting in 1995. It has a DR of 40 and is ranking for 688 KWs. Backlinks from NYTimes, Nature and MIT.
  3. The companion site to a book on type that was started in 2004. It has a DR of 68 and ranking for 315 KWs. Backlinks from IBM, INC and TED.
  4. A men’s apron and accessory e-commerce site started in 2011. It has a DR of 12 and is ranking for 265 KWs with backlinks from NYTimes, RoadandTrack and Behance.
  5. A site focused on Austin, TX started in 2005 with a DR of 55. Not currently ranking for any KWs but has backlinks from Wikipedia, NYTimes and BBC.

Branded domains bidding from $59 to $1,015 at the time of writing.


Mushfiqur Sarker

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