Deal Flow (Mar 8): 4 Websites, 6 Aged and 6 Branded Domains

Mushfiqur Sarker

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This week’s deals feature 4 websites for sale from Empire Flippers and Investors Club in the music and pets niches, and 2 websites from our private Facebook group in the furniture and automotive niches. We also cover an aged domain in the pets niche from Odys.

For domains, we share findings on 5 aged SEO domains and 6 branded domains live at GoDaddy auctions.

Aged Domain:


Niche: Pets

Source: Odys Global (see listing here)

Age: 2001 (22 Years)

Listed Price: $4,050


puppy travel ahrefs

Notable links: NBC News, Chicago Tribune,,, Entrepreneur (nofollow)

Site History

This domain was used for a travel agency that focused on helping people travel with their pets and ship dogs internationally.

Here’s what the site looked like:

puppy travel archive

Growth Blueprint

The history of this domain and the strong brandable name provide a good opportunity to build a successful niche site focused on traveling with a dog.

There is a large audience of dog owners that search for pet-friendly travel accommodations and pet travel products. A similar site in this niche is which has over 2 million organic visits per month according to AHREFs.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Publish articles about dog-friendly travel products like hotels, airlines, and resorts
  2. Publish articles about dog-friendly travel activities in specific cities like restaurants, bars, and beaches
  3. Publish buying guides for dog travel products like dog carriers, dog strollers, and pet travel accessories
  4. Hire an expert to write articles about how to travel with a dog including how to minimize dog anxiety

Monetization could primarily come from affiliate links to hotel booking sites like and dog travel products on Amazon or Chewy. You can also reach out to brands that specialize in dog travel products to become an affiliate.

7-Year-Old Music Site Earning $9,641/mo on Empire Flippers

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Niche: Music

Source: Empire Flippers (see listing)

Profit: $9,641/mo from Mediavine display ads, Amazon affiliates and a set of alternative affiliate partnerships

Asking Price: $443,479 at a 46X multiple using a 12-month average


Due Diligence Dashboard

chrome eWwtG0DCDR

Growth Blueprint


  • 76% year-over-year traffic growth
  • 500+ articles written by niche professionals
  • Diversified revenue across multiple channels – display ads, amazon associates and alternative affiliates thus increasing financial stability
  • Great links from sites like PremierGuitar, TheFrisky and CheatSheet
  • Excellent Google EEAT


  • 65/35% buying intent to educational content ratio – while the current content has been successful, we would like to see more educational content
  • Slow loading times, partially caused by Mediavine ads

Easy Wins

  • Improve CTR by adding comparison tables near the top of articles and better-designed product boxes for individual reviews.
  • Improve RPMs by optimizing your page for better placement of display ads (removing featured images, fewer images, more paragraph breaks, wider sidebar)
  • Add more educational content to drive traffic to course landing page
  • Redesign and restructure the homepage to better promote existing digital products


This website has experienced significant growth, with a 30% increase in revenue and a 75% increase in traffic year-over-year.

Such growth is rare in today’s climate of frequent Google updates. The site boasts exceptional content written by professionals, impeccable E-A-T elements, and a decent backlink profile.

There are easy wins. While the site has grown in traffic, the revenue should be more. Revenues can be increased by improving on-page optimization for display ads, implementing better CTA’s, such as comparison tables, and enhancing the design of review pages.

Additionally, the site has 5,000 mail subscribers in a niche focused on a specific hobby/profession. Creating an active community newsletter could be a valuable addition to the site.


The website has been priced at a value of $443,479, with an average monthly profit of $9,641 based on the previous 12 months. This equates to a 46X multiple, which was determined based on the current lack of similar sites available on major brokerages.

We recommend a multiple of 40-42X for websites like these that include digital products, and have revenue diversification.

6-Year-Old Pets Site Earning $8,142/mo on Investor Club

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Niche: Pets

Source: Investors Club (see listing)

Revenue: $8,142/mo from AdThrive display ads, PepperJam affiliate program and Amazon Associates

Asking Price: $325,680 at a 40X multiple using a 6-month average


chrome HdhceOIEBM

Growth Blueprint


  • Over 800 unique articles covering the niche, with a well-balanced ratio of 90% info to 10% buying-intent content
  • Decent display ad RPMs for a pet niche ($35-37)
  • Traffic is well spread amongst top pages (none getting more than 5% of traffic)
  • Decent traffic (16%) comes from social media (Pinterest)
  • Pinterest account with 13,800 followers and 1.9M monthly visits


  • Design is too distracting with too many elements lowering the average time spent on the site
  • Some of the content is thin and could be hit by a Google update

Easy Wins

  • Restructure and redesign the post layout to free up space for display ads on informational content. Alternatively, move CTAs to the top of the page for content aimed at driving buying intent.
  • Content optimization of thin pages (under category “/name”)
  • Create a community-based newsletter (long-term win)


This site falls under the evergreen pets niche and has published over 800 articles covering the specific pet sub-niche within the last three years.

It has seen an increase in both traffic and revenue over the past 12 months.

However, when visiting the site, the design is overwhelming with excessive elements. By simplifying the design and article structure, the site can improve its RPM and CTR rates while also increasing the average time spent on the site.

It would be in the new owner’s best interest to do a content overhaul to “beef” up thin articles.

Valuation: The site’s value has been priced at $325,680, calculated by multiplying the 6-month average of $8,142 per month by 40X.

However, we question the validity of this short time period. Instead, calculate the valution using the last 12-month earnings multiplied by 35X to 37X multiple.

🚀 Off-Market Sites

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The Website Flip runs a Facebook group where sellers can list sites for sale. Here is a selection of a few sites:

  1. $268/mo Furniture Niche Site: 2-year-old site earning $268 per month L6M average via Ezoic and Amazon. 200 articles published. Asking price is $10,000.
  2. $98/mo Automotive Niche Site: 1-year-old site earning $98 per month L3M average via Amazon Associates. 18 articles published. Asking price is $3,400.

🚀 Aged & Brandable Domains

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Aged domains currently bidding from $69 to $5,100 at the time of writing.

  1. A site about the comedy industry started in 2012. It has a DR of 52 and is ranking for 2 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from WashingtonPost, TheGuardian and BusinessInsider.
  2. A recipe and slow lifestyle website starting in 2012 with a DR of 60 and ranking for 2 KWs. Backlinks from HuffPost, BusinessInsider and PBS.
  3. A book publisher starting in 2002. The domain has a DR of 62 and is ranking for 132 KWs. Backlinks from SO, TheGuardian and Wired.
  4. A site dedicated to sustainability communication, the commitment of a company to speak truthfully and authentically about its sustainability, goals, and efforts. Started in 2014, it has a DR of 29 and ranks for 154 KWs with backlinks from Inc, TheGuardian and Economist.
  5. Was a Paleo food delivery service started in 2014. It has a DR of 53 and is ranking for 8 KWs. Backlinks from Bloomberg, CBSNews and LATimes.

Branded domains bidding from $43 to $12,861 at the time of writing.


👉 Additional Resources

Make sure to perform detailed research and due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites. Here are resources you should read up on:

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