2 Off-Market Sites, 3 Broker Sites, 6 Aged Domains (May 1)

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Last updated: April 30, 2024

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This week’s deals feature 3 websites for sale from Empire Flippers, Flippa and QuietLight in the religion, tech and dropshipping and niches, 1 website from our private Facebook group in the health niches, and 1 off-market site in the culinary niche.

For domains, we featured 3 domains from SerpDomains™ and 3 from GoDaddy auctions.

🚀 3 Vetted Aged Domains

This week we take a look at three premium-aged domains from our partners –SerpDomains.

1️⃣ AdopteUnChateau.com

10 years old — 193 ref. domains — $970

Travel is currently one of the hottest niches in the niche community. This domain could provide an interesting spin on it. Obviously, you should focus on Europe and make use of the hreflang tag, as the previous site was in French. View on SerpDomains

2️⃣ CatBird.com

26 years old — 297 ref. domains — $4,500

Despite what the domain name might imply, CatBird.com is not a pet site. Originally, it hosted a software solution that was acquired by a larger competitor in 2017. Its standout feature is a robust backlink profile, including links from prominent sites like Cisco.com, Fortune.com, and ABSInsights.com, among others. With its brandable domain name, CatBird.com could be an excellent choice if you’re planning to launch a SaaS product. View on SerpDomains

3️⃣ ThaiCrossword.com

6 years old — 149 ref. domains — $1,680

It is ultra-niche, but still an interesting domain. We would personally use it as a mix of programmatic content, such as crosswords, with some Thai learning content on top. This approach would open the doors to many available revenue sources View on SerpDomains

Off-Market Site: CakeJournal.com


Niche: Baking

Source: The Website Flip

Revenue: Monetized via Raptive

  • Last-3-month average: $455.97
  • Last 6-month average: $538.81
  • Last 10-month average: $511.71

Listed Price: $22,000 (~41X of L6M average)


cake journal ahrefs

Growth Blueprint


  • Aged site with 17-year history (since 2007)
  • Domain Rating 60 with 3.8k referring domains
  • Over 500 articles and tons of high-quality photos from experts in baking
  • Pinterest account with 78k followers and 1.7 million monthly views
  • Twitter account with 26k followers
  • Google traffic has been stable for the past year at about 5k-6k organic traffic according to Ahrefs


  • Most of the traffic comes from Pinterest and not Google

Easy Wins

  • Offer guest posts for food sites that want strong links
  • Publish affiliate articles like buying guides for baking products
  • Publish more frequently to Pinterest with a VA
  • Add recipe schema to recipe articles


This site used to be one of the most popular baking blogs in the world. In 2011 it received over 7.6 million pageviews for the year. In 2014 it had 2.2 million new users and 5.5 million pageviews.

Today it typically gets over 1,000 pageviews each day although there has been minimal work done over the past year (only a couple of new articles published).


This site is priced at 41X monthly revenue due to the strong domain history, backlink profile, and large social media accounts.

Interested? View P&L, screenshots

For full details, view:

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the form below to express interest. You will be connected with the seller directly to discuss the next steps, obtain the URL, and get added to Google Analytics.

🚀 3 Websites For Sale From Brokers

1️⃣ 13-year-old religion site making $2,198/mo on Empire Flippers

Affiliate site Religion —35X — $76,924

Let’s kick off with this unusual site in the “boring” niche. It has survived most of the recent Google updates. It looks a bit outdated, so there are many easy wins available for revenue diversification. Launching your own digital product in this niche should be the first step. View on Empire Flippers

2️⃣ 31-year-old dropshipping business making $16,048/mo on QuietLight

Dropshipping business Beverages — 39X — $630,000

If you are tired of constant Google struggles, here is the perfect option for you (US only). This dropshipping business boasts a strong recurring customer base and well-established relationships built over 33 years of business tenure. Be sure to check the PDF from QL for all the details from the owner himself. View on Quiet Light

3️⃣ 1-year-old tech site making $800/mo on Flippa

Tech — Live Auction ($8,000 starting bid price)

If you are looking for a smaller site that wasn’t affected by the update, this could be a decent opportunity. On the other hand, most of the traffic does not come from the US, and the niche is very volatile, meaning that you need to publish fresh content at least on a monthly basis. If you are into tech reviews, this is the perfect niche where you can review the products yourself, as most manufacturers need exposure in the first-world market. View on Flippa

🚀 GoDaddy Auctions This Week

Aged domains bidding from $111 to $5,300 at the time of writing.

  1. BeautifulOnBroadway.com: This was a Broadway musical site that started in 2014. The domain has a DR of 50 and ranks for 333 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from NYTimes, BBC and BusinessInsider.
  2. PortCityBlue.com: Started in 2006, this was the site of a Portland, Maine nightclub. It has a DR of 37 and is ranking for 182 KWs with backlinks from TheGuardian, NYTimes and Boston.
  3. TechCityUK.com: Was the site for a London tech startup space starting in 2011. It has a DR of 65 and ranks for 121 KWs with backlinks from BBC, TheGuardian and CNN.

Branded domains bidding from $205 to $3,999 at the time of writing.

  1. SelectHomes.com
  2. CreatorEconomy.com
  3. CloudMetrics.com
  4. MoneyBuzz.com
  5. FindRecipes.com

👉 Additional Reading

Make sure to perform due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites. Here are more resources:

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