Deal Flow (May 10): 5 Websites, 6 Aged and 7 Branded Domains

Mushfiqur Sarker

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This week’s deals feature 2 websites for sale from Motion Invest and Empire Flippers in the science and sports niches, and 3 websites from our private Facebook group in the automotive, sports, and gardening niches. We also cover an aged domain in the diet niche from Odys.

For domains, we share findings on 5 aged SEO domains and 7 branded domains live at GoDaddy auctions.

Aged Domain:


Niche: Healthy Eating

Source: Odys Global (see listing here)

Age: 2008 (15 Years)

Listed Price: $2,470


the healthy eating guide ahrefs

Notable links:,,,, Forbes (nofollow)

Site History

This domain was used for a blog with informational articles about healthy eating topics. It was featured on several large sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

After the author announced that he had launched a supplement company the publishing stopped but the site remained live for a few years.

There is currently a live site with several published articles that are included with the purchase of the domain.

Here’s what the site looked like:

the healthy eating guide archive

Growth Blueprint

The descriptive domain name and history of authoritative links provide a good opportunity to build a niche site focused on healthy eating.

According to McKinsey & Company, half of consumers call healthy eating a top priority. Health issues like the global obesity epidemic will lead many people to seek ways to improve their diet by learning about healthy eating.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Search AHREFs’ Keyword Explorer for “Is Healthy” and review the 167K matching keywords for topic ideas (e.g., is Panda Express healthy)
  2. Publish articles about how to eat healthy at popular restaurants (similar to
  3. Publish statistics pages about various healthy eating topics to encourage passive links.
  4. Review current pages about skincare and consider deletion based on quality, traffic, and topical match
  5. Start a newsletter that provides daily or weekly tips for healthy eating

Monetization could include a combination of sources including display ads and information products like eBooks and courses on healthy eating. Another possible revenue source is affiliate programs for relevant diet programs or meal delivery subscriptions.

3-Year-Old Sports Site Making $3,899/mo on Empire Flippers


Niche: Sports

Source: Empire Flippers (see listing)

Profit: $3,899/mo from Mediavine ads and Amazon Associates

Asking Price: $175,471 at a 45X multiple using a 12-month average



Due Diligence Dashboard

TWF For Blueprints › Monthly Analysis 14

Growth Blueprint


  • More than 400 articles published
  • Traffic is decently spread across top pages with the top page getting 4.52%.
  • A solid backlink profile with links from Wikipedia, NYPost, and TheSun
  • Includes a YouTube channel with more than 1,000 subscribers


  • The revenue is too dependent on Mediavine’s earnings
  • Traffic experienced a drop after November 2022, partly due to a Google update and the conclusion of a significant event related to the sport.

Easy Wins

  • Enhance the CRO of articles aimed at buying intent. Although these articles are not inherently poor, there are several simple strategies that could boost their click-through rate.
  • Apply to alternative affiliate programs outside Amazon. I noticed at least 5 different affiliate programs on one of the closest competitors to this site.
  • Find someone that will create videos for the Youtube channel. Popular content can be repurposed for video for additional revenue.
  • Create programmatic SEO content based on players, positions, tactics, teams, etc.


This website is centered around a popular global sport, now making a resurgence in the US.

With over 400 articles published, the owner has successfully attracted more than 100k monthly visitors.

Mediavine earnings account for almost 90% of total revenue with affiliate links earning the rest.

Diversifying revenue streams beyond display ads, enhancing existing affiliate content, promoting training programs, and prioritizing the existing YouTube channel are potential strategies to consider.

As for the setbacks, the niche is a bit seasonal, and according to Ahrefs more than GA, the site appears to have been hit by one of the last year’s Google core updates.

Valuation: The site has been valued at $175,471, based on a monthly profit of $3,899 for the last 12 months multiplied by 45X.

The price is too high, If interested, it may be worth attempting to negotiate the price down to a more reasonable range of 38-40X.

5-Year-Old Science Site Making $242/mo on Motion Invest


Niche: Science

Source: Motion Invest (see listing)

Revenue: $242/mo from Amazon Associates and Adsense

Asking Price: $9,411 at a 39X multiple using a 12-month average


Overview Ahrefs

Growth Blueprint


  • Revenue is well distributed across Amazon, Adsense, and the YouTube channel (1.5k subs).
  • High traffic numbers for a site priced under $10k
  • 185 articles already published with a decent split between educational and buying intent content


  • The site was hit by one of the Google updates in 2022.
  • Motion Invest provides traffic data for only the most recent five months.
  • Buying intent traffic is not ranking well.
  • Content is well-written but has occasional grammar issues because the writers are non-native English speakers.
  • Complicated subject matter of organic chemistry so fact-checking and finding writers could be difficult (seller will provide contact info for current writers).

Easy Wins

  • Organic chemistry students are often preparing for medical school. Promote relevant affiliate programs for pre-med students such as MCAT preparation courses.
  • Promote online courses such as Udemy and Coursera with well-placed CTAs.
  • Wait to surpass 50k visits per month and replace Adsense with Mediavine. I would personally not bother with Ezoic with 35k visitors per month.
  • Given that many pages on the website are ranking well for “Lewis structures”, it may be a worthwhile idea to create a digital product, such as a paid or free e-book, that focuses on this topic.
Top pages Ahrefs


My associate recently point me to an appealing website on Motion Invest that has a solid track record but is currently under-monetized (only around $200 per month with 35k traffic per month from mostly US visitors).

The site comes with an added asset in the form of a monetized YouTube channel.

While the website primarily ranks for educational content for chemistry students, there is room to optimize buying-related content.

The site is currently monetized by Adsense, but replacing the ad provider with Mediavine after the site surpasses 50k visitors should increase revenue.

Although the site seems to have been impacted by an update in late 2022, the Motion Invest dashboard only provides traffic data for the last five months. It is important to double-check the traffic if you’re interested in acquiring this site.

Despite this setback, I believe that there are still many easy wins that can be applied here that could result in a successful flip.


The site has been valued at $9,411 representing a 39X multiple over TTM revenue of $242. Considering the site’s age, revenue breakdown, and size, the price seems reasonable, and I anticipate that it will be sold soon.

🚀 Off-Market Sites

The Website Flip runs a Facebook group where sellers can list sites for sale. Here is a selection of a few sites:

  1. $158/mo Automotive Niche Site: 2-year-old site earning $158/month L8M average via Adsense and Amazon. 313 articles published. Asking price is $6,000 at a 38X multiple.
  2. $213/mo Sports Niche Site: 1-year-old site earning $213/month L6M average via Adsense. 1,800 articles published receiving about 30K monthly pageviews. Asking price is $8,000 at a 38X multiple.
  3. $211/mo Gardening Niche Site: 2-year-old site earning $211/month L6M average via Adsense and Amazon. Asking price is $10,000.

🚀 Aged & Brandable Domains

Aged domains currently bidding from $55 to $135 at the time of writing.

  1. A site for Christian pastor resources started in 2021. It has a DR of 26 and ranks for 22,719 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from CBSNews, Baylor and Christianity.
  2. Was a Nerd Culture site started in 2015 with a DR of 21 and ranking for 105 KWs. Backlinks from Wikipedia, DHL and Fandom.
  3. Started in 2017 this was a vegan recipe blog. It has a DR of 18 and is ranking for 1,222 KWs. Backlinks from Buzzfeed, Pinterest and RedbookMag.
  4. From 2004 to 2022, this was the home of the Los Angeles Boat Show. It has a DR of 31 and is ranking for 445 KWs. Backlinks from LATimes, CBSLocal and CruisingWorld.

Branded domains bidding from $222 to $11,500 at the time of writing.


Mushfiqur Sarker

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