2 Off-Market Sites, 3 Broker Sites, 6 Aged Domains (May 22)

mushfiq sarker
Last updated: May 21, 2024

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This week’s deals feature 3 businesses for sale from Empire Flippers and Flippa in the e-commerce, social media, and spirituality and niches, and 2 websites from our private Facebook group in the DIY and automotive niches.

For domains, we featured 3 domains from SerpDomains™ and 3 from GoDaddy auctions.

🚀 3 Vetted Aged Domains

This week we take a look at three premium-aged domains from our partners –SerpDomains.

1️⃣ ChefsMoveToSchools.org

13 years old — 207 ref. domains — $4,250

Domain was used for a site related to the “Chefs Move to Schools” initiative. Due to its NGO nature, it attracted a solid number of high-authority backlinks. Our advice is to create a site in the education niche focused on chefs. In addition, you can opt for local lead generation with chef schools in a specific area. View on SerpDomains

2️⃣ AdaptiveLab.com

23 years old —228 ref. domains — $3,500

This domain was used for a UK design studio acquired back in 2019. They had a static redirect page on it for a few years but forgot to renew the domain. It is backed by a decent number of referring domains, including some of the largest UK publications. This brandable domain should be used if you plan to start an offshoot SaaS. It will give you a tremendous foundation instead of building your domain from scratch. View on SerpDomains

3️⃣ PixieScientific.com

19 years old — 283 ref. domains — $2,700

This domain could be used for an e-commerce revival project. It was previously used for selling Pixie Smart Pads, which detected early urinary tract infections. The trademark is abandoned. The MSRP was around $60, which is great for an easy-to-import product View on SerpDomains

🚀 3 Websites For Sale From Brokers

1️⃣ 2-year-old spirituality site making $2,876/mo on Empire Flippers

Affiliate Spirituality —30X — $86,284

An unusual site earns traffic and revenue solely through a mailing list of around 9,000 subscribers. The revenue is well diversified between affiliate and lead generation. Due to the nature of the niche, be sure to check all existing affiliate and lead generation agreements. Additionally, when buying a business with a strong mailing list, always read through the mail archive. View on Empire Flippers

2️⃣ 4-year-old e-commerce business making $2,957/mo on Flippa

E-commerce Baby — 23X — $69,000

A well-established e-commerce site earns through a Shopify and FBA store, and on top of that, a subscription service. The profit margins are huge for this type of product. Adding more similar products and variations of top-selling SKUs is a logical step for upselling. View on Flippa

3️⃣ 5-year-old social media account on Flippa

Instagram account— Live Auction ($10,000 starting bid price)

This Instagram account earns from both paid promotions and a store selling dropshipping products. The advantage of this account is that it isn’t tied to one person, making it easy to continue with content production. For due diligence, be sure to check engagement numbers and proof of past revenue. View on Flippa

🚀 2 Off-Market Sites on Facebook

The Website Flip runs a free Facebook group where sellers can list sites for sale. Here is a selection of a few sites this week:

Unmonetized DIY Niche Site: Built on the expired domain this site is attracting 2k traffic from Pinterest. Selling for $1,500

$114/mo Automotive Niche Site: The site is earning via Amazon affiliates and Ezoic. Hit by the update. The asking price is $1,000.

🚀 GoDaddy Auctions This Week

Aged domains bidding from $155 to $990 at the time of writing.

  1. TrophySkin.com: Was a skin-care e-commerce brand started in 2011. The domain has a DR of 39 and is ranking for 3,495 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from HealthLine, IHeart and Cancer.
  2. TheSocialBrooklyn.com: Was the site for an ice-cream shop started in 2021 with a DR of 36 and ranking for 429 KWs. Backlinks from FastCompany, NYTimes and Eater.
  3. DallasWebsiteDesign.com: This was the site of a Dallas Web designer started in 2012. The domain has a DR of 32 and ranks for 275 KWs with backlinks from ComputerWorld, CareerBuilder and WebsiteMagazine.

Branded domains bidding from $358 to $5,100 at the time of writing.

  1. VirtualEvents.com
  2. SalesCoaching.com
  3. PremiumTickets.com
  4. DragonLabs.com
  5. BeyondLearning.com

👉 Additional Reading

Make sure to perform due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites. Here are more resources:

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