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This is the start of a new case study series that will cover the ins and outs of my portfolio of aged domain sites. Currently, I am working on 3 aged domains that are in the renewable energy, outdoor, and dog niches.

Through these case studies, you will get to see how I structure my aged domain sites, growth plans, monetization strategies, and much more. I don’t just share the success but also the failures.

In this write-up, I cover the following:

  • Resources on aged domains
  • Renewable energy site intro
  • Outdoor site intro
  • Dog site intro

Let’s get into it!


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Resources on Aged Domains

Building a site on aged domains has its benefits and risks. These case studies will not cover the basics of aged domains. For that, I have plenty of other resources. Read them below:

If you are looking to acquire aged domains, then check out ODYS Global marketplace and Godaddy Auctions. If you want a done-for-you service, then check out Niche Website Builders.

1. Renewable Energy Site on Aged Domain – Case Study

For this project, I acquired the first aged domain in December 2019 from ODYS Global marketplace. The main site was built out on this aged domain.

I then acquired a second aged domain in February 2020 which was redirected to a dedicated page on the first aged domain.

The goal is to build a portfolio in the renewable energy vertical.

Why This Niche?

There are four main reasons:

  1. My educational background is in renewable energy and thus I want to tap into my expertise to build out a quality portfolio
  2. The renewable energy industry is growing year over year
  3. A large number of keywords that are both informative and commercial
  4. Monetization can happen through display ads, digital products, affiliate commissions, and lead generation

Domain Stats

The stats of the primary domain are as follows:

  • AHREFs DR of 42
  • Referring Domains of 201
  • Backlinks from New Yorker,, Smithsonian, Utility Dive,, and many other niche relevant authority sites
  • Domain aged sine June 2010 (11 years old)

This primary domain holds all of the content.

My secondary domain is in a sub-niche. To redirect this domain, I first created a silo page that has the same type of content as the second domain’s topic; this ensures topical relevancy. I then performed a Silo Page Redirect as shown below:

Energy niche case study

To learn more of different redirect techniques, read this guide.

Traffic Stats

Screen Shot 2021 04 27 at 9.25.05 PM

Current Progress & Team

Since acquiring the domain, this is what has been done:

  • Redirect old pages with backlinks to new relevant articles on the site, or the homepage (see how here)
  • 36 articles added totaling 105,020 words with an average of 2,917 words/article
  • Added Ezoic display ads implemented on January 19, 2021
  • Amazon Associates implemented using the AAWP plugin

I have one writer for this site who produces content at 4-5 cents/word hired via Upwork. He is a niche expert with an educational background in this space. At the start, I wrote around 5 articles for the site, however, I have not been able to continue writing for the site due to lack of time.

Last 3-Month Revenues

Ezoic is the primary driver of revenue with the following stats:

  • February 2021: $47.55 with an EPMV of $24.19
  • March 2021: $91.59 with an EPMV of $30.82
  • April 2021: $79.41 with an EMPV of $25.13

Amazon Associates is the secondary source:

  • February 2021: $39.30
  • March 2021: $20.97
  • April 2021: $45.19

Next Steps

The site has only received 36 articles over the course of 17 months of ownership. That is extremely low compared to any of my other sites. The site generates a high EPMV of $25+ from Ezoic and thus the ROI on content is excellent, and thus content investments are justified.

Here is what I am planning to do with the site:

That’s it for this site’s update. Stay tuned!

2. Outdoor Site on Aged Domain – Case Study

This site is within a sub-niche of my main authority outdoor site. I stumbled upon this niche while researching competitors. Instead of adding the shoulder niche as a topic to my main site, I decided to create a new site.

The primary reasons for a new site were:

  • The shoulder niche has 100s of keyword opportunities
  • The shoulder niche has monetization opportunities unique to my main site
  • The shoulder niche has a “hobby” audience unique to my main site

With that, it made the most sense to branch away (and diversify) from my main outdoor site.

Move from New to Aged Domain

Initially, the website was built on a brand new hand-registered domain. However, I found a perfect match domain from ODYS in March 2021 and redirected the new site to the aged domain.

This was covered in detail in this case study write up.

Domain Stats

The aged domains stats are as follows:

  • Ahrefs DR 15
  • 194 referring domains with quality links from Wikipedia, Wikihow, and niche relevant domains
  • Aged since 2007
  • Perfect topical relevancy with anchor text match

Here is the AHREFs stats:

Screen Shot 2021 04 05 at 8.46.53 PM

Current Progress & Team

The content on the new domain was only 5 months old. In March 2021, the content was all shifted over to the aged domain. I am currently waiting and watching all the content get indexed. The project is too young at the moment to bring in any traffic.

As for writers, I am utilizing the same writers from my outdoor site case study. They are producing quality content at $30-$40 fixed per article, which comes out to about 2-3 cents/word on average.

Next Steps

  • 10 articles to be posted
  • 86 articles pending/assigned to be written
  • Perform interlinking between content

At this stage, the site is too young to spend too much time on it. The goal is to add content to the site and watch how it reacts. Stay tuned!

3. Dog Site on Aged Domain – Case Study

This is a new project that was started in April 2021. I found a branded domain on ODYS in the dog niche, acquired it, and set up a theme.

The goal of this is to keep the site focused on informational content, grow it, and then flip.

This will not be a long-term hold because:

  • Dog niche is extremely competitive with new players entering daily
  • Dog niche does not match with the verticals I am already in (outdoor, health)

Domain Stats

The aged domains stats are as follows:

  • Ahrefs DR 28
  • 424 referring domains with quality links from Grist, Purina, Dogster, Mom, Outdoor Life, etc.
  • Existing organic traffic with branded keywords

Here is the AHREFs stats:

Screen Shot 2021 04 27 at 10.33.27 PM

Current Progress & Team

The site currently has 11,766 words across 11 articles. I have two writers for this site writing for $30 per article. Most of the content is informational (i.e., how to, what is).

The site does not have any traffic nor is it monetized (yet).

Stay Tuned!


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👉 Wrap Up

As a website flipper, I place the majority of my focus on purchased sites that are already earning revenue.

However, to diversify, I like to build out a few sites that receive my time in proportion to their growth. If the site starts to grow, I put more time into it otherwise I sell and move on. This is exactly what happened when I acquired an aged domain in the WordPress niche and it was not getting traction quick enough to my liking and thus I sold it.

These case studies will cover my journey through building sites on aged domains. Stay tuned for updates!

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