page title icon Outdoor Site Case Study (June + July 2021): 77% Profit Margin, Continued Growth

This outdoor authority site earned $3,644 in June 2021 and $3,208 in July 2021. In the previous update here, the site was placed into the “maintenance phase” of the website flip lifecycle.

I cover the following in this month’s write-up:

  1. Website metrics from June and July 2021
  2. Profit and loss breakdown
  3. Link detox (disavow) service results
  4. Revenue results of adding Ezoic vs Newor Media
  5. Tracking high-traffic pages to perform CRO with a Google Sheet
  6. Next steps

For the previous update in April and May, check out this post, or check out all the posts here.

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Analyzed by Mushfiq S

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