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Announcement: My development team and I have been working in the background since January 2021 building a discovery tool to find content sites for sale. I am excited to finally launch the first version of Check it out!

Are you regularly sifting through hundreds of broker/marketplace listings to find a content site to buy? Then you know it can be time-consuming to keep tabs on listings from all brokers, while simultaneously keeping all the relevant metrics organized.

DealFeed is a tool that aggregates content sites for sale from major website brokers all in one place in real-time.

The tool enables you to glance through hundreds of sites for sale, perform detailed filtering to hone down on specific investment criteria, and then provides the direct link to go visit the broker for further details and next steps.

In this write-up, I am ecstatic to launch the first version of DealFeed, explain why it was created, features, roadmap, and next steps!

Let’s get into it!

➡️ Why is DealFeed Needed?

This tool was built out of a problem I have had for over 12+ years in the industry: spending too much time finding sites for sale. Here are a few reasons why the tool is needed:

1. Save Time: it can take hours a week (or for me daily) to discover content sites for sale. Each broker has their own schedule when they publish listings and the structure in which they notify (some have a backend and some use email). DealFeed is the one-stop-shop.

2. Organized Search: DealFeed organizes the data into the important metrics (monetization, niche, price, multiple, description). This allows you to compare sites for sale between different brokers while saving time.

3. Up-To-Date Listings: When brokers update listings (price changes, multiple changes, etc), they do not notify their audience. This means many deals may start as a “poor” deal (i.e., high valuation), but over time the price may be reduced to make it more appealing. DealFeed tracks these updates in real-time.

➡️ 6 Innovative Features of DealFeed

Here are the major features of the tool:

1. All Deals in One Place – 8 Brokers Currently

We aggregate content sites from the top brokers in the industry all in one place to save you countless hours. The brokers include:

  1. Empire Flippers
  2. Investors.Club
  3. Motion Invest
  4. Quiet Light
  5. FE International
  6. Just Website Brokerage
  7. Blogs For Sale
  8. The Website Flip

Note: Some brokerages (e.g., Flippa, Motion Invest) may have limited deal flow at this time. We are working diligently to add all of their deal flow in as much of an automated manner as possible. Your patience is appreciated!

2. Find Deals – 8 Ways to Filter Sites

DealFeed Filters
Filter Options

The tool enables a website buyer to filter based on the following criteria:

  • Monetization sources
  • Niches
  • Brokers
  • Price, Revenue, Profit, Multiples

You can enter in any combination of filtering to hone down on your specific investment criteria.

Here are some interesting filters:

3. Save Time – Review Deals Quickly

Instead of sifting through each broker platform, which has different filters, user experience, data, etc., use DealFeed’s standardized design to quickly sift through sites for sale.

Each listing is organized in a table format with the following columns:

DealFeed™ Discover Content Sites For Sale From Brokers 3
Organized Metrics

This allows you to quickly at a glance review deals from ALL brokers in one place. DealFeed does the hard work of standardizing the process saving you valuable time.

4. Get Details – Expand Listings For Metrics

Each listing can be expanded by clicking the title or the left-hand side arrow. This drops down more details about the listing such as broker description, which broker, high-level metrics, and the ability to click through to view the actual listing or hire The Website Flip to perform a due diligence review of the site.

DealFeed™ Discover Content Sites For Sale From Brokers 2
Example Listing Details

5. Get 1:1 Advice – Professional Due Diligence

If you are interested in a specific site for sale, you can hire me to perform a deep-dive video due diligence review.

The due diligence performed by me will be unbiased, straight to the point with no fluff. If you want an objective look, this service is for you.

Check out real-life due diligence videos I’ve done in the past: Site 1 and Site 2

6. View Public Vetted Deals

I am always reviewing sites for sale that are covered in my Authority Business Blueprint emails sent each Wednesday. This allows me to vet unique deals.

Therefore, in the tool, there is a filter to view vetted deals. These deals have specific commentary added which showcases the major highlights, setbacks, easy wins, and things you should know.

Note: This feature is live but at this time we do not have any vetted deals. The idea here is that as time goes on, I will vet deals but others may hire me to vet specific deals. If they pass on the site for whatever reason, then the commentary can be added to DealFeed giving others a chance to review.

🆕 4 Upcoming Features for

I have significant plans to continue to improve DealFeed. Here is what’s in the works:

1. DealFeed Signals

DealFeed Signals is a set of proprietary algorithms, that I’ve developed, to tag certain listings based on a specific set of criteria.

Some examples include:

  • New listings: all new listings will get tagged for a specific time period. This allows you to see exactly what’s new
  • Aged listings: If a listing is aged over 2 months, it gets a tagged. This allows you to make offers on deals that sit on the market for too long.
  • Price Changes: if a listing gets a price adjustment (up or down), DealFeed tags it. Be the first to know if a price decrease takes place.
  • Multiple Changed: If the multiple is adjusted (up or down), DealFeed tags it. Be the first to know.

Note: This is in the works as of July 2021. I hope to have this launched in 1-2 months.

2. DealFeed Analytics

The website investing industry is fragmented. Historical data of multiples, listing prices, niches that are doing well, etc. are not readily available to website buyers. Analytics is my long-term goal with DealFeed.

DealFeed is positioned to try and solve this problem since the tool collects, stores, organizes, and analyzes all public sites for sale data on the Internet.

At the earliest stages, I plan to do the following:

  • Weekly updates via the newsletter on how many listings went live, sold, total sale value, etc.
  • Monthly updates via the newsletter that provides market updates, such as how are multiples trending, which niches are doing well, impact of Google updates on site sales, etc.

At the later stages, I hope to develop a data analytics DIY platform where:

  • Users can analyze historical data to see trends
  • User can use comparables to understand the value of their sites
  • Users can use recent data to justify sale valuations and multiples (instead of relying on “rule of thumb” metrics as done today)

This is a longer-term feature and it all depends on how well the initial version of DealFeed does. Stay tuned!

3. DealFeed Notifications

This feature is still in the planning stages. At a high level, you can pick your specific criteria, and be notified via email of websites for sale. This allows you to subscribe to our email list to keep tabs on listings from all brokers. Easy and saves time!

4. New Brokers, More Data, More Features…

My developers and I have a long list of features that we plan to add. This includes:

  • Smaller brokers with private deal flow
  • New features like column sorting, checking multiple options in filters, etc.
  • New public data that can be added to listings to provide more value
  • And much more!

➡️ Open Questions about

Will DealFeed be free?

Yes! The basic version of DealFeed will always be free!

However, advanced features like DealFeed Signals, Analytics, Notifications, etc. may be paid services at some point to cover the cost of development.

Where do you obtain listing data?

DealFeed is directly integrated into the majority of brokers. For some brokers, we worked directly with them to help build a framework to obtain data.

For boutique brokerages, we have individuals uploading and updating listing data to DealFeed’s backend.

Can you add more data about each site?

Brokers do not reveal the URL of the sites for sale.

Thus this limits us from adding more metrics such as domain age, AHREFs metrics, backlinks, and other such third-party data.

At this time, DealFeed is a discovery tool to find websites for sale. To get access to the URL, you will need to follow through and contact the broker.

I found a bug inside DealFeed. How can I let you know?

DealFeed is in beta and being developed so there are bound to be bugs. You can notify us by filling out this form.

🙏 Next Steps and Thank You!

The tool is being improved on a daily basis by my development team and me. We are fully focused on making this tool extremely useful.

If you can spare some time, I ask each user interested to help out with any of the following:

  1. Check out DealFeed and play around with it
  2. Beta testing: if you are interested in beta testing future versions, please submit details here.
  3. Facebook group: join the group to ask questions, provide suggestions, discuss the tool, etc.
  4. Leave suggestions: If you have any suggestions for bugs, feedback, new features, please leave your thoughs here.

Lastly, thanks to all of The Website Flip’s subscribers for following along, reading all of the content, and supporting as much as possible. This would not be possible without all of you! Thanks!

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