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Mushfiqur Sarker

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Recently, DealFeed found 226 online businesses for sale with 15 new listings over last 7 days, and 100 aged listings sitting on the market for too long. 89 deals had recent valuation changes. 49 deals had recent changes in multiple.

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🚀 New Listings This Week

Make the first offer on listings that hit the market just this past week.

  1. $2.6K/mo Finance Niche Site (listed 2 days ago) – $97,456 valuation at a 45X multiple. Site age is 5 years old with 58,117 pageviews/mo. Includes an email list of 1,100 subscribers and 2 e-books. View on Empire Flippers
  2. $19.3K/mo Pet E-commerce site (listed 2 days ago) – $144,373 valuation with $3.5K/mo profit at a 41X multiple. A good ecom asset to tack on to an existing pet content site. View on Empire Flippers

Interesting Notes:

  • Motion Invest has been focusing on listing “starter” sites priced around the $1K-$3K price range. These are sites with minimal (or no) traffic and earnings. You are buying them for content value and age mostly.

📉 Valuation & Multiple Changes

Price and/or multiple decreases can signal the site is not selling. The seller may be open to offers to close quickly.

  1. $10K/mo Electronics Site (Multiple reduced by 5) – $378,957 valuation at a 40X multiple; reduced by 5X. This is a two-site package with revenues from 4 sources. View on Empire Flippers
  2. $1.6K/mo Bathroom Site (Price reduced by $8,645) – $43,000 valuation at a 33X multiple. Price drop most likely due to downward traffic trend. Buyer must do further due diligence. View on Investors Club
  3. $2.2K/mo Beauty Site (Price increase by $3,108) – $80,892 valuation at a 35X multiple. Traffic has been steady post-update. The price increase is due to higher revenue month. View on Investors Club

🐢 “Aged” Listings

Websites that sit on the market for too long are “aged” or “slow” listings. Such listings provide opportunities to make a lower-than-market offer.

  1. $3.7K/mo Radio Site (Listed for 1 month) – $119,140 valuation now that was reduced by $12,100. A well-designed site that’s 3 years old with 80K pageviews. View on Motion Invest
  2. $480/mo Computer Site (Listed for 1 month) – $16,597 valuation at a 33X multiple. 3-year-old site with a growing traffic trend. Worth a look. View on Investors Club

Interesting Notes:

  • Empire Flippers inventory holds no content sites that have been sitting on the market for more than a 1 month
  • Many of the Investor Club listings that are “aged” have taken a significant hit from the recent Google Core update. I will not be mentioning those sites.

📊 Analysis – Valuations For Tier-2 Search Traffic Sites

Powered by the real-time data from DealFeed and Facebook Group

Would you pay market multiples for a website receiving more than 90% of traffic from Tier 2 search engines (i.e., Bing, Yahoo)?

This is a question I asked in The Website Flip private Facebook group, and the answers were not what I was expecting.

CleanShot 2022 08 04 at

33% of surveyors said, “not worth it”. They believe Google traffic converts the best. Some also mentioned Bing usually de-indexes an entire site without warning, whereas, Google does give warnings such as “manual penalties”.

A larger portion (47%) said: “yes, but at reduced multiples”.

I asked this question up because I have a site that receives more than 90% traffic from Bing and Yahoo. The user demographic of Bing users is usually older (above 50+ years old), which works great for my niche.

However, the market sentiment is that there are minimal buyers interested, or if they are, they would pay less than the 35X – 45X multiple ranges.

In that case, it’s in my best interest to keep the site for cash flow.

Wrap Up

If you are interested in deals spotted by DealFeed, go through the specific platforms and contact the sellers. Make sure to perform detailed research and due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites.

Note: The Website Flip has not independently performed due diligence on these listings. We aim to share listings that stand out due to “signals” (price changes, aged listings, etc). You must perform your own due diligence, or hire us.

Mushfiqur Sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

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