Deal Flow (Feb 16): 3 Flippa Sites, 18 Brandable Domains

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This week we feature three sites from Flippa in the spirituality, programmatic SEO, and blogging niches, and an aged domain in the server technology niche from Odys.

For branded domains, we share data on 17 domains live at auction. The SEO metrics are shared for each domain as well.

Before we analyze each website for sale, here is a quick word from each of our sponsors.


Domain Summary

Type: Aged Domain

Niche: Technology (Server)

Source: Odys Global (see listing here)

Age: 2003 (19 years old)

Listed Price: $6,350


CleanShot 2022 02 15 at 10.07.50

Backlinks: Engadget, Hostgator, Dzone, Ask Ubuntu, ServerFault, HostingAdvice, and many other niche relevant technology sites.

Site History

This is was a content site started in March 2009 that was a library of resources for dedicated server and web hosting technologies. They hire top-notch server specialists to write the content.

CleanShot 2022 02 15 at 10.10.03

Growth Blueprint

Server hosting is a lucrative and competitive niche. Therefore, starting on an aged domain is most likely the only way to go to get any traction. This domain is well branded and has the relevant backlink profile from technology sites to help the new site built on it to grow.

This is what I would do:

  • Recreate the category pages such as “Server Security”, “Dedicated Servers”, “Operting Systems”, etc. Place these categories into the URL slug.
  • Recreate the inner pages that had backlinks. You can use AHREFs -> Best By Links report to find these pages.
  • Add new content related to dedicated and VPS servers, tutorials on how to use different platforms (e.g., Cloudways, WPX), and informative guides (e.g., how to choose a provider, which features matter).
  • Add affiliate content after the site gets traction (e.g., buying guides of the best servers)

Monetization in this niche should be primarily done via affiliate programs of the hosting companies. Server companies pay $50-$100 per sale. Diluting the site with display ads would not be ideal as you would just give clicks away. You want to focus the clicks on the affiliate programs.

In short, a good and clean aged domain in a lucrative niche. If done right, this would do well financially.

Flippa Site:

Website Summary

Type: Existing Content Site

Niche: Spiritual

Source: Flippa (see listing here)

Revenue: $2,339/mo average over last 6-months from Mediavine, digital products, mobile app, and YouTube (Adsense)


CleanShot 2022 02 15 at 10.34.37

Growth Blueprint


  • 4-year old website receiving 100K+ pageviews per month
  • Primary traffic is via social media (70%), minimal via organic traffic
  • Large social media profiles (Facebook group with 30K members, Page with 100K members, YouTube with 15K subscribers)
  • Includes several digital products (e-books) and two courses
  • Backlink profile is clean


  • Organic traffic trends show the site was hit in December 2020 update

Easy Wins

  • Increase prices of the digital products. Improve the landing pages. Significant opportunities exist in optimizing this funnel.
  • Republish the digital books on the Amazon Kindle marketplace for additional revenue
  • Promote Clickbank affiliate products (many high paying astrology/spiritual products available)
  • Setup an email list. Give away a lead magnet (e.g., a digital product). Send a newsletter on these topics.


The spirituality niche combines the best of both worlds: (1) die-hard followers, and (2) lucrative products. This business is well-positioned for further growth. The primary driver of traffic is social media and not organic traffic. This has its pros and cons.

For the cons, social traffic is vastly different to manage than organic, and also social traffic (in general) converts at a lower rate than organic. The pros are that there is an opportunity to optimize the existing content on the site to attract more organic traffic.

There are many “semi” easy-wins. These easy wins will take a bit more effort. For example, digital products are extremely underpriced. They should be increased in price for significant revenue. An email list should be put together as many of the competitors in the space collect emails; it’s a no-brainer in this niche. Furthermore, Clickbank has many high-paying astrology affiliate products that can be promoted.

Valuation: According to my valuation framework, this site deserves a higher than average multiple due to multiple revenue streams, multiple traffic sources, but primarily because of the digital products. The multiple would be 40X to 42X.

At the average earnings of $2,339, this equates to a valuation range of $93,560 to $98,238. The asking price listed on Flippa is $73,000 so there is room here to obtain a good deal for both parties.

Flippa Site:

Website Summary

Type: Existing Content Site

Niche: Online Tool

Source: Flippa (see listing here)

Revenue: $100/mo in recent months from Ezoic display ads


CleanShot 2022 02 15 at 10.53.03

Due Diligence Dashboard

I put the site through my EasyDiligence dashboard to analyze the high-level traffic metrics. Analysis below.

CleanShot 2022 02 15 at 10.53.20

Growth Blueprint


  • Growing in traffic month-over-month
  • Diversified traffic to top pages (largest is 8.25%)


  • Nothing extremely unique about this tool. Easy to replicate.
  • No backlinks or authority

Easy Wins

  • Dynamically add more written content to each of the pages. This will help obtain more organict traffic.
  • Apply to Mediavine to receive a higher ad RPM


This is a Programmatic SEO website, where software is used to generate thousands of pages programmatically. This site is a simple concept of finding the date of birth from age. They also added another layer that covers the celebrities born in those years.

The site is monetized with Ezoic with an average EPMV of $2.55 in January/February 2022. The EPMVs are low because the seller did not add many advertising placeholders on the site. The easy win could be to introduce a few more placeholders.

The major easy win would be if the site would get accepted into Mediavine since with the current traffic levels of 67K pageviews it definitely qualifies. Note that Mediavine is very picky on what sites they accept. No guarantees here.

The goal with this site is to optimize the ads and improve the on-page SEO of the existing articles to generate more traffic.

Valuation: According to my valuation framework, this site deserves the base multiple of 35X to 37X.

After discussing with the seller, he wants a 38X multiple of the last few months of earnings at $110/mo. His asking price was $4,249 after discussing privately.

I think this is a fair price to pay for this asset with the easy wins available. If the ads can be optimized correctly, this would be a high earner.

🚀 Other Sites For Sale

This section covers classified listings. A full blueprint analysis was not done for these. Do your own due diligence.

  1. This looks like a site that has significant assets but not much traffic. The seller has courses and a shop selling digital products in the “how to blog” niche. This would be a good bolt-on to an existing website. See details on Flippa.

🚀 17 Brandable Domains at Auction

My team and I sifted through the marketplaces and found 17 branded domains that are live at auction.

No names with decent authority this week, but there is a premium single-word domain at auction,, that’s generating a lot of interest. was first registered in 1996 and was redirected to, a network and server monitoring company and then to in 2014. According to the Wayback machine, the domain displayed a GoDaddy parking page from 2014 to 2019. 

Premium names are rare commodities at auction, and this one is no exception. Currently bidding at $76,000, well above the GoDaddy estimate of $25,000+, with 16 active bidders.  

For comparison, four-character, single dictionary word domains have sold for an average of $827,000, according to data.

At a more reasonable price point, is at $504 at the time of writing. It would make an excellent lifestyle travel or clothing brand.

EnergyClub.comGoDaddyFeb 162
DueWest.comGoDaddyFeb 163.3
BizConnect.comGoDaddyFeb 178
FastDog.comGoDaddyFeb 170
Exora.comGoDaddyFeb 170
Clam.comGoDaddyFeb 189
Settl.comGoDaddyFeb 181.7
LearnMagic.comGoDaddyFeb 181
GetTools.comGoDaddyFeb 190.1
LifestyleHome.comGoDaddyFeb 2019
ChipTech.comGoDaddyFeb 204.8
TheLoot.comGoDaddyFeb 201.1
Blazen.comGoDaddyFeb 201.1
EduShare.comGoDaddyFeb 210
ThatWorks.comGoDaddyFeb 210.7
Maskup.comGoDaddyFeb 211.1
Voipe.comGoDaddyFeb 210
Domain rating is obtained from AHREFs. Referring domains is the number of unique links pointing to the domain. Listing data obtained from GoDaddy auctions.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in any of the deals this week, go through the specific platforms and contact the sellers. Make sure to perform detailed research and due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites.

Here are resources you should read up on:

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