Deal Flow (July 20): 3 Sites (Off-Market), 6 Aged and 7 Branded Domains

Mushfiqur Sarker

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This week’s deals feature an off-market site in the food niche, a site on Flippa in the rabbit niche, a site on Empire Flippers in the spirituality niche, and an aged domain in the baking niche.

For domains, we share findings on 5 aged SEO domains and 7 branded domains live at GoDaddy auctions.

Let’s get into each deal!

Off-Market Site:

This is an off-market deal not available on any broker marketplaces. Interested buyers will be connected with the seller directly via email. Please fill out the Google Form here, if interested.


Type: Starter Content Site

Niche: Food, Kitchen

Revenue: $0, starter site

Listed Price: $6,000


CleanShot 2022 07 19 at

Growth Blueprint


  • 175 published articles
  • 260,000 words
  • 4 draft articles ready to publish
  • Showing signs of growth in AHREFs


  • Starter site; no revenue yet
  • Grammar needs to be improved in some articles

Easy Wins

  • Continue publishing new content
  • Monetize the site with display ads, either Google Adsense or Ezoic
  • Add Amazon affiliate links within content


This is a starter content site that is starting to crawl out of the Google Sandbox and get traffic. I am listing this site because (1) it has traction in Google with keywords being indexed, and (2) is in a niche that is easy to grow in.

This would be a good project for someone who wants to build a portfolio in the food/kitchen space, or is a beginner looking for a project to get started with.


The asking price is $6,000, which factors in the 260,000 words of content at a wholesale cost of $0.02 per word, plus the site creation costs.

Interested? View P&L, screenshots

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the form below to express interest. You will be connected with the seller directly to discuss next steps.



Type: Aged Domain

Niche: Baking (Food)

Source: Odys Global (see listing here)

Age: 2008 (14 years old)

Listed Price: $3,860


whimsy ahrefs

Backlinks: NY Times, Refinery29, Food & Wine, Parade, Thrillist, The Kitchn

Site History

This website was an online seller of baked products like handmade cookies, pastries, hot chocolate mix, and marshmallow treats. Princeton Magazine profiled the business when its products were sold at 17 New York City retailers. They were in business for 12 years before closing in 2020.

Here’s a snapshot of their original website:

whimsy and spice archive org

Growth Blueprint

Baking is a popular topic with many low-competition keywords that you could target with informational articles.

While recipe keywords are typically competitive, there are thousands of long-tail keywords and questions related to baking that have a low keyword difficulty.

A quick search of the AHREFs keywords of popular baking blogs or viewing the People Also Ask section for any popular keyword will produce many low-competition keywords you can target.

Here’s what I would do with the site:

  1. Recreate the homepage to focus on the same type of baked goods
  2. Publish question-based informational articles about baking (e.g., what is a good substitute for eggs in X, how long can X last in the pantry)
  3. If the site shows good traction in Google after 30-50 articles, branch out into baking product reviews

Monetization in this niche should be focused on display ads with Ezoic and eventually Mediavine or AdThrive. Food-related sites make up about a third of all sites using Mediavine, so you have a good chance of getting accepted once you reach 50,000 monthly sessions.

You can also add Amazon affiliate links to relevant baking products like mixers, ingredients, and baked goods. You could eventually expand to selling digital products about baking including courses and e-Books.

3.5-Year Old Spirituality Site Making $2,276/mo on Empire Flippers


Type: Established Content Site

Niche: Religion & Spirituality

Source: Empire Flippers (see listing)

Profit: $2,276/mo from Mediavine (100%)

Asking Price: $109,235 at a 48X multiple using a 12-month average


july religious site

Growth Blueprint


  • Traffic goes to a diverse set of pages – the top 3 pages make up < 10% of the site’s total traffic
  • 80 articles which give the site great topical relevance
  • Stable earnings and page views – up YoY
  • Solid content that is well-written by someone knowledgeable of the space
  • Evergreen niche, with plenty of content to cover and publish
  • Brandable domain name great for the niche


  • Weak EAT that can be improved (might be necessary for the niche)
  • Only 1 source of revenue

Easy Wins

  • Create content to promote affiliate programs to increase and diversify revenue
  • Collect emails from informational pages with a pop-up
  • Try Adthrive, which can increase earnings by 5-15%, or about $100-$300/month


This website is an intriguing one to consider. It has a solid foundation in content and links, which has led to its YoY growth. The niche is large enough to support much more content and growth – I’ve seen sites in the same niche earning 5 figures monthly.

The easiest way to get there is to start promoting affiliate programs in courses, services, and e-books. Affiliate programs are much more lucrative than display ads and the site’s topical relevance is likely going to help affiliate articles rank quickly. Finding and promoting affiliate programs is the biggest win and can help the site’s earnings skyrocket. Additionally, collecting emails to get additional traffic and create an email funnel can also prove lucrative in the long-run.

There aren’t any red flags, but I would focus on improving the EAT since the niche might be considered a YMYL niche.

This site is great for new and experienced operators. It’s easy to operate and manage with a number of levers to pull.


I recommend targeting a 42X multiple, with an initial offer being mid or high-30s. You can state dependency on one single source of income and decreased traffic in 2022 as reasons for a lower valuation (though the traffic trend is not too concerning).

Flippa Site:


Type: Established Content Site

Niche: Pet (Rabbits)

Source: Flippa (see listing here)

Revenue: $820/mo from Mediavine, YouTube Ads, and Amazon Associates


CleanShot 2022 07 19 at

Due Diligence Dashboard

CleanShot 2022 07 19 at

Growth Blueprint


  • 4-year aged site
  • 272 articles published
  • Includes revenue-generating YouTube channel
  • Low competition niche with many keyword opportunities


  • Monetized with Mediavine which requires 50,000 sessions (this site currently has 42,000 sessions)
  • Low quality backlinks (not spam links; just none noteworthy)
  • Domain extension is .life; no issues with Google on this but branding issues

Easy Wins

  • Update content. Last update was September 2019
  • Update title tags from 2020 to 2022
  • Add comparison tables for higher CTR and commissions
  • Add call-to-action buttons that stand out (higher contrast color and text)


The rabbit niche is less competitive than conventional animals (dogs, cats). In the past 12 months, I’ve sold and brokered 3 sites in the same niche.

This specific site has been around for 4+ years and gets excellent traffic to continue growing. For easy wins, the site content has not been updated in multiple years. Updating the content would result in a good boost in traffic. Furthermore, adding comparison tables and proper CTA buttons to buying guide articles would boost Amazon Associates’ revenue.

The major setback is related to Mediavine. Mediavine requires 50,000 sessions for new users. However, if you already have a Mediavine account with a site, it may be possible for them to waive that rule. It really depends. Nonetheless, the risk is the site may not qualify for Mediavine and thus Ezoic is the only option with a 30% reduction in revenues.


The site is currently listed at $38,000 as a classified listing. The seller mentioned he will be changing the listing to an auction soon. You may be able to buy it before he does that.

Assuming the site does not qualify for Mediavine, then a 30% reduction will take place resulting in average earnings of $600 roughly. This site deserves no more than a 35X to 37X multiple according to the valuation framework.

This puts the valuation at $21,000 to $22,200.

🚀 5 SEO Domains & 7 Brandable Domains

My team and I sifted through the marketplaces and found 5 aged SEO domains with quality backlinks and 7 branded domains that are live at auction.

5 SEO Domains

This week has five two-word domains with authority, currently bidding from $75 to $750 at the time of writing.

  • Was a country information site starting in 2004. It has an AHREFS Domain Rating of 21 and ranking for 923 keywords in the top 100 positions. With authority backlinks from Wikipedia, CBSNews and
  • Started in 200, the site for the Ohio State Moose Fraternity. Has a DR of 31 and ranking for 915 KWs with backlinks from AOL, MapQuest and
  • Was a site selling Network Administration software starting in 2003 with a DR of 33 and ranking for 444 KWs. Has backlinks from TechRepublic and
  • Started in 2009 the site for the Strathearn area in Scotland. It has a DR of 36 and is ranking for 246 KWs with backlinks from Wikipedia, Springer and
  • Was an HTML editor app starting in 2003 with a DR of 28. Ranks for 200 KWs and has backlinks from Wikipedia and TechRepublic.

7 Brandable Domains

Seven domains with brand potential this week. Currently bidding from $180 to $3,200.


Mushfiqur Sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

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