Deal Flow (Jun 22): 2 Websites, 6 Aged and 8 Branded Domains

Mushfiqur Sarker

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Announcement: I’ve been on a 3-week vacation from Istanbul, Rome, to Paris. I return home this week. So with that, this week’s deal flow newsletter will be less detailed. The team and I will be back in full-swing next week.

This week’s deals feature a site for sale in the technology niche from Empire Flippers, a site from Flippa in the tennish niche, and an aged domain from Odys Global.

For auction domains, we share findings on 5 aged SEO domains and 8 branded domains live at GoDaddy auctions.

Let’s get into each deal!



Type: Aged Domain

Niche: Gambling

Source: Odys Global (see listing here)

Age: 2004 (18 years old)

Listed Price: $9,710


CleanShot 2022 06 21 at

Backlinks: Wikipedia, The Conversation, UPenn, and niche relevant sites

Site History

This used to be the site of a famous poker coach who used the site to teach poker and also promoted his physical book.

CleanShot 2022 06 21 at

Growth Blueprint

This is the first domain/website I’ve covered in the gambling niche. It’s not a niche I’ve ever entered due to sheer competition and lack of interest. However, without a doubt, it’s one of the MOST lucrative niches on the web.

This aged domain caught my attention as it’s well-aged, well-branded, and has quality backlinks. This is what I would do:

  • Recreate the homepage as a collection of categories with explanatory text and a selection of articles under each category. Similar to how The Website Flip homepage is structured
  • Add informative articles on all aspects of poker with strategies, game rules, etc.
  • Develop an e-book and/or course in the space (or become an affiliate for one)
  • Build a newsletter using a plugin like Newsletter Glue (this is what I use)

Note that this is a highly-competitive niche yet lucrative. You can promote online poker services as an affiliate. You can also promote training programs, books, etc. on the topic of improving one’s poker game. Building an email list in this space would also be worth it.

14-Year-Old Tech Site Making $2,837/mo on Empire Flippers


Type: Existing Content Site

Niche: Technology

Source: Empire Flippers (see listing)

Profit: $2,806/mo from Google Adsense

Asking Price: $137,489 at a 49X multiple using an 8-month average


June Tech site

Growth Blueprint


  • Strong, niche-relevant backlinks
  • Traffic goes to a diverse set of pages – top 3 pages account for less than 20% of the site’s traffic
  • 14+ years old makes it older than most content websites
  • Growing traffic and revenue
  • 1,000+ reviews on apps to optimize, improve, etc.


  • Weak EAT (but good EAT isn’t necessary for the niche)

Easy Wins

  • Switch from Adsense to Adthrive/Mediavine to improve revenue by up to 40%


This 14-year-old content site in the tech niche is certainly one to consider. Despite its age, it only recently saw a big uptick in traffic and earnings – a great sign for a potential buyer.

There are no major weaknesses to the site. Even though it’s a phrase-match domain (i.e., keyword in the domain with surrounding words), the niche itself is huge. There are countless content opportunities, but monetizing it beyond ads isn’t straightforward. It’s possible to monetize via sponsored listings and affiliate income, but the new owner would have to do some digging to uncover these opportunities.

That said, a new buyer will want to instantly switch from Adsense to Adthrive or Mediavine, both of which are much better ad networks than Adsense and can improve revenue overnight by up to 40%, or about $1,000/month. Additionally, a new buyer will want to consider collecting emails via opt-in pop-ups. Given the age of the site, the site could likely use some technical updates and improvements as well.


This site is being listed at a 49X multiple of $3,313, the last 8 months of profit, equating to a valuation of $137,489.

This is a solid site with years of history. Its age and solid content make this a great asset worthy of purchase and it has a significant quick win. We think it’s an okay buy at 49X but it might be possible to get it for low 40x. Interested parties might find themselves in a bidding war.

🚀 Other Sites For Sale

Here is one site that is listed on Flippa. I have not done a detailed analysis. Do your own due diligence!

  • a high-traffic Tennis niche site. The primary traffic is for the German language. The site is unmonetized and the seller is using SEMRush’s traffic estimate as an estimate for his potential revenue, which is unrealistic. Make sure to do your due diligence on what the site’s revenue potential is.

🚀 5 SEO Domains & 8 Brandable Domains

My team and I sifted through the marketplaces and found 5 aged SEO domains with quality backlinks and 8 branded domains that are live at auction.

5 SEO Domains

Five SEO Domains with authority backlinks this week. Currently bidding from $105 to $7,300. Four of the five are in the 3-figure range, so there are some possible bargains to be had.

We share the AHREFs stats and also what the past site was about. View them below:

  • This site was a travel authority blog from 2004 to the present. With an AHREFs Domain Rating of 36 and currently ranking for 1005 Keywords in the top 100 positions. It has backlinks from AOL, NYPost and
  • Was a site to help people reduce their carbon footprint starting in 2013. It has a DR of 61 and ranks for 1,994 KWs with backlinks from BBC, CNN, TheGuardian, BusinessInsider and HuffPost.
  • Was a site providing Health Savings Accounts and information starting in 2007. Currently has a DR of 39 and ranking for 100 KWs. Has backlinks from Forbes, CNBC and HuffPost.
  • An authority site on the Law of Attraction stared in 2001. Has a Domain Rating of 31 and ranks for 33 KWs with backlinks from PRWeb and Wikipedia.
  • The site was a Stationary/Card e-commerce site starting in 2013 and running to 2020. With a DR of 28 and ranking for 28 KWs. Backlinks from Flicker, Medium and Behance. A good brandable name with no apparent active US trademarks.

For a detailed guide on how to repurpose these domains the right way, check out my Course on Aged Domains.

8 Brandable Domains

Eight Brandable single-word and two-word names this week. Currently bidding from between $60 to $9,300+ at the time of writing.


Additional Resources

If you are interested in any of the deals this week, go through the specific platforms and contact the sellers. Make sure to perform detailed research and due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites.

Here are resources you should read up on:

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