Deal Flow (Jun 29): 3 Websites (Off-Market), 6 Aged and 11 Branded Domains

Mushfiqur Sarker

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This week’s deals feature an off-market site that I am selling from my portfolio in the privacy/security niche, a site on Empire Flippers in the pet niche, a site from Flippa in the Wordpress niche, and an aged domain in the fitness/health niche from Odys marketplace.

For domains, we share findings on 5 aged SEO domains and 11 branded domains live at GoDaddy auctions.

Let’s get into each deal!



Type: Aged Domain

Niche: Health & Fitness

Source: Odys Global (see listing here)

Age: 2012 (10 years old)

Listed Price: $9,900


CleanShot 2022 06 28 at 10.39.47

Backlinks: Outside, Guardian, LifeHack, and other niche relevant sites

Site History

This used to be an informational content site discussing muscular anatomy. They launched in 2012 and strived to use basic terms to explain complex concepts. Note according to the about page, the site was started by a web developer, not a credentialed individual.

Here is what the old site looked like:

CleanShot 2022 06 28 at 10.41.50

Growth Blueprint

One of the most recession-proof, consistent, and growing niches is in fitness and health. Websites in this niche also see a nice peak in earnings in Q4 and Q1 of each year. The challenge with this niche is the sheer amount of competition and the fact that it falls under Google’s YMYL topics. An aged domain like this one reviewed can help with the initial growth.

This specific domain does not have the best branding but it has quality links to get the ball rolling.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Hire a physical therapist, or fitness specialist with a active social accounts and credentials on LinkedIn, and other places. You can hire this person to be the editor or a direct writer, up to you.
  2. Add content first related to everything about muscles, e.g., what, how, why.
  3. Add content related to “which muscles doex XYZ exercise use”? Variations of this search are common. People want to know if they are doing a specific exercise and which muscles they are working out.
  4. Venture out into weight lifting, CrossFit, and other topics that have the ability to sell physical and digital products

Monetization in this niche is easily done with display ads with high RPMs (e.g., $25+ RPMs). Affiliate marketing is also lucrative via programs such as Rogue Fitness, Titan Fitness, among others. These programs pay good commission rates and the average order value of each customer is high.

A good niche to enter if you want growth opportunities. Make sure to understand the competition in this niche.

2-Year Old Pet Site Making $2,209/mo on Empire Flippers


Type: Existing Content Site

Niche: Pet

Source: Empire Flippers (see listing)

Profit: $2,199/mo from display ads, Amazon Associates, and digital products

Asking Price: $92,354 at a 42X multiple using a 12-month average


Pet Site June

Growth Blueprint


  • Traffic goes to a diverse set of pages – the top 3 pages get less than 15% of the site’s traffic
  • Has 750+ email subscribers
  • Comes with ebook assets
  • Steady revenue and traffic
  • Income comes mostly from display advertising (~82%)


  • Mediocre link profile with no particularly strong links
  • Limited niche with a partial match domain

Easy Wins

  • Add product links in informational content to increase revenue up to 10%
  • Add/improve product tables on affiliate pages to increase affiliate revenue up to 20%
  • Add pop-ups on money pages to increase affiliate revenue up to 10%
  • Add pop-ups on informational articles to increase email capture conversion rate


This 2.5+ year-old content website in the pet space is worthy of consideration by anyone looking for a fairly passive website or someone new to the game. The website focuses on a specific type of pet that isn’t as competitive as others. While that limits growth potential, this is a great site for anyone who wants a straightforward site to run and wants to test different marketing strategies.

There are a few things on the table to quickly increase revenue. We’d start by adding product links in informational content. A new owner will want to focus on adding relevant products and information that people find useful rather than trying to really do a hard sell on products. From there, improving the conversion rate on product pages by adding & improving product tables and adding pop-ups can also bump revenue fairly quickly.

The site does come with e-book assets but less than 1% of revenues are derived from such assets. The new owner should push to diversify and increase the revenues from such assets.


This site is being listed at a 42X multiple of $2,199 (the last 12 months of profit) equating to a valuation of $92,354.

It’s a decent site with some levers to pull. It’ll be hard to reasonably 5x-10x this business as a content site, but it’s great for someone looking to get started and test things on a real blog with solid traffic and earnings. We’d start an offer at about 34x the last 12 months of profit and believe this may be able to be acquired at around 38x the last 12 months of profit.

11-Year-Old Site in Wordpress Niche Earning $3,754/mo on Flippa

This is a confidential listing on Flippa. I am unable to share the URL. If interested, you will need to go through the NDA process on Flippa and then get access.


Type: Existing Content Site

Niche: Wordpress

Source: Flippa (see listing here)

Revenue: $3,754/mo from private advertising, sponsored reviews, and over 30+ affiliate programs


CleanShot 2022 06 27 at 18.34.33

Due Diligence Dashboard

CleanShot 2022 06 28 at 10.36.54

Growth Blueprint


  • 12-year-old content site with the original owner
  • High-quality backlinks (all 100% organic)
  • Ranking for lucrative WP buying guide terms
  • Over 35+ affiliate programs generating revenues
  • Revenue from direct advertisements, and sponsored reviews


  • Downtrending traffic due to neglect and focus on sponsored content

Easy Wins

  • Add comparison tables to buying guides for additional revenues
  • Add affiliate links within content
  • Add more distinct call-to-action buttons within buying guides
  • Add internal links (currently lacking)
  • Add author profiles to each article and an overall about page
  • Add display ads (e.g., Ezoic or Mediavine)


I’ve ventured into the Wordpress niche in the past. It’s competitive but it is lucrative. To be successful in this niche, you need a foundation of a high DR high authority website. This one is well-positioned for further growth.

As a setback, the site has been on a downtrend in traffic over last 12-months. In my opinion, this is due to neglect as the site owners have not kept content up to date, and also potentially too many sponsored reviews. Note that sponsored reviews/content bring in significant revenue according to the P&L so it cannot just be ignored after acquisition.

There are plenty of easy wins to add an additional $1,000 to $2,000 per month. This includes adding display ads, improving buying guide conversion rates, and improving the content itself for long-term growth.


The site is listed with a reserve of $150,000 and a Buy It Now of $200,000.

With the history of this site and considering down-trending traffic, it deserves a multiple of 38X to 42X maximum. With the last 12 months of performance, the site has a listed profit of $3,754. At a minimum, the valuation is $142,652 and maximum it’s $157,668.

🚀 6 SEO Domains & 11 Brandable Domains

My team and I sifted through the marketplaces and found 6 aged SEO domains with quality backlinks and 11 branded domains that are live at auction.

5 SEO Domains

Five domains with authority this week currently bidding from $30+ to $2,500+ at the time of writing.

We share the AHREFs stats and also what the past site was about. View them below:

  • Was the “Computer Mouse Museum” starting in 2002. It has an AHREFs Domains Rating of 28 and ranks for 237 keywords in the top 100 positions with backlinks from CBSNews, Vice, Medium, Github and Wikipedia.
  • Was a SAAS offering a dashboard for Amazon booksellers running ads starting in 2019. It currently has a DR of 15 and ranks for 197 KWs. Has backlinks from Axios, GoodReads and
  • Looks to have been affiliated with starting in 2006. Has a DR of 57 and is ranking for 2 KWs. Backlinks from CNET, Huffpost and CBSNews.
  • Was a drug and health information site starting in 2003. The domain was redirected to from 2018 until it dropped in 2022. Has a DR of 70 and ranks for 5 KWs with backlinks from NYTimes, CNN, Huffpost, and NPR.
  • The site was a cloud services partner with Microsoft starting in 2001. There are several active trademarks for this name so more due diligence is required if you’re interested in bidding. It has a DR of 52 and ranking for 3 KWs with backlinks from Amazon, Microsoft and INC.

For a detailed guide on how to repurpose these domains the right way, check out my Course on Aged Domains.

11 Brandable Domains

Eleven single and two-word brandable names this week, bidding from $45+ to $1,000+.


Additional Resources

If you are interested in any of the deals this week, go through the specific platforms and contact the sellers. Make sure to perform detailed research and due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites.

Here are resources you should read up on:

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