Deal Flow (Nov 10): Facebook Group, Flippa Site, 12 Branded Domains

Mushfiqur Sarker

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Today’s Authority Business Blueprints features an off-market Facebook group in the off-grid living niche, a site from Flippa in the RV niche, and an age domain from ODYS Global in the outdoor niche

For branded domains, we share data on 12 domains live at auction. We also share the AHREFs metrics for each domain.

Let’s get into the growth blueprints!

Blueprint #1:

Domain Summary

Type: Aged Domain

Niche: Outdoors

Source: ODYS.Global (see listing here)

Age: 15 years old

Listed Price: $1,740


CleanShot 2021 11 08 at

Backlinks: Notable links from BBC, Outside Online, Backpacker, Climbing, Mount Everest, among others

Site History

This was a website and blog owned by a group of mountaineers that climbed Mt. Everest, known as SuperSherpas. It also hosted content related to the Apa Sherpa Foundation. The site it self covered everything from mountaineering, climbing, and the outdoors.

CleanShot 2021 11 08 at

Growth Blueprint

This is a nicely branded domain that is catchy and easy to remember. Building an authority site on this domain would lend itself to a long-term asset.

The original owners of this domain had a trademark according to USPTO. However, that expired. Just make sure to do further due diligence.

This is what I would do:

  1. Recreate the pages that have backlinks or help with topical relevancy. Any pages related to the Apa Sherpa Foundation should be recreated. This helps the site keep relevant.
  2. Add informational articles about sherpas, mountain climbing in Mt. Everest, tourist guides about Mt. Everest, etc. I would take 30-50 articles here initially.
  3. Venture into buying guides covering product reviews and travel services

Monetization in this niche can easily be done with display advertisements, products via Amazon or direct from the brand, and travel affiliates. The easiest is to use display ads initially. You could also do lead generation for tourist companies near Mt. Everest and take a commission.

Overall, this is an interesting niche with not much competition.

Blueprint #2:

Website Summary

Type: Existing Content Site

Niche: Auto/Outdoors

Source: Flippa (see listing here)

Revenue: $4,742/mo average over last 10-months via Amazon Associates only


CleanShot 2021 11 08 at 16.21.11

Due Diligence Dashboard


Growth Blueprint


  • Highly-diversified traffic to top pages (highest is 4.39%)
  • Overall growing niche
  • 281 articles published
  • AHREFs DR 50 website; high authority


  • Hit by December 2020 Google Core update
  • Drop in traffic July 2021 due to Google Analytics tracking issues (revenue was stable)
  • High concentration of commercial (buying/review) content

Easy Wins

  • Add Ezoic or Mediavine (if qualifies) to the site for immediate boost in revenues
  • Improve comparison tables (too crowded, no CTA, no images)
  • Comparison tables are not mobile responsive
  • Images in buying guides not linked to Amazon


The RV niche, in general, has been growing over the last few years. There are some large blogs in this space that have are currently for sale and have sold for 6-7 figures.

This site is well-positioned to be grown into something much bigger. The site is an AHREFs DR 50 with a selection of quality backlinks.

In addition, the site has MANY easy wins. The site has no display advertisements implemented. Adding Mediavine or Ezoic would lead to at least a $15-$20 RPM, thus boosting revenues by $600-$800 at least. In addition, the high-traffic pages do not have proper CRO implemented.

Note: the seller messed up Google Analytics tracking on July 2021 thus the large dip downwards. He states the earnings are still fine during that month. Make sure to double-check.

Valuation: I would value this site at a 37X multiple due to its high-authority backlink profile plus the availability of easy wins. The Flippa listing is using the last 12-month average. However, this includes Nov to Dec 2020 where the site had much higher traffic. You should use a 10-month average which puts it past the Google update. This equates to a $4,472/mo average thus with a valuation of $165,464 maximum.

From my experience, with proper CRO, the site can earn an additional $1,000 from Amazon Associates and an additional $600-$800 from display ads. This means the future potential valuation could be in the $200K to $225K range at a minimum. Your mileage will vary.

The site is currently listed with a minimum asking price of $119,000.

Blueprint #3: Off Grid Living Uncensored (FB Group)

This Facebook group is part of my portfolio. The asking price is $4,000. See details below.

Asset Summary

Type: Facebook Group

Niche: Outdoors

Revenue: Unmonetized

Price: $4,000

Growth Blueprint


  • 62,000+ members currently
  • Very niche audience in off grid living
  • High-growth during 2020-2021
  • Highly vetted members (must answer questionst to access group)


  • Not taken care of last 6 months
  • No moderators in place


I bought this group in mid-2020 to use to drive traffic to my outdoor case study site. While it did drive traffic, it just did not get close to my organic traffic so I lost interest. In addition, with a community, you need to be engaged and I was not interested in this topic at all.

So since early this year, this group has run on autopilot. Members post questions, and other members answer. Each member is vetted before entering to minimize spam. Any spam comments or posts resulted in the member being kicked out immediately. This kept the group clean.

This is a great group to own to tack on an existing site about outdoor living, off-grid, RV, etc. Or you can buy the group and then look for a site in a relevant niche to acquire.

Furthermore, you can develop digital products and promote them in the group. I only sometimes posted Amazon affiliate links.

I am selling because (1) I will not use it anymore for its original purpose, and (2) the funds from this could be put to much better use for my other websites.

Next Steps

If interested, please do the following:

  1. Click below to fill out the interest form
  2. Join the group here
  3. Vet the group for quality
  4. Closing done via Escrow with 50/50 split in fees

🚀 12 Brandable Domains at Auction

My team and I sifted through the marketplaces and found 12 branded domains that are live at auction.

Best authority brandable domain this week,, with a DR of 21 and 562 referring domains live in AHREFS. A quick look at link anchors shows some ringtone spam but also several high authority links.

First registered in 2006 MusicNation was a national online video-based music contest from 2007 to 2010. is a solid brandable pick for use in the health and wellness niche. It originally was a Finnish Mindfulness site according to the Wayback Machine.

DomainLinkEndDomain RatingRef. Domains
RisingPhoenix.comGoDaddyNov 905
Hotelly.comGoDaddyNov 104.460
FlowTraining.comGoDaddyNov 100.78
FirstPixel.comGoDaddyNov 113.144
MusicNation.comGoDaddyNov 1221562
WindBirds.comGoDaddyNov 1200
PowerTravel.comGoDaddyNov 1200
IdentityOne.comGoDaddyNov 120.12
Soulu.comGoDaddyNov 1300
DecoLife.comGoDaddyNov 140.37
TechSpirit.comGoDaddyNov 1400
SurfNews.comGoDaddyNov 15772
Domain rating is obtained from AHREFs. Referring domains is the number of unique links pointing to the domain. Listing data obtained from Godaddy auctions.

If you are looking for vetted and branded domains with SEO value, make sure to join the ODYS.Global marketplace. They have 1,000+ domains in their inventory.

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Wrap Up

These blueprints lay out the high-level strategies to accelerate your ROI after the acquisition. Of course, the real effort is putting all of this into practice.

For more resources, make sure to read the following guides:

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