Deal Flow (Oct 12): 4 Websites, 6 Aged and 6 Branded Domains

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This week’s deals feature a culinary site from Empire Flippers, an auto site from Motion Invest, and 2 off-market sites in the garden and beachwear niches from our Facebook group. We also review an aged domain in the basketball niche from Odys marketplace.

For domains, we share findings on 5 aged SEO domains and 6 branded domains live at GoDaddy auctions.

Let’s get into each deal!

Aged Domain:


Niche: Basketball Shoes

Source: Odys Global (see listing here)

Age: 2021 (1 year)

Listed Price: $3,210


courting greatness ahrefs 1

Backlinks: Reebok, Complex, NBC Philadelphia, Philly Voice, Retail Dive, Sport Techie.

Site History

This domain was previously the website for a 2021 marketing campaign by Reebok to promote their brand and new releases of basketball shoes. The site allowed users to create a virtual basketball court with AR (augmented reality). The site was taken down in early 2022.

Here’s what the site looked like:

courting greatness screenshot

Growth Blueprint

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and basketball shoes are a multi-billion dollar market.

This domain could be relaunched as a niche site focusing on basketball shoes and other basketball gear (basketball hoops, balls, clothing). You could eventually expand to reviews of gear for other sports played on courts (e.g. racketball, volleyball, tennis).

Another angle could be to cover low-competition questions and topics about NBA basketball players or the sport of basketball.

One similar site was built on the aged domain of the name of a former NFL player and receives nearly 400k traffic each month according to AHREFs. It ranks very high for popular basketball keywords like “best NBA teams of all time” (even though the domain is the name of a former NFL player).

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Recreate the homepage with a focus on the topics of basketball courts and basketball shoes (to match the theme of the original site)
  2. Publish buying guides for basketball shoes or other basketball gear (e.g., best basketball shoes for wide feet)
  3. Find low competition/high volume basketball or NBA keywords and publish informational articles targeting them
  4. This was a single-page website so I would add home page links later to send link authority to important categories and articles

Monetization could include affiliate links to basketball shoes and gear on Amazon which has a 3% commission rate for sports products. There are alternative sporting goods affiliate programs like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Foot Locker that should offer a higher commission rate. The NBA Store has an affiliate program as well.

Several basketball niche sites use Mediavine or AdThrive for display ad monetization. You can review these sites for ideas on topics to cover.

Another monetization option is promoting courses for people who want to improve their basketball skills. A MasterClass course by NBA superstar Steph Curry which has a 25% commission on sales (requires an invitation to join). There are many courses available that teach people to improve aspects of their game such as their vertical jump and shooting technique.

1.5-Year-Old Culinary Site Making $4,714/mo on Empire Flippers


Niche: Culinary

Source: Empire Flippers (see listing)

Profit: $4,597/mo from Display Advertising and Amazon Affiliate

Asking Price: $197,650 at a 43X multiple using a 12-month average


culinary site oct 2022

Growth Blueprint


  • Traffic goes to a diverse set of pages – top 3 pages get 7.46% of the site’s traffic
  • Brandable domain and solid EAT
  • Growing traffic and revenue
  • Strong links, including from Wikipedia
  • Evergreen niche with plenty of room to expand


  • Site is young at < 2 years old

Easy Wins

  • Add affiliate links to recipe posts which can increase revenue up to 10%, or about $450/month
  • Add exit intent pop ups on money pages, which can increase affiliate revenue up to 15%, or about $150/month


This content site in the culinary niche is a website that covers many aspects of food, recipes, and kitchen equipment. While there are 400+ pieces of content, there are still plenty of opportunities. The number of opportunities, trajectory, and solid foundation of the site gives the site a lot of long-term potential.

What’s also nice is that there are a few instant wins that can improve the site’s revenue by about 15%. The first, is adding affiliate links to recipe posts that already get traffic. Linking to relevant food items on Amazon and cookware can increase revenue up to 10%, or about $450/month while we believe adding exit intent pop-ups on money pages can increase revenue up to $150/month.

Overall, this is a great site, especially for someone with an interest in the space who is looking for a project to put some elbow grease in. With continued investment, the site should continue to grow and can reach 5 figures monthly within 12 months.


The asking price is $197,650 a 43X multiple on the last 12 months’ profit. We think this is a solid price due to the quality of the site and its long-term potential. However, we think getting it for about 39X by placing an offer at 35X is possible.

1.5-Year-Old Automotive Site Making $2,004/mo on Motion Invest


Niche: Automotive

Source: Motion Invest (see listing here)

Revenue: $2,004/mo from Display Advertising and Amazon Affiliate

Asking Price: $63,727 at a ~32X multiple using a 7-month average


auto site 2022

Growth Blueprint


  • Growing traffic & revenue
  • Large niche with evergreen content
  • Opportunity to expand into more affiliate content
  • Almost no links


  • Google EAT could be improved; there is no author box or an about page.
  • Lack of valuable backlinks

Easy Wins

  • Adding more affiliate content; off-roaders buy additional equipment for their cars
  • Improving E-A-T presence by adding relatable author info and an about page
  • Add internal links to increase rankings
  • Add affiliate links to existing info content which can bring up to an extra $200/month


Car enthusiasts look no further. This fast-growing content site is in the automobile niche and appeals to car geeks and mechanics alike. It’s on a nice trajectory with its traffic and earnings.

However, that might change since the niche is slightly seasonal. It’s not as seasonal as swimming or snowboarding, but the sub-niche this site targets is slightly related to the outdoors. Another setback is that the site has poor EAT. We suggest that the new owner fix this up by adding a few author bios.

Despite these minor setbacks, there are a lot of things to like about the site. Hitting the site with plenty of money page content and links would do the site wonders given its current trajectory with almost no backlinks. Someone who can build links can really make this site jump in revenue.

However, if that’s not you there are still a few wins. The first can add up to an extra $200/month and that’s by adding affiliate links to existing informational content, which is currently under-monetized. The biggest win is adding internal links to pages which can really help improve the site’s rankings and help the traffic skyrocket.

We recognize there are some internal links at the bottom of each page, but we would remove those and add contextual links within the article itself to help those links pass more relevance and power.

Overall, this is a great site for anyone looking to buy and hold a site for 2+ years. With additional investment into content & links, and targeting more money pages this site can be earning mid-high 4 figures over the next 1.5 years.


The asking price is $63,727 a ~32 multiple on the last 7 months’ revenue. Since Motion Invest runs off a dutch auction the price will continue to go down if it isn’t purchased soon. We think the current price is a good price for the site, but a savvy negotiator can likely get it for about 28x the price, or $56,000.

🚀 Off-Market Sites in Facebook Group

The Website Flip runs a Facebook group where sellers can list sites for sale. Here is a selection of a few sites:

  1. $1,044/mo Beachwear Niche Site: 2-year-old site earning via Amazon and Ezoic. The asking price is at a 35X multiple of the last 9-month average, equating to $31,290.
  2. $1,885/mo Home & Garden Niche Site: 14-month-old site earning via Mediavine. The asking price is at a 45X multiple, thus $84,825. 1,200 total articles published with 500 posts in the last 3 months.

🚀 5 SEO Domains & 6 Brandable Domains

My team and I sifted through the marketplaces and found 5 aged SEO domains with quality backlinks and 6 branded domains that are live at auction.

5 SEO Domains

Five SEO domains this week. Currently bidding from $676 to $7,578 at the time of writing.

  • The site was a plant-based recipe blog started in 2019. It has a DR of 26 and ranks for 919 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from BBC and
  • This was a workplace safety incident reporting site that started in 2002. It has a DR of 40 and is ranking for 7 KWs with backlinks from and
  • Was the site for an Austin, TX restaurant that started in 2009. It has a DR of 46 and is ranking for 248 KWs with backlinks from NYTimes and
  • This was the site for an Argentinean football club that started in 2008. It has DR of 23. It isn’t ranking for any keywords but has backlinks from Wikipedia and
  • A preschool directory and parenting resource started in 2006 with a DR of 42 and ranking for 8 KWs. Backlinks from WashingtonPost, Forbes and

For a detailed guide on how to repurpose these domains the right way, check out my Course on Aged Domains.

6 Brandable Domains

Six brandable domains this week, currently bidding from $268 to $1,515 at the time of writing.


Additional Resources

If you are interested in any of the deals this week, go through the specific platforms and contact the sellers. Make sure to perform detailed research and due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites.

Here are resources you should read up on:

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