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The Brandable Insider podcast was founded by Keith DeBoer with the first episode airing on May 24, 2020. Keith is a prolific domain investor, writer, and coach. He focused on buying, holding, and selling brandable domain names., now part of The Website Flip, used to host Keith’s podcasts on the website.

Best Brandable Insider Episodes That We Love

Here are the most notable podcasts that were our favorites:

Sep 13, 2020Episode #20 – Featuring Doron VermaatAn in-depth interview with DNGeek’s original founder, Doron Vermaat. Doron reveals his formula for buying branded domains.
Mar 31, 2021Episode #48 – SEO and WebDev Madness with Sean MarkeyAn in-depth interview with Sean Markey, who combines branded domains with SEO to build niche websites.
Mar 10, 2021Episode #45 – Making Money with Hand Registered DomainsCase study on finding and registering branded domains and then selling for $2,500.
Dec 16, 2020Episode #34 – 25 Domains I Bought This WeekKeith goes over purchasing 25+ domains via auctions and marketplaces. Keith also explains his investment criteria for branded domains.

End of The Brandable Insider Podcast

On October 18, 2021, Keith announced on Twitter that he published the final episode of the podcast to focus on his core business, domain investing, and education.

Check out the Twitter feed:

Learn More about Brandable Insiders

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Keith is active on his personal site where he offers consultation where he evaluates your domain portfolio and also has a self-starter guide, The Keys To The Highway.

Check out Keith’s website here.

Notable Domain Resources

If you want to learn domain and website investing, make sure to check out these resources:

  1. Guide to domain investing
  2. How to buy a website
  3. Guide to selling websites

Here are some other interesting articles related to domain flipping:

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