Top 100 Brandable Domain Name Sales In 2020: Data, Trends, and Insights

mushfiq sarker
Mushfiq Sarker Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling website assets since 2008. His first exit was in 2010. Since then, he has done 218+ website flips with multiple 6-figure exits. He is the founder of The Website Flip. Check out all Mushfiq's articles, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
mushfiq sarker
Rob M is a domain investor and analyst
Rob Mills Rob is a data analyst by day with years of experience analyzing trends in the domain industry. Rob utilizes his own data skills to acquire domains and hold. Rob also builds websites on the side for passive income. Read all of Rob's articles or follow on LinkedIn.
Rob M is a domain investor and analyst

Studying the total number of domains bought by VC-backed startups is just one part of further understanding the premium domain market. Honing your strategy as a domain investor to be even more effective depends on also looking at what the top brandable domain name sales each year have in common.

When this information is taken together, analyzed, and studied, then an investor has the necessary knowledge and tools to find the domain names most likely to bring a big payday and to avoid those trap domains that sound good but don’t meet the metrics that startups are looking for.

Here’s what we will cover in this analysis:

  1. Raw data of top brandable domains
  2. Major insights from analysis
  3. Takeaways for domain investors

Let’s get into it!

Data of 2016 to 2021 Brandable Domains

Raw Data of Brandable Domain Sales

DomainPriceMarketplace$6,000 Uniregistry$5,500 Sedo$9,990 Sedo$10,000 Sedo$9,501 GoDaddy$10,000 Sedo$6,050 DropCatch$10,000 Sedo$9,392 GoDaddy$10,500 GoDaddy$11,000 Pvt$4,891 NameJet$5,859 Sedo$6,000 Sedo$4,756 NameJet$25,000 Sedo$7,870 NameJet$24,000 Uniregistry$19,000 DomainMarket$95,000 NameJet$18,000 Sedo$15,000 Sedo$15,000 Uniregistry$11,000 Uniregistry$11,470 Sedo$7,500 Sedo$20,000 Sedo$4,990 Sedo$14,500 NameJet$12,414 GoDaddy$8,049 DropCatch$20,500 GoDaddy$4,188 BuyDomains$10,000 Sedo$7,150 Sedo$4,450 GoDaddy$6,980 NameJet$6,900 Sedo$6,900 Sedo$13,411 Sedo$13,310 Sedo$4,000 BuyDomains$8,100 DropCatch$8,888 GoDaddy$21,879 Sedo$5,277 GoDaddy$4,341 NameJet$5,600 GoDaddy$6,101 GoDaddy$9,127 Sedo$14,985 Sedo$8,988 GoDaddy$5,851 NameJet$5,851 NameJet$5,188 BuyDomains$16,888 Sedo$20,000 DomainMarket$10,510 NameJet$10,500 NameJet$9,995 Sedo$15,000 Sedo$22,250 GoDaddy$48,318 Sedo$7,006 NameJet$8,100 NameJet$7,988 Private$3,788 BuyDomains$12,000 GoDaddy$40,000 Sedo$13,000 GoDaddy$7,050 NameJet$9,800 Sedo$5,205 DropCatch$7,800 Sedo$7,800 Sedo$6,888 Afternic$18,000 Sedo$9.00 GoDaddy$8,871 GoDaddy$4,588 BuyDomains$6,000 Uniregistry$13,875 Sedo$9,890 GoDaddy$8,000 Uniregistry$6,150 Sedo$14,527 NameJet$5,250 NameJet$9,638 NameJet$9,638 SnapNames$10,000 LegalBrandMarketing$5,105 GoDaddy$5,600 DropCatch$5,701 GoDaddy$33,432 Sedo$9,000 Sedo$16,250 GoDaddy$5,088 BuyDomains$8,000 Sedo$8,500 Sedo$6,087 GoDaddy$12,500 Sedo$9,999 Sedo$5,001 NameJet$5,001 SnapNames$5,166 Sedo$10,000 Sedo$12,500 Uniregistry$13,439 Sedo$7,500 GoDaddy$21,800 Sedo$15,000 Morgan Linton$11,251 GoDaddy$10,000 Uniregistry$6,500 Sedo$6,500 Sedo$6,350 NameJet$7,000 NameJet$17,750 GoDaddy$8,019 DropCatch$16,051 DropCatch$22,500 Uniregistry$5,688 BuyDomains$6,495 Sedo$12,611 NameJet$12,611 SnapNames$24,995 Sedo$5,200 GoDaddy$6,850 GoDaddy$8,100 GoDaddy$7,500 Sedo$23,500 Sedo$5,550 DropCatch$8,900 NameJet$7,400 NameJet$7,400 NameJet$9,999 BuyDomains$6,750 SnapNames$10,022 DropCatch$6,000 Sedo$20,000 Sedo$15,000 Uniregistry$6,050 GoDaddy$12,750 GoDaddy$7,777 Sedo$8,001 NameJet$8,350 DropCatch$15,000 Sedo$3,787 GoDaddy$8,000 Uniregistry$7,605 DropCatch$4,588 BuyDomains$7,368 GoDaddy$35,000 DomainMarket$16,450 GoDaddy$6,138 NameJet$9,100 GoDaddy$9,701 Sedo$22,200 Uniregistry$5,678 NameJet$5,900 Sedo$9,600 GoDaddy$4,388 BuyDomains$7,000 Sedo$7,100 GoDaddy$10,558 GoDaddy$9,995 Sedo$15,000 MediaCode$4,900 NameJet$7,410 Sedo$8,249 Sedo$12,500 Sedo$9,999 Sedo$9,000 Sedo$11,400 Sedo$7,500 Sedo$7,000 Sedo$81,559 NameJet$75,415$11,000 Sedo$7,000 Sedo$7,500 Uniregistry$4,400 NameJet$5,650 DropCatch$18,000 Sedo$6,600 GoDaddy$15,300 GoDaddy$10,000 Sedo$10,070 Sedo$6,101 DropCatch$9,600 GoDaddy$8,000 Sedo$49,888 DomainMarket$6,500 Sedo$6,400 GoDaddy$7,100 GoDaddy$7,500 Afternic$5,200 Uniregistry$20,000 Uniregistry$9,901 GoDaddy$5,945 GoDaddy$44,200 Sedo$7,800 GoDaddy$6,252 GoDaddy$20,006 GoDaddy$10,000 Sedo$9,200 GoDaddy$10,806 Sedo$11,000 Sedo$7,500 Sedo$10,000 Sedo$5,500 NameJet$11,000 Sedo$10,850 GoDaddy$10,000 Sedo$8,600 GoDaddy$18,500 NameJet$18,500 SnapNames$6,539 DropCatch$15,295 Sedo$10,000 Sedo$5,400 Sedo$36,000 Uniregistry$6,779 Sedo$24,999 Sedo$7,990 GoDaddy$19,000 Sedo$6,772 NameJet$16,000 DomainMarket$10,055 DropCatch$20,000 Sedo$5,130 Sedo$29,500 GoDaddy$10,900 Sedo$5,050 GoDaddy$10,250 GoDaddy$9,500 Sedo$20,000 DomainMarket$6,605 DropCatch$11,400 Sedo$15,000 Sedo$5,250 Media Code$6,500 Sedo$12,500 Sedo$9,000 Sedo$23,101 DropCatch$11,500 Sedo$47,510 NameJet$4,799 Sedo$24,500 Afternic$9,995 Sedo$8,000 Sedo$10,250 GoDaddy$8,001 GoDaddy$10,500 Sedo$4,588 BuyDomains$20,000 DomainMarket$18,860 Sedo$10,000 Uniregistry$39,500 GoDaddy$38,000 DomainMarket$15,000 Sedo$7,000 Flippa$59,777 GoDaddy$5,200 Sedo$4,388 BuyDomains$8,995 Sedo$8,500 Sedo$6,888 Afternic$8,625 Uniregistry$5,635 BuyBrands$4,888 BuyDomains$6,455 GoDaddy$19,100 GoDaddy$18,500 NameJet$14,888 DomainMarket$8,017 Sedo$4,150 DropCatch$15,250 GoDaddy$37,000 GoDaddy$64,500 GoDaddy$5,500 DropCatch$5,255 GoDaddy$40,149 DropCatch$6,225 GoDaddy$9,018 GoDaddy$,7519NameJet$6,600 DropCatch$10,000 Private Sale$6,000 Sedo$8,662 Sedo$33,333 GoDaddy$7,000 Sedo$61,000 GoDaddy$5,940 Sedo$5,850 DropCatch$6,500 Sedo$30,000 DomainMarket$11,760 Uniregistry$3,988 BuyDomains$19,040 Sedo$9,800 Afternic$6,780 Sedo$4,888 BuyDomains$21,250 XYNames$32,500 GoDaddy$43,805 DropCatch$7,300 Uniregistry$15,050 DropCatch$5,500 Sedo$5,099 NameJet$7,350 DropCatch$6,800 Sedo$8,000 Sedo$5,040 GoDaddy$6,250 GoDaddy$9,000 Sedo$15,021 DropCatch$21,555 GoDaddy$4,888 BuyDomains$5,100 GoDaddy$17,416 GoDaddy$6,201 GoDaddy$6,500 Sedo$12,000 Sedo$9,700 Sedo$13,500 Sedo$7,250 NameJet$9,700 Sedo$7,006 NameJet$23,000 Uniregistry$8,325 Sedo$17,995 Sedo$11,100 Sedo$7,255 GoDaddy$6,000 Sedo$65,500 NameJet$7,500 Sedo$22,750 GoDaddy$22,222 GoDaddy$8,300 NameJet$5,450 NameJet$5,450 NameJet$7,000 Sedo$19,888 DomainMarket$9,912 Sedo$9,900 Sedo$10,000 Sedo$8,869 Sedo$7,750 NameJet$7,999 Sedo$9,900 GoDaddy$22,101 NameJet$23,000 Sedo$8,150 GoDaddy$20,250 GoDaddy$15,888 Sedo$7,050 NameJet$7,050 SnapNames$6,100 NameJet$6,951 GoDaddy$50,000 Sedo$7,999 Sedo$25,000 Sedo$11,000 GoDaddy$16,050 DropCatch

4 Major Insights From Top Domain Sales

Analyzing the data of brandable domain sales in 2020 helped to solidify some potential trends that we thought might be developing, and provided invaluable information for investors.

Our approach was as follows. We obtained the top sales data from the Namebio database. We then analyzed the data in Microsoft Excel to extract insights. 

This time we pulled from more than just the top 100 to see if the trends continued to hold up among the highest selling domain names.

Let’s jump into it!

1. Marketplace with Highest Sales Numbers ($)

Sedo finishes solidly in first place once again as the marketplace that did the highest number of sales according to revenue among the top brandable domain names. They made around $1.6 million in sales, a touch above the 2019 numbers.

GoDaddy was a big story. Not only were they second once again among marketplaces but the sales numbers almost doubled coming out to a touch above $1 million in sales among the highest selling domains. That is a very noticeable upsurge.

NameJet came in a solid third. Then there was a notable drop followed by DropCatch, Uniregistry, and DomainMarket marketplaces performing all relatively the same. SnapNames and Flippa each register on the top list. 

highest sales 2020

Uniregistry’s fall from the top marketplace several years ago is startling, especially as they go not only from first to second but keep on falling as other marketplaces continue to gain in popularity among both domain sellers and buyers.


  • Sedo is currently the top option for selling high-value brandable domains
  • GoDaddy is strongly cementing itself as the #2 option for high-end domain sales
  • Uniregistry’s fall means it’s no longer in the top three for most sellers

2. Marketplace with Most Volume of Sales

2020 was a year where the volume of sales numbers matched up quite well with the revenue numbers. There were no oversized sales that threw off the numbers, and the order for best premium domain marketplaces by volume of sales followed the same order as rankings by revenue.

volume sales 2020 1

Sedo came in first with 139 sales of the top domains. GoDaddy followed at 82, and NameJet was third at 47. There was a marked drop-off with DropCatch, Uniregistry, and DomainMarket at least each making double-digit sales.


  • Sedo is the top marketplace for both volume of sales and revenue
  • GoDaddy’s growth doesn’t look like a fluke – they are a solid second option to Sedo as a marketplace
  • NameJet is a distant third compared to the other marketplaces but has enough activity to be worthwhile

3. Number of Words in Top Branded Domains

A larger look shows that when it comes to the top-end domains sold to startups, the 2-word dominance over the “top sales” list continues. 

Among the 365 in this sampling, 206 (56%) were 2-word domain names. Another 147 (40%) were one-word domain names. 3-word domains were a very distant third with only 12 out of 365.

This expanded list also confirms the trend of four-word or more domain names simply not being in high demand.

words 2020

Short domain names continue to win the day even while pulling back with larger samples of top-selling domain names. This is a rock-solid trend that domain investors can (and should) take to the bank as continuing.


  • Two-word domains continue to dominate the highest revenue domain name sales, even expanded past the top 100
  • One-word domain names remain strong, though clearly in second to two-word domains
  • Three-word domains do slightly better in the top 365 versus the top 100, but they are still a very long way behind one and two-word domains

4. How Many Characters in Top Domains?

When taking a larger look at the top brandable domain name sales in 2020, 8-characters emerges as the most popular length in 2020. The always popular 4-character names were tied with 6-characters as the second most popular choice.

The sweet spot was 4 characters to 9 characters, with diminishing returns after that. The returns on domain names that were longer than 10 characters in length plummeted rapidly.

characters 2020

Shorter domains continue to rule the list of the highest-selling domain names. After multiple years of data it seems pretty well established that 4-9 characters are generally very solid, 10 characters is okay, and the dropoff is fairly sharp after that point.


  • 8-character domains were the most popular in 2020
  • 4-character domains remain among the most popular
  • Anything north of 10 characters is a longshot to hitting the top-selling list

Final Takeaways for Domain Investors

2020 brought some good data for domain investors looking to continue to improve and hone their investment strategies. What lessons should we take from 2020?

  1. Sedo is the best marketplace overall for selling high-value domains to startups with GoDaddy coming in as the most popular alternative.
  2. Two-word domains remain the most popular among the most in-demand domain names with one-word domains right behind.
  3. Four to nine characters was the sweet spot with 8 characters being the most popular overall followed closely by four.

mushfiq sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling website assets since 2008. His first exit was in 2010. Since then, he has done 218+ website flips with multiple 6-figure exits. He is the founder of The Website Flip. Check out all Mushfiq's articles, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Rob M is a domain investor and analyst

Analyzed by Rob Mills

Rob is a data analyst by day with years of experience analyzing trends in the domain industry. Rob utilizes his own data skills to acquire domains and hold. Rob also builds websites on the side for passive income. Read all of Rob's articles or follow on LinkedIn.

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