Find Long-Tail Keywords in Reddit Subreddits: A How-To Guide

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Popular user-generated content sites like Reddit provide a goldmine of low competition keywords. Reddit’s posts are often easy to outrank with a targeted article that covers the topic in-depth.

Mining Reddit Subreddits for keywords is one of my favorite tactics to generate low competition keyword ideas to quickly grow traffic on my sites.

In this guide we will cover: 

  • 6 step process to use AHREFs to find and filter the best keyword ideas from Subreddits
  • 5 ways to find Subreddits that are related to your niche

Let’s get to it!

Reddit Keyword Template


Why is Reddit a Gold Mine for Keywords?

User generated content is typically easy to outrank in Google, especially if the content is short or if the comments are not very helpful or don’t adequately answer the searcher’s question. 

Reddit is one of the largest user generated sites on the internet with an estimated 261 million traffic per month according to AHREFs (February 2022). It has over 100,000 active communities (Subreddits) and in 2020 Reddit claimed to have over 50 million daily active users.

Of the 26 million pages on according to AHREFs, many receive few or zero inbound links and the on-page SEO is not well optimized for the target keyword (e.g. poor title, no descriptive H2 headings).

Additionally, Reddit is filled with questions people ask about specific topics. This can help you develop a list of the most frequently asked questions in the niche and get a sense of what information people are looking for.

6 Step Process To Extract Low-Competition Keywords From Reddit

Case Study Setup: Reddit /r/JustStart

As an example, we used the JustStart Reddit community that focuses on building profitable niche sites. 

Here is a 6 step process for gathering keywords from /r/JustStart and identifying article topics with a good opportunity to rank highly and increase traffic. 

1. Enter Subreddit URL into AHREFs

Once you find a Subreddit that matches a specific niche, enter the URL into AHREFs Site Explorer.  

AHREFs should automatically select “Prefix” from the drop down menu so you only get data for the specific Subreddit. 

image 1

2. View Organic Keywords Report

Click on “Organic Keywords” on the left menu to see the list of all organic keywords for the Subreddit.


Next, export the CSV with all the keywords and add it to your Reddit Keyword Research Google Sheet (upload the CSV to Google Sheets and then copy the tab to your main Google Sheet).

image 2

3. Perform Filtering and Sorting

AHREFs will typically provide data on thousands of keyword phrases based on the subfolder of the Subreddit.

To filter the list to display only low competition keywords, select the filter for keyword difficulty and enter 0-10 (you can adjust this based on your preferences and authority of your website).

image 3

You can also click on any of the headings like “Volume”, “KD”, “Traffic” or “Position” to sort the list of keywords from high to low.

Export the filtered list of keywords as an CSV file and add it to your Reddit Keyword Research Google Sheet.

Takeaway: Another helpful filter is Position 1 to 3. If Reddit is ranking in the first 3 positions, you should have a good chance of ranking in the top 3 with a well-targeted article that satisfies the searcher’s intent. 

You can generate additional related keyword ideas using AHREFs’ Keywords Explorer by manually entering relevant and promising keyword ideas found from the Subreddit.

Enter a promising keyword phrase into the Keyword Explorer and click on “Related terms” on the left sidebar to see a list of similar keywords.

image 4

Export a CSV of the related terms to add to your Reddit Keyword Research Google Sheet.

Repeat this step with all the promising keyword phrases you can come up with and combine the CSVs into one tab called “Related Keywords”. That way you can then sort the list of related keywords from low difficulty to high difficulty. 

Note: The Related Terms report works best on seed keywords or parent topics (e.g. “empire flippers” rather than “empire flippers review”).

5. Expand Your Keyword Ideas List With Search Suggestions

Additionally, you can click on the “search suggestions” report on the left menu to see a list of ‘autocomplete’ keywords. 

image 5

Export the list as a CSV and upload it to your Reddit Keyword Research Google Sheet.

Like the Related Keywords tab you will want to repeat this step with all the promising keyword phrases you can come up with. Then combine the CSVs into a single tab called “Search Suggestions” that can be sorted from low to high difficulty.

6. Add the Best Keyword Ideas to a “Top Keywords to Target” Tab

Lastly, identify the best keyword phrases and add them to a “Top Keywords to Target” list. 

image 6

Optionally, you can add a potential title, priority level, the writer who the article is assigned to, and when the article has been published.

To find Subreddits that closely match your niche, you can search Reddit using the top navigation search box.

On the results page, click on “Communities” to only show Subreddits that are related to the keyword.

image 7

Many Subreddits link to other related Subreddits in their right sidebar navigation.

image 8

3. Reddit Leaderboard

View the Reddit Leaderboard for the fastest growing communities at Reddit provides the leaderboards for several categories such as Beauty, Food, Fashion, Outdoor, and Tech.

image 9

4. Community Directory

Check the Community Directory at which lists Subreddits that start with each letter in the alphabet.

image 10

5. Search Reddit with Google

Another way to find relevant Subreddits is to use the Google search operator followed by any highly relevant keywords you can think of.

Example: website investing

Additional Reddit Keyword Research Tips

View Linked Domains from the Subreddit

You can view the “Linked Domains” report to see a list of sites that Reddit users have linked to from the Subreddit. 

image 11

From this list of sites you may discover competitors in the niche and you can check their top keywords with AHREFs.

Note: AHREFs says some of these links are dofollow but if you inspect the HTML on Reddit they have a rel=”nofollow” tag.

Examples in Other Niches


  • /r/Baking/ (16,960 pages, 67,400 keywords, 19,900 traffic, 699 dofollow referring domains)
  • /r/Cooking/ (48,565 pages, 464,000 keywords, 184,000 traffic, 3,083 dofollow referring domains)


  • /r/HomeDecorating/ (1,119 pages, 13,300 keywords, 5,000 traffic, 125 dofollow referring domains)
  • /r/homestead/ (2,715 pages, 12,300 keywords, 3,700 traffic, 237 dofollow referring domains)


  • /r/Rabbits/ (8,043 pages, 33,800 keywords, 26,600 traffic, 455 dofollow referring domains)
  • /r/Aquariums/ (20,542 pages, 70,270 keywords, 37,900 traffic, 716 dofollow referring domains)


  • /r/Camping/ (7,351 pages, 34,900 keywords, 11,300 traffic, 446 dofollow referring domains)
  • /r/CampingGear/ (6,641 pages, 62,100 keywords, 24,100 traffic, 501 dofollow referring domains)


  • /r/audiophile/ (9,732 pages, 58,000 keywords, 19,500 traffic, 831 dofollow referring domains)
  • /r/hometheater/ (16,793 pages, 99,800 keywords, 45,400 traffic, 869 dofollow referring domains) 

Final Thoughts

Conducting keyword research based on Reddit communities can help you find valuable low competition keywords that your competitors are not aware of. This can be a useful tactic to add to your keyword research toolbox. 

mushfiq sarker

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