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All Case Studies

Here is a quick selection of all exclusive case studies. Scroll down to find case studies for specific websites. Check out the non-member case study reports here.

1️⃣ Outdoor Site Case Studies

We acquired this site in April 2020 for $23,000 via Flippa; since then the site has grown from $300/mo to an average of $3,500 per month. This is the selection of members-only case study updates. The remaining May 2020 to March 2021 case studies can be found here.

Aug 2021$3,896Profit is increasing as we head into Q4. Discuss how we landed a direct advertising deal, and plans to sell digital e-books.Read
Jul 2021$3,208In maintenance phase of website flip lifecycle. Review of Ezoic performance, link detox service, and plans.Read
Jun 2021$3,644In maintenance phase of website flip lifecycle. Review of Ezoic performance, link detox service, and plans.Read

2️⃣ Tutorial Site Case Studies

We purchased this site in August 2021 for $7,500. The site was unmonetized with 100K+ pageviews. We received an unsolicited offer from a newsletter subscriber to purchase the site; we sold it at $38,000 after 2-months of ownership. This is the journey:

Sep 2021$1,103The site sold for $38,000. We got an unsolicited offer from a newsletter subscriber to acquire the site. The average earnings was $941 equating to a ~40X monthly multiple.
Aug 2021$779Introduction to the acquisition. Why we bought the site, our due diligence process, easy wins, and revenue updates.Read

Insights & Reports

Check out the exclusive website flipping insights and reports. These reports will give you an edge over your competition.

In-Depth Guides

These guides summarize our experiences running a portfolio of profitable content websites.

State of Industry Reports

The website investing industry is evolving and we keep tabs by tracking each brokerage, niches doing well, investment funds, and news. These reports are published frequently as the market adapts.

Sep 2021Empire Flippers had 40 live listings with avg. multiples at 42.9X. Investors.Club with 34 listings at second place with avg. multiple of 34X. Get the stats, news, and opinions.Read
Aug 2021Empire Flippers had 94 live listings with avg. multiples at 41.5X. Investors.Club with 35 listings at second place with avg. multiple of 35.5X. Get the stats, news, and opinions.Read

Data & Analytics

We have a team of analysts that deep-dives into niche websites, website flipping market, deals that have sold, and much more. Get access to the data that we’ve collected:

Mediavine WebsitesDownload the raw data (URLs, AHREFs metrics, organic traffic) for 1,193 Mediavine-approved sites. Read
Motion Invest ListingsRaw data (multiple, profit, organic traffic, etc) of 88 websites listed for sale from January to April 2021Read
Motion Invest ListingsRaw data on a 6-month review of 49 websites that have sold. We analyze to see which sites did well and which did not.Read
Media CompaniesRaw data on the top media companies that own and operator content websitesRead
Empire FlippersRaw data from 89 real website sellers on Empire Flipper's on reasons why they are selling their websiteRead
Our Website FlipsRaw data (purchase and sale price, multiple, niche, etc.) from 39 content website flips from January 2018 to October 2020. Read


Check out the selection of downloads to help you in your journey to buy, grow, and sell websites.

P&L SpreadsheetUse this Excel spreadsheet to fill in revenues and costs to understand how to value a website you want to sell or buyRead
Website Operator Job DescriptionUse this job description template in Google Doc to hire and set expectations with an operator you want to hire.Read
Portfolio ModelDownload the detailed website porfolio model that was used in Empire Flipper's Capital program to raise $1M in funds.Read