Review: An Amazon Plugin for Niche Site Creators

mushfiq sarker

Comparison tables are must-haves on any affiliate website. If you are building sites, adding affiliate tables will ensure higher clickthrough rates and thus higher revenues.

As a website flipper, if you spot sites for sale that do not have comparison tables on commercial intent articles (i.e., buying guides, product reviews), then that’s an easy win. You can acquire the site, add tables, and your revenues will increase.

There are many different plugins on the market that can help with this. The problem is that many of these options aren’t very user-friendly and can be overwhelming for beginners. One easy alternative is Affiliatable. In this review, I go in-depth into this product, different features with real screenshots, pros, cons, and common questions.

Let’s get into it! Review: At A Glance

affiliateable io

What is is a SaaS (software as a service) that allows you to easily create beautiful, high-converting elements such as comparison tables, top 3 boxes, product boxes, pros and cons boxes, and rating boxes.

The tool is developed by WildTech company, a bunch of guys with a background in affiliate marketing.

Process Before…

Without using Affiliatable, you would have to use multiple plugins to achieve the same result. This isn’t always a big deal for experienced affiliate marketers who already have their setups. Still, it can be a big struggle for beginners and less experienced guys in our industry.

To start, you have to find the correct plugins. Then you pay for them, hoping they’re good ones. Once you’re in, you are usually lost because most of these plugins aren’t very user-friendly.

So, you spend a lot of time fine-tuning everything to get it exactly as you want. Often you even have to use custom CSS to achieve the results you want, too.

Let’s be honest. It can be a big struggle.

Process After

With Affiliatable, the process is much easier and definitely more user-friendly. You register into the service, connect your Amazon account, and you can start creating nice, beautiful conversion elements immediately. No coding required.

How Does Work?

Affiliatable is, in fact, a straightforward product. You create an element in their website application, generate code and put that code to your post or page where you want to show the element.

The steps you have to take when you’re beginning with this service are:

1. Register a new account

It’s an easy, straightforward registration process. You can do it here.

image 12

2. Subscribe to the service

To get access to every feature, you need to have a subscription. The pricing is very reasonable, and you can select between three different options. 

First is an unlimited monthly subscription for $19. You can connect as many sites (Amazon IDs) as you want. 

The second is an annual, limited subscription for $39/year. You can create unlimited elements, but you can connect to only one site.

The third is an unlimited annual subscription for $89/year. You can create unlimited elements and connect as many sites as you want.

image 13

3. Connect your site (Amazon ID)

If you want to use the Amazon Associates program, you must create a new site with your Amazon Associates API. In the menu, click on “Sites” and then on the “Add” button.

If you don’t know where to find this information, check this article which has an in-depth explanation.

image 14

4. Add base code to your site

Next, you must add the base code at the bottom of the header section, just above the </head> tag. This base code is a simple JavaScript that automatically fetches the newest CSS file from Affiliatable’s servers.

Don’t worry. The script is lightweight and served via CDN so that it won’t slow down your site. You can find the code in your dashboard.

For a tutorial on how to add the base code, check out the official guide. If you use the GeneratePress theme, I recommend you use the Hook element. If you have some other theme and you aren’t sure how to implement the base code, use a plugin called Head, Footer and Post Injections.

image 15

5. Start designing your elements

Now the fun part, you can start creating all elements you want! You can find the exact process of creating and designing new elements below. Elements and Features

Affiliatable currently has five elements you can use;

  • Comparison tables
  • Top 3 boxes
  • Product boxes
  • Pros and cons boxes, and
  • Rating boxes.

Let’s go through all elements and different designs you can use!

Comparison tables

Good, old classic comparison tables. It’s one of the best ways to show the features of products you’re reviewing together with a comparison. There are 8 different pre-made designs you can use:

Table 1Table 2
VrPqAGFDEHklyZi5UnllaHQsc8 xlFHLKJ9o4o2Gt90y35TbKAIovpfyzwMA1kO2e9 xaCeSGe4MHI5KNroPo2IAkZszKVJSP53PNm4zqcPLrMSgcUBmX11NMOFmnZ 3EIcwD 4QlKpWz5hoV YRI6gSqiXKHcx3DwG9ELR9UF08ljnnWYmLbI5 XMTOZFMQHy PxP8xfngstYugXK 2gSGvnLJIsWQj bk91z9aHZ5mpesel8hgz4OycF 3QRda5biAAK13K85Q9QeN
Table 3Table 4
f9exPI58ddbj3B9YLRNBzDeDwgLPPdrrkIOiiHcRj7cUoEfhLvINeibvHC11utVFvi0An QPsf8Eawg1BbH0LtzE KKHaLQppMUEG YPkTHqMtC8AnoL3fcfd3SRtASNuCgVFpNG
Table 5Table 6
wnI49P05zv2YFoYP4Gn tGALSVOmnfyDht9O8oXWX6f1eOqQr11I8 enOpxcByJhuOuF7QnOz fDrza IGVUJT02 0KKbfQhB88lrjr6iIb tovtXcbMJx9zWkVIwTNNRK4 JIZG e PVHB4JleU8yaUUtZM
Table 7Table 8
36OcQofOrTlUZ2Ll0iYQHkGWrIHv1kbUSapcnWpwpm6i4ADQM2fk1hoSiPwIEvpRnhcr6 aL0UI0Y9pFo204coR3p6buJduok0jvuiDSjnMpLJaJBuUudEHAYmyRSwIAAW8UK0KA

Top 3 Boxes

If you want to make the decision easy for the visitor and increase the conversion rate, the top 3 boxes might be the right option. Instead of showing all products in the review, you show only the top 3 options.

It might increase your conversion rate. You can at least try to A/B test it against classic comparison tables. There are 4 different designs for the top 3 boxes in Affiliatable:

Top 3 Box 1Top 3 Box 2
WR3QUPvwMWmzaUXUsqVSkcmA13lZw IMSDHilXGwmFP q0N4VX9dj8mgk fsBp9oys6qYqZ6aZPvwUZ L95soL4MylEpT8g2gvPk5u2 iwrGsVXKpHoNFmiWe3HhY9oY2r1D48Oi8KtztBKG pKu0dIVyOPEaCY0axszhXm P2SLbnqDpCM5qnsJgwpVhvmytiOIdAc3TDetDbKIevE uc 8osa9oiHAIlyY2JVz gKIjEfZURm4ho0yBoYhEqkHzijUMyXuD1NNPceN
Top 3 Box 3Top 3 Box 4
Owh NpL8c 2bX8wSUgIriTfOmCd1d MRyfcrxAC7lz19OQzRTh6AldbVxgp0rWvIAM3d091JaxjkPbdcj8YDTkyidLcHOgmAJD Mpdg20F9g3VLhuaWe1ERl5FS5VYQDJkr8Va4IIkqICrWcCAClr pGXA51q4yjeuaVt NQqZ67Jlda1X17WCE 2QNBKMkEnKqqF

Product boxes

Instead of writing mini product reviews in round-up posts as a boring wall of text, you can use one of the product boxes from Affiliatable. They have 8 different designs:

Product box 1Product box 2
GLx8oY9omT9GVnmfqPmteKxQ9mGOnHthwJek8bEE 3sebUF43z6tqGZAyfODOkJ0Ws6d1oxvGa ECyYwgdij5cnYpzj2BEQWQYUTOcpCz XBrIZRIdcaJGuTkufEfKam46zhjsNHCgPV6udcC5u2UyBKW6xiSHbbY8Q5Xssuav4 3OtrwxF DsUSWo1MaSRkg9TQecwxodDHYc
Product box 3Product box 4
8bla6g f92udO4Cqwlt7nCyHDC7PbZXI7aRDdDDWt9IkwcyUJr KbTPPxEhFj0QCKSrEU36UED71EB7M3LxwgSIlmnLq1klzxmg5hqQ M8ktM0Erg LN0N3b5ls 32K l 5yNUw1
Product box 5Product box 6
2lt1 o1ZH4h7hjQXauiUUqpgZt9h1wSbkFJTIJMaBPJRm34r4Ir84wTob1JZ7IjFSlb4an7gE2WYpSyX7icwM4vIiiSHq4ZrKZhNmDJ9AAgiTD9DDGbXL2zgKAKI yK9au4 RkkA0KaMM6aPTGCjUJxb5rL 7zpBKbnYPe8oKL38Zn78KqF HVwgquDbeV086iZtK2 pSSctWS0ZR5FZ1h9ppB6f35KWSdYRXRhm0jRf JAldGs7P3XChvh3HJiMO Tm3njBlmMHEbRD
Product box 7Product box 8
1rbtC5FNDmwFTMSOUFqEZEcKzt1vu WoNFdJdZt6EeaW9wk bGpKAr urZwhzEZ1iU 9tGCVVGYNMF y1N AFMLQc8LIf4dO2uN6H gEr9r3RkTAY0njkYX97LIcauzxUoEHnu56y56AeaTuRhieUghsQ2Gh1C5xShsBLoX X7FJ2gnfGX5PrVU5pPu f gb

Pros and cons boxes

Are you looking for a little bit more fancy pros and cons boxes? Affiliatable has you covered. You can choose between 7 designs:

Pros and cons box 1Pros and cons box 2
XIWSzd9dIcq9roT gC4bkoveo5X8tRrThlp48YBn4iGNPzBvkOmvvpe7IWDNiKMaPIWK4rYEjrLhLTVb85HbQv5BDGUQDXFh6V1G0XGQxBisopD23vg7i5fdNh8w ESZsA81LgAwmQBlyhS8DOaQLt7Slr7d13EL7lR85gqB62ctjS6DusfOsgGrMpE45wwtvcK87PSvqyFkU7JamwilXHivcNSv2AVUGppRl4cwyQ wjvPfUq8CDqXgIpYgKQ5X9numezWGvsCjNKlZ
Pros and cons box 3Pros and cons box 4
opB gJbbv j6MfjiTnnV4R re8wpzaHPZn 7l8wMI3tSorSEvzfMyveS4a523ZvtC9Nqco9iuIlQRjZP8QnN
Pros and cons box 5Pros and cons box 6
stdxcu4d9o Ozdb79IAxJLUlYQ3kNEcYQEAZj5k IuQNSrk8aownSLlTciN1KsbVTCUHdb81L4UcRQF1 FIW05eJkpVlLETIZ7Ne
Pros and cons box 7

Rating boxes

If you want to grade individual products by features, this is the element for you. Currently, you can choose only between 2 designs:

Rating box 1Rating box 2
cdWVgWKqY7H77vQmIjK7a6qGcDm3YDSd7YD57veYn1tawu26p yj2THYiefK8 VzIGOsN81pifq4B2o5jiFoOGEcrja366GCJ5GWKGta0ELgUMrOlbrtWGunhWnbk3qT1DTCIdOb2NAyRZjawSdyf4PpW2hQzkFUKHsRdV2n0ZqtJFWRoOjMcFkTnpAZdutTOfC31drNVkv9kgfUrCFbZObBwEgnFc gtMdl2doj MtqaHFTYBpfuGI0TvbaJqi5DnleyUzP5HSW tmg

As you can see, these are two very different choices. The developers are actively adding new and new designs, too. vs AAWP vs TableLabs

Comparison tablesYesYesYes
Top 3 boxesYesYesNo
Product boxesYesYesNo
Pros and consYesNoNo
Rating boxesYesNoNo
ImplementationSaaSWordPress PluginSaas
Out of stock checkNoNoYes
Price (single site)Starting at $3.25/mo (Check Pricing)Starting at $4/mo (Check Pricing)Starting at $3/mo (Check Pricing)

Common Questions about

Can you only use Affiliatable for the Amazon program?

No, you can use Affiliatable for any affiliate program and links.

Does Affiliatable work with Gutenberg, classic editor, and page builders?

Yes, Affiliatable works great with all options above. In Gutenberg and page builders, you can use a custom HTML block. In classic editor, switch to HTML editor and paste the code in.

Will Affiliatable slow down your site?

Affiliatable will add a few seconds to your loading time because of downloading that CSS file, but it’s nothing you should be worried about. It’s still very, very fast.

Can I use Affiliatable with other CMS’ than WordPress?

Yes. This is the beauty of Affiliatable. It’s HTML and CSS, so it’s not related to WordPress or any other CMS. You can use it anywhere you want.

Do you have to update the base code?

Not anymore. Affiliatable introduced a little JavaScript that automatically loads any updated CSS file for you.

Can you use Affiliatable on multiple sites?

Yes, all infinite pricing plans allow for unlimited site use. Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful designs for conversion elements
  • Super easy to use
  • You can preview elements directly in the website app
  • All elements are responsible for all devices
  • Schema support
  • You can use other affiliate programs than Amazon
  • Great, active support and dev team
  • Reasonable price ($7.4/mo with annual plan)


  • Affiliatable doesn’t have any built-in tracking, so you still need to use another plugin or method if you want to track your clicks
  • You need to have a subscription to edit elements
  • It doesn’t have support for multiple countries. You need to use the default OneLink.

My Final Verdict: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for tables, pros/cons boxes, etc., Affiliatable is your best bet. The major issue here is customizability since it’s a SaaS product with all scripts hosted at a 3rd party server.

If you want customizability with tables specifically, then AAWP is your best bet.

For beginners though just getting started, Affiliatable is a great solution if you are monetizing your site via Amazon Associates program. Try it today!

mushfiq sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling website assets since 2008. His first exit was in 2010. Since then, he has done 218+ website flips with multiple 6-figure exits. He is the founder of The Website Flip. Check out all Mushfiq's articles, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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