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As the digital asset class of websites grows, more and more investors are entering the market. Managing a digital assets, like a website, requires a set of skills (e.g., SEO, CRO, monetization, marketing). Those that DIY are able to figure these things out but the vast majority who have capital to invest, are looking for passing opportunities.

That’s where the Website-Operator-as-a-Service (WOaaS) comes into play. These agencies help investors from sourcing the right website to buy to then managing the day-to-day of growing the websites. It’s as hands-off as can be apart from investing in website investment funds.

BuzzLogic, is the first agency to offer this service to a mainstream audience. Headed by Andrej Ilisin, who is a pioneer in the website flipping industry. He is the owner of the new website, a content site agency, Alpha Investors, and the private Flipping Websites Facebook group.

What Does BuzzLogic Do?

buzzlogic review

BuzzLogic is an agency that manages/grows content sites for clients. Their process has been streamlined in a way that ensures growth for the client. They are willing to adapt to the client’s goals. For example, if the client wants to improve and hold long-term, or grow and flip; they can adapt their strategy for both.

Their monthly retainers start at $2,500/mo and range up to $10,000/mo depending on the client’s goals. It’s optional that they receive equity or profit share split of any kind. If profit share is given, the monthly retainer fee would be decreased. It’s a customizable plan that is discussed with each individual investor’s goal and the site they own.

For more details, check out this article on how website operators work.

15 Interview Questions with Andrej Ilisin of BuzzLogic

Being a new service and market, The Website Flip did a deep-dive interview with the founder, Andrej. Check that out below.

1. Does BuzzLogic manage its own portfolio of websites?

Yes. We manage a 7-figure portfolio of 4 sites combined.

2. How big is your team? What are the key positions?

8 exclusively for BuzzLogic with support from Investors Club and Alpha Investors team.

3. What are the key positions on your team?

  • SEO Strategists
  • SEO Analysts
  • Developers
  • Content Team (research, writing, editing, publishing)
  • Account Management

4. How many people will actively work on a specific website?

The entire team works on each site under management.

5. Do you help website investors source and/or vet deals?

Yes, we do that through our Deals Concierge services (Investors Club).

The Deals Concierge service helps investors find a deal. The basic service is $3,200 and the VIP service is $7,000 one-time. The difference is that in the VIP service you get to set exact preferences for the business you want to buy, whereas in the basic service it’s a preset list.

deal concierge service

6. How much does the website owner pay BuzzLogic for management?

This varies based on multiple factors (goals, revenue, stability, work required), but our minimum starting retainer is $2,500 per month. We also have a profit-sharing option, but only for sites making $10k+/mo.

7. What is the minimum term length (months) for the partnership?

Minimum contract period is 6 months, however, we always plan for 12 months ahead.

8. Do you take equity in websites you manage?

Not by default, but we do offer profit sharing options for sites generating over $10,000 per month. 

9. Who pays the costs towards growth?

The client pays all the costs associated with growth. Depending on the size of the retainer, the deliverables will vary. The clients can also add an extra one-off budget if we/they feel like we need an extra content/backlink push. 

10. Do you build backlinks? If so, who pays those costs?

Yes. The cost for a certain number of links is included in the monthly retainer, if you would like to increase the number of links then this is an over and above cost based on the number of links. 

11. What happens if a website crashes (Google Algo update) while under your management?

If that happens, we always take a couple of steps back and evaluate what’s going on. We closely examine the reasons for the shake-up and try to figure out what the update was about (we have a pretty big data source). We then create a recovery strategy based on our findings and implement this recovery strategy over a 3- 6 month period depending on the scale of actions required.

12. How often are you in contact with the owners to give updates?

As a general rule, our Account Manager insists on at least 1 call per month after your monthly report is sent out. However we are in constant contact with our clients through email, daily, weekly, and if you prefer to do weekly calls then this is also an option. We adapt and create our communications for what best suits your availability and preferred method. 

13. Are BuzzLogic’s affiliate accounts used to monetize the site?


14. Do you apply out-of-the-box ideas to grow sites (e.g., e-commerce, email marketing)?

Yes, we provide various growth ideas, based on your site’s niche, and what we believe will provide not only an increase in revenue but overall value to the site.

15. Do you have an example contract you can link to for review?

No, sorry. The interested investors can reach out to us and we can discuss the details.

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Analyzed by Mushfiq S

Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling website assets since 2008. His first exit was in 2010. Since then, he has done 175 website flips with multiple 6-figure exits. Learn more about Mushfiq.

Analyzed by Andrej Ilisin

Andrej is the founder of BuzzLogic,, and Alpha Investors. He is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the digital marketing industry. Follow Andrej on Twitter

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