Frase Review: Up Your Content Game with AI

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I only recommend products that I have used for a while and truly stand by. Frase is one of those that I recently bought and love. The deal on AppSumo expires in 24-hours so make sure to check it out here.

Frase is an AI-based online software that will scan the top search engine positions for a given keyword, and output a TON of resources for you (or your writer) to write a top-notch article to beat your competitors.

If you have used SurferSEO, then you know why these content guidance services are crucial. While Frase is not as good as SurferSEO, it still is 80% as good at only a one-time lifetime fee as opposed to $50/mo for SurferSEO. Frase is a one-time $69 or $138 (I opted for unlimited for $138).

I canceled my SurferSEO membership and have shifted over to Frase!

Let’s get into the review.

Frase Review: A Major Time Saver

image 133

The tool can do a lot more then I am about to show. What I will show you is what happens when you enter your target keyword. For this example, I am using the keyword “best campaign tent”

1. Enter Keyword

image 134

Once you log in, you can create a Document, and enter your search query. Enter any keyword here that you want to write an article for.

2. Document is created

image 135

After creating the document, you will see the above page. On the left side is the actual document where you can actually write the article, and on the left-hand side, is the AI-based results. I will cover those results in a bit.

From this page, you can share or export the document to hand-over to a VA to format and post on your site.

3. Suggested Metrics

The first aspect Frase recommends is the average word count on the top competitors, and also the number of sources they provide in the article.

image 136
Takeway: This can help you figure out how long your content needs to be and how in-depth to beat competitors.

4. Topics

image 137

Next, you will see suggested Topics. Frase scanned the top competitor pages and pulled out high-level topics. You can cover these topics in your content.

As you type out your article, Frase will scan your content and give you a Topic Score to see how well you covered everything. I usually try to get some of these topics in and in reality, I never hit 100%.

Takeway: This does help you ensure your article is aligned with the topics your competitors are writing about.

5. Questions to cover

image 138

In most of my articles, I have a FAQ section where I answer questions that people like to ask. It takes a good amount of time to come up with these questions but Frase now cuts down that time for me.

I pick out the best questions that make sense from the list and add those directly to my article. Then the questions can be answered.

Takeway: Use this to flesh out your article with relevant questions

6. Statistics

image 139

A properly written article has statistics. That’s what the top players do and that’s what people want to see. Frase gives you a list of stats that you can cover in your own article.

In the past, for me to find these stats, I would have to do in-depth research myself. However, Frase cuts down that time to only provide me the stats that really matter to the audience.

Takeway: Improve the authority of your articles by adding statistics that are relevant to the audience.

Quick bullet list of Frase Benefits

  • Give your writers the resources (relevant articles, stats, topics) they need to write the best article they can
  • Cut down on your time creating detailed content outlines
  • Ensure you are getting an article that is competitive with your top competitors on the SERPs
  • If you already wrote an article, Frase can import it in so you can improve on it
  • Easy workflow. Once the article is written, you can share the link or document with your VA for formatting

This tool has really cut down my time on preparing content outlines. I purchased the lifetime membership for $138. If you are going to be in the niche site game, this is a must-have tool.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading this review. I stand-by tools I use and always recommend them. Frase is now part of my arsenal.

Leave a comment if any questions.

mushfiq sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

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