SEOTesting Review: Get Real Results From Your SEO Data

Mushfiqur Sarker

I’ve been using SEOTesting for several months now and highly recommend it to track, test, and improve your niche website. I implemented the service on one of my health niche sites to improve the title tags, and then test the results.

In this review, I explain what the tool is, the tests you can run, a case study of my results, and more.

Let’s get into it!

What is SEOTesting?

SEOTesting is a cloud-based web app that makes Google Search Console data more accessible for marketers. can be used to track on-site experiments so you can optimize their site for traffic and conversions. 

SEOTesting provides easier access to valuable information, helping marketers make important changes and find what’s working. If you need more traffic or more conversion from your traffic, I recommend getting a 14-day free trial to

SEOTesting launchpad

4 Main Benefits to SEOTesting

SEOTesting is an ideal tool for improving the value of any website. It is a well-marked chart you can use to navigate the treacherous oceans of Search Engine Optimization. Let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits of

1. Increase leads, sales, or other business goals

Websites aren’t just there to look pretty; they are there to convert. SEOTesting helps you optimize your site for traffic and conversions by tracking on-site experiments and highlighting what is working. 

This will help you generate more leads or sales, no matter the business goal. SEOTesting also integrates with Google Search Console so you can get valuable data on visitor interactions in one convenient place.

2. Quickly identify changes that will get you results

Without dedicated testing software, SEO tests are time-consuming and can be challenging to track. SEOTesting makes the navigation of analytics data fast, easy, and convenient.

SEOTesting also helps you see what is working and what isn’t faster than ever before. This will allow you to make changes quickly and efficiently, getting better results sooner.

3. Know what’s working on your site

Understanding what is working on your site is essential to knowing your audience and what they need. SEOTesting gives you detailed information about where visitors are going, what they’re doing when they’re there, and how long they spend there. 

That way, you will know exactly what actions work within your website and which ones don’t. This will help you learn how to improve your on-page SEO strategy and even help to inform which articles need the most links.

4. Spot more opportunities for growth with less work

SEO is a labor-intensive job. SEOTesting makes it easier to see which on-page experiments are working, so you don’t have to put in as much work by checking everything manually. 

Anyone who runs an eCommerce website or has a lot of traffic on their site can benefit from SEOTesting. This will save time and effort while helping you get more conversions, which are the lifeblood of most online businesses.

SEOTesting dashboard

The Many Features of 

SEOTesting has a number of powerful features, although it is not needlessly complex like some marketing software. Let’s work through all of the main features and examine what each one does.

SEO Split Tests

This feature enables you to test the performance of different URLs directly against one another over the same period of time.

Time-Based SEO Tests

Time-based tests compare a page’s performance before a specific date to afterward. These are ideal for testing many simple changes.

Test Historically

SEOTesting gives you the ability to test historical data in addition to running tests in real-time.

Content Groups

The content groups feature allows you to track the performance of groups of URLs. This is great for anyone who wants to see how a silo is performing as a whole.

Group SEO Tests

You can also run time-based tests on groups of URLs or queries.

Page and Query Details View

This gives you an easier, clearer look at data from Google Search Console, presenting search terms that you can then include in your content.

Search Intent Highlighting

All of SEOTesting’s query reports are designed to display whether keywords are informational or transactional, making it easy to tell at a glance.

Algorithm Updates

The platform includes notes on all Google algorithm updates, making it easy to know if any updates affect your ranking.

SEOTesting updates

Custom Annotations

You can easily add annotations to your Search Console data, so you can easily remember anything critical that had a visible impact on your site.

Long Tail Keyword Reports

Reports that will help you uncover longtail keywords are included.

CTR Opportunities

This allows you to find parts of your site that have low clickthrough rates. CTR opportunities can help you write better meta titles and descriptions to make the most of the traffic interested in your search terms.

New Keywords Report

When you start ranking for new keywords, they will appear in this report.

Top Queries Missing

With this feature you can discover which pages on your site lack their top relevant queries in the page title and meta tags.

Page Content Optimization

Assists with continuous optimization and improvements to your on-page SEO.

Rank Tracking

Track the rank of multiple keywords in real time using data from Google Search Console.

Thin Content Report

Test various URLs via your XML sitemap and discover low quality/thin content that needs to be updated.


If two or more of your pages are fighting to rank for the same keywords, the cannibalization feature will help you discover and fix the issue.

Winners and Losers

Get snapshots showing which keywords have the most potential for losses or gains.

Questions Report

Discover which questions people are asking online related to your topics using data scraped from “People Also Ask” and other sources.

Striking Distance Keywords

This report shows high value keywords that are currently ranking on page 2 or 3. Ranking on page 2 or 3 normally means you can hit page 1 with a few tweaks!

Daily Email

You can receive a daily alert whenever Search Console updates its data.

Filtered Dashboards For Each Site

You can filter different dashboards by country, brand keywords, and more.

Quick Links For Content Research

Easy to access links to topical goldmines such as Reddit and Quora.

4 Different SEO Tests You Can Do

SEOTesting is true to its name, coming equipped with SEO tests that were created using industry best practices to help you discover opportunities for improvement.

1. Split Testing

One of the best tests included in the SEO Testing dashboard is the split tests. This allows you to test different URLs from the same site or different sites against each other.

2. Single Tests

Here you can test a single URL, query, or an entire site. These are great for gauging things like the impact of a title change on click-through rate, or the increase of organic traffic due to internal links.

3. Group Tests

These tests are for running experiments on groups of URLs or queries. If you have a number of content ideas or target keywords to examine, a group test is the way to go.

4. URL Switch Tests

Switch tests let you look inside URL redirections, or advanced changes such as compiling multiple posts into one page or dividing a long page into multiple posts.

How To Use SEOTesting: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

You’re probably thinking “this sounds great, but how does it translate to better search engine rankings?”. Let me give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this SEO tool.

SEOTesting home

As you can see in the screenshot above, SEO Testing currently offers a 14 day free trial. All you need to do to claim yours is tap the “try it free” button and then fill out the information required in the form shown below.

SEOTesting newaccount

Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to connect your Search Console account. SEOTesting makes this as easy as a few clicks, and they only require permission to read your data, nothing else.

SEOTesting search console

Once your Google account is connected, you will need to select a site to add. There are handy loom videos embedded throughout this process to walk you through it every step of the way.

From here you have access to all the SEO Testing tools which will allow you to improve your SEO performance through the tests mentioned above. Now let’s take a look at exactly how I improved my clickthrough rate on key articles just by testing different post titles.

Case Study of Health Site: Track Title Tag Changes

I created a case study from a health niche website I was working on at the time. For this case study I changed multiple title meta tags to see if it would impact the posts CTR (clickthrough rate). The results were impressive!

SEOTesting casestudy

As you can see in the screenshot above, some of my changes resulted in lower CTR, but some resulted in MASSIVE improvement! That’s the great thing about SEOTesting – it makes it easy to see whether or not your changes are bringing in results, and easy to change back anything that doesn’t work in your favor.

For example, changing the title of my “Eggs Cause Acne” post led to four more clicks per day on average. While that may not seem like a lot, it can potentially make a big difference over time and when applied at scale. Imagine if the blog had 100 posts, and all of them started getting an extra four clicks per day!

If you have an ecommerce site, you could also use SEO Testing to get to know your customers better and understand what they are looking for.

SEOTesting Pricing Structure

All three of SEOTesting’s pricing tiers include all of the tools features. That makes it easy to decide what you need – rather than weighing different features and benefits and picking between different plans, you just select the tier that has the number of websites you need.

SEOTesting pricing

Single Site

Using a single domain on SEOTesting costs $30 per month after your 14 day free trial. This is ideal for anyone with a single website who wants to get more serious about their search engine optimization.


The team plan includes the ability to test up to five websites, and costs only slightly more than double the single site plan at $75 per month. This is great for any individual or team managing 3-5 websites.


The agency plan is designed for companies that manage many websites, either of their own or for clients. You can test up to 20 websites on this plan for the price of $225 per month. Although this is pricier than the first two tiers, it actually provides massive savings.

Is SEOTesting Worth It?

In conclusion, SEOTesting is a useful application for those who want to optimize their onsite SEO. SEOTesting will help find the perfect ways to update your content using hard data. This app can also make sure that you are reaching all your readers with the right information for them. SEOTesting is worth it because it’s easy to use and affordable.

While some SEO tools make things needlessly complex, SEOTesting aims to do one thing only – find the best way for people and search engines to enjoy your content. SEOTesting has an impressive feature set, but it doesn’t feel cluttered or overwhelming because everything is clean and clearly laid out.

If you have a website that’s underperforming in organic search, I highly recommend starting a free trial to today!

Mushfiqur Sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

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