Get SaaS Backlinks That Increase Authority

High authority, high-traffic B2B backlinks

We custom outreach to high-traffic B2B SaaS sites to secure niche edit links for your brand

Once you place an order, we send over our current opportunities. You have the freedom to pick.

Each backlink is DR 50+ and at least 10,000+ pageviews/mo. Mostly B2B sites.

We build links only to inner blog articles. No homepage or service pages.

Why SaaS backlinks?

Who doesn’t want high-authority, high-traffic links? Get backlinks pointing to your site from the leading technology and marketing websites. Many of these companies are VC-funded and hence have strong backlink profiles.

Customized Outreach

We have a dedicated team bringing in new weekly opportunities from unique sites. You will receive first access to the opportunities so you can choose.

Only B2B Sites

Your site needs to be technology and/or marketing-related. We cannot accept any other niche. We only link to blog articles, no service/homepage.

Fully Managed

Once you choose an opportunity, we work with the website owner to place your link insertion within an existing article.


Best Value

SaaS Backlink – $399 each

We will send you a list of SaaS link opportunities that are available at the time of order. These are niche edits (link inserts). Links can ONLY go to blog pages, not service pages or the homepage. Your site must be relevant (i.e., marketing, SaaS, software, IT) and have some domain authority (ideally above DR 30).

We deliver the results within 10 business days.

If you have any questions, please leave us a message by filling out the form below. We will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Common Questions

What are the metrics of the backlinks?

These are the most top-tier link opportunities in the market. Here are the details:

  1. Domain rating of 50 or more
  2. Organic search traffic of 10,000+ pageviews/mo (based on Ahrefs)
  3. Real legitimate SaaS websites, no link farms or PBNs

What are the requirements for my site?

The SaaS businesses have in-house SEO teams that review each site they are linking to. With that said, your site must meet this criteria:

  1. Be about technology, marketing, software, etc.
  2. Have a domain rating of 30 or more
  3. Have some organic traffic
  4. Have existing blog articles published where the backlink can be pointed to

Can I choose my anchor text?

In part, yes. You can send over your anchor text. However, note that we may not always have a good fit for it, and sometimes, the in-house SaaS teams (website owners) may not allow it.

It’s imperative to be flexible with the anchor text.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no. Once we begin, we will spend significant efforts analyzing and sourcing links. There are no refunds.

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