6 Best Content Writing Services For Bloggers & Niche Sites

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Content is the cornerstone of blogs and niche sites. I’ve gone down the route of hiring direct writers off Upwork to using a multitude of agencies

Both have different purposes and I covered direct hires vs hiring agencies in the past.

Direct writers will allow you to save money and have more control but you can slow down your processes because one writer can only write so much (unless you hire a bunch of writers).

Agencies are also a hit or miss at times; most agencies scale too quickly and reduce the quality of content.

In this article, I am going to cover the ins and outs of the best agencies for content. Here’s what I cover:

  • Why an agency?
  • Top services that I recommend
  • FAQs on choosing an agency
  • Actionable takeaways

Let’s get into it!

What Are Content Writing Services?

Content writing services are companies that train and hire loads of writers whether in-house or via reliably tested freelance writers.

This gives the content writing company the ability to take on massive orders and deliver quality content in return.

Why Use a Content Writing Service?

Since content writing services train large teams or pools of writers, they have the ability to mass produce good writing at a rate that you can’t match as an individual, small team, or even via writing team in-house, in many cases.

There are multiple reasons for using a content writing service, which include:

  • Making a massive SEO/content push for a website
  • Making a massive content push for an upcoming product or event
  • Good content writing services may have better writers than you can find (or produce better content than you yourself can produce)
  • Content writing services can produce massive amounts of content in a short time
  • Hiring 1-2 editors costs a lot less than hiring a dozen writers…and still needing editors

Anytime you’re running a business there is going to be a conflict of Time Vs. Money.

You can save money on a tight budget by doing all the writing yourself, or you can use money to outsource the content to a top content writing service and use your time on other important aspects of growing your business.

Using a content writing service can help maintain a high level of quality allowing you to expand at a faster rate while working on non-content-related matters.

Top Content Writing Services

There are many good content writing services out there, but there are many more that just don’t hold up and are a waste of money.

These are the six top content writing services based on quality of content, ability to fulfill orders promptly, cost, and customer service.

1. Clockwork Copy

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Clockwork Copy is a boutique content agency servicing mostly niche website builders. The writing team is physically based out of New Zealand and is all college educated. Each writer is assigned to a specific site to ensure the same tone of writing, and expertise.

This feature is unique as most other agencies outsource specific client content needs to multiple writers.

Content Quality

The content quality from Clockwork Copy is consistently the best.

Writing is only done by experts in the field who are also expert writers, bringing a level of understanding and depth to articles that many users of the platform have never been able to find anywhere else.

Many marketers find Clockwork Copyas producing the best-outsourced writing content they’ve ever received from a content writing service.

Process & Delivery Time

An order is made, and you can order by increments of 5,000 words.

You get an account manager who communicates with you via email, asks for a writer’s brief or any notes, comments, concerns you have, then finds writers in their pool with the proper expertise. 

Writing commences and they can usually deliver 10,000 words per week per client but you may want to ask them about their actual workload at the time of ordering.

It’s also worth noting that they specialize in informational content, not affiliate reviews.


Pricing is pretty reasonable, especially for the quality at roughly 8 cents a word. The current article offerings:

Customer Reviews

They are a relatively new agency and so reviews are lacking. They only handle a handful of clients at a time to ensure the highest quality standards.

2. Word Agents


Word Agents is Vincent D’Eletto’s brainchild and came from his experience as an affiliate not being able to find good content outsourcers who could provide informational and affiliate content and really understood SEO and how to optimize well without over optimizing.

They have a team of over 200 full-time writers which means they have the ability to field very large orders without a problem.

Content Quality

The quality from Word Agents is very good. There’s a reason they frequently show up as one of the best content writing services out there when measured by how good the returned order content is. 

They write solid content and that includes affiliate or review based content. That doesn’t mean you won’t need to edit, but that’s true of virtually any content that is outsourced.

There is the occasional weaker article, but even these are usable or can be edited up within reason, although you will want to rewrite almost all the opening paragraphs, which in general aren’t particularly strong.

Process & Delivery Time

Word Agents also gets you an account manager that handles your orders and communicates with writers.

They take the order, ask questions about your specific needs and to clarify writing briefs for the writers, then handle any in-house edits needed or any revision requests from you to the writers.

This is nice to have one person on point and also means with multiple uses the account manager will have a better sense of what you need and expect.

As for turnaround the promise is up to 10,000 words of content within 7 business days. This can vary based on the difficulty of the topic and the size of the order, but a steady stream of quality content can come in from your order fairly quickly.

Some users have reported faster turnaround times, but that is the promised standard.


The average price is 5.5 cents per word to 7 cents per word depending on the amount of writing that is ordered. Orders are done in bulk of total words ordered, and the price changes per word at certain benchmarks.

Currently the pricing is:

  • Bronze Tier 7 cents a word (1000 to 19,000 words)
  • Silver Tier 6.5 cents a word (20,000 to 59,000 words)
  • Gold Tier 6 cents a word  (60,000 to 99,000 words)
  • Platinum Tier 5.5 cents a word (100,000+ words)

Customer Reviews

Overall customer reviews are good. Word Agents appears to be able to handle large orders and have a solid number of writers on board. Their editors have a reputation for thoroughness, which is definitely a plus.

Further, big names in marketing like Mark Webster of Authority Hacker or Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits have touted them as an excellent content writing service, especially when ordering writing in bulk.

3. SEO Butler


SEO Butler focuses on providing affiliate-friendly and marketing-friendly content that customers can pay extra in order to have the article fully optimized via Surfer SEO.

Content Quality

There are mixed reviews here. SEO Butler gets extra points for writing style. The articles back have a much higher chance of having an enjoyable voice, flow, and being reader-friendly or entertaining compared to many other services.

The informational quality can sometimes be lacking as there tends to be more fluff in the writing returned by SEO Butler compared to some of the other writing services.

Process & Delivery Time

The customer orders based on the type of article. There are different rates for blog posts, reviews, buyer guides, and the other types of writing needed. In the beginning this can lead to some issues when figuring out what type of content they consider your order.

Once this is figured out the content tends to come back fairly fast and content should start coming back from an order in just a few days. 


The pricing for SEO Butler is on the high side. Most writing starts at 7 cents a word with more popular affiliate styles around 10 cents a word and Surfer optimized content at 13.5 cents a word.

Customer Reviews

Overall many customers seem happy with what SEO Butler provides. The more conversational writing style is something different many content writing services struggle to provide, but it is one the expensive side even as an all-in-one option.

4. Content Warrior


Content Warrior is the writing service that was created by the guys at Income School. This was originally just for those in Income School’s Project 24 program but has since been opened up to the public and focuses on informational content.

Content Quality

The content quality tends to be excellent, although every so often you may get an article that’s just average, but in my experience 7/10 will be excellent, 2/10 will be good, and maybe that 1/10 is just average and can use some editing.

Process & Delivery Time

The process can be a bit confusing. You need to create an account, and then visit their FAQs page. This has a question talking about preparing an order, and you need to follow those instructions.

The main tripping point is new buyers filling out the order Excel sheet that pops up when they need to make a copy of it and fill out the copy, not the original.

I don’t know why they do it this way, but once you’ve followed the instructions a time or two, it’s easy enough to pick up on.

The first content tends to come back within 7 business days, but they have up to 14 business days.


Pricing tends to be around 7 cents a word. Articles can be either Response Posts (around 1000 words) or Staple Posts (around 2000 words).

  • $70-80 per Response Post
  • $137-150 per Staple Post

There aren’t restrictions on how many articles are ordered at once, but since they will shut down ordering when their writers are booked solid for the next several weeks, on a very large order you might be contacted about needing an extra week or two and seeing if that is acceptable.

Customer Reviews

The reviews for Content Warrior are extremely positive, with the biggest complaint being that they’re not necessarily set up for massive orders, and they are informational only without an option for much longer posts.

Since they do have a limited writing team, sometimes heading into busy seasons the ordering page can be closed for a few days or even a few weeks at a time, forcing you to find an alternative when the timing is unfortunate.

5. Verblio

verblio 1

Verblio is a premium content writing service that focuses on the highest-level content. They have a glowing reputation among customers, but a high barrier of entry due to having some of the most expensive rates among content writing services.

Content Quality

The content quality is some of the best out there. The writers are all vetted & trained professionals, with some topical experts in the writer pool. The old saying “You get what you pay for,” really applies with Verblio. 

You pay a lot, but you get consistent quality in return.

Process & Delivery Time

There are no guarantees on delivery time but Verblio has a reputation for fast turnaround.

Customers sign in, make a writing request, and that goes to the writer pool where all available writers can choose the article topics that are the best fit.

There isn’t an account manager, but because it’s a pool of writers that is so highly vetted, they can return high-quality content fast.


Pricing starts at 11 cents a word and actually goes up from there depending on additional requests or needs. This makes Verblio one of the most expensive options out there.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are glowing, and most of the content writing services specializing in high quality content have slow turnaround times, which is not the case with Verblio.

The fast turnaround for large amounts of good content will be worth the price for some, but just too high a price for others.

6. Content Pit


Content Pit is one of the best content writing services for when you need a lot of at least decent content at a reasonable price.

Content Quality

The quality of content from Content Pit is good. It’s a clear step above content mills and the lower end content writing services, but it isn’t quite at the same level as the other services on this list.

Process & Delivery Time

Buyers purchase words in bulk, and then can divvy up those words per article as they see fit, with a minimum of 500 words per article.

If you have the article topics and instructions ready to go approval will happen quickly and you can expect articles back in 3-7 business days.

Generally the delivery time is on the faster side, but holidays can throw that off.


Content Pit thrives on pricing. They are the most inexpensive option on this list at 3.9 cents to 4.9 cents a word, and the larger the word amount ordered, the lower the per word cost. This makes ordering a huge amount of content much more affordable.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are good in general. The content is often stated as good, although as some reviews state, not as good as the truly high level content writing services.

I haven’t had a bad experience with Content Pit, though I’ve also not received many outstanding “Knock my socks off” level of articles.

For a high basement to get a lot of good content for a reasonable price, it’s hard to beat the combination that Content Pit provides. 

Bottom Line – Who Should You Choose?

The most important aspect you need to consider before choosing a content writing service is your budget, size of your content needs, and timeline.

All of these content services will provide high quality content.

If you want the absolute best expert content, have moderate content needs, and no tight deadlines, Clockwork Copy and Word Agents is the way to go.

Verblio can give a ton of high quality content fast but it will cost you, while Content Pit can provide massive amounts of content for a reasonable price, but will take more editing to make that good content great to compete in competitive niches.

All of these content writing services have their pros and cons and will be able to provide outstanding results.

The main task will be seeing which one provides the best ROI for your particular situation and investment.

mushfiq sarker

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