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Every week we feature the best businesses for sale including content websites and aged expired domains. We share growth blueprints which include business stats, pros, cons, easy wins, and growth strategies.

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We share growth opportunities, easy wins, and metrics for each business for sale

What are Authority Business Blueprints?

We actively analyze 10-20 businesses per week available for sale on public brokerages (e.g., Flippa, Empire Flippers, Motion Invest) and deal flow available through our network. We also keep tabs on quality aged domains that can be rebuilt into authority businesses.

Every week we send out a newsletter with write-ups on 3 such businesses that we know would be good investments. These write-ups are what we call Authority Business Blueprints. A blueprint writeup for each business includes:

  1. Type of business (aged domain, existing content site)
  2. Website or domain age
  3. Niche
  4. Source where the business is being sold
  5. Listed price
  6. AHREFs domain, backlink, and traffic metrics
  7. Google Analytics data (if available)
  8. Pros and cons of the business
  9. Easy wins that can be applied immediately
  10. Valuation of the business
  11. Takeaways

Each write-up is analyzed and written by Mushfiq S, a 12-year veteran in buying, growing, and selling businesses.

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