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Welcome to Week 10! Today’s Authority Business Blueprints will feature websites from Flippa, and domains from Niche Website Builders and ODYS.

Don’t forget to check out my selection of “Other Quality Sites” and the “Too Good To Be True Sites” at the end.

Let’s get into the growth blueprints!

Blueprint #1:

Type: Expired domain

Niche: Running/Racing

Source: Niche Website Builders

Age: 2011

Listed Price: 

This is a package deal for the domain, site build, and content:

  • Domain: $1,500
  • Site Build + 100K words of content: $6,495
  • Total: $7,995


Screen Shot 2021 02 12 at 6.05.21 PM

Backlinks: Backlinks from niche relevant sites with high DR such as Race Roster, Race Entry, Local Races, Running Ahead, Pikes Peak Marathon, Active, and Road Race Runner.

Site History:

PCR-Timing was a website run by a timing service company for running events. The site was dedicated to listing future running events in New York, tracking them, and recording the results on their website.

The company also had a chip system and software to provide runners in their races with detailed and accurate results immediately following the race. The company would offer their professional staff to Race Directors to design and distribute flyers on the customer’s behalf to promote the running event and send the race results to the local newspaper where the event was hosted.

The company aimed to perfect the running event experience.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Screen Shot 2021 02 12 at 7.05.28 PM

Growth Blueprint

This domain would be good to build a site in the overall running niche. However, to begin, you can niche down to sub-niche like trail running, marathon running, etc.

You should publish informative articles and also buying guides related to shoes, timers, among other relevant products.

There is room for relevant digital products in this space as well. For example, products that help runners improve their lap times.

Blueprint #2:

Type: Expired domain

Niche: Parenting

Source: ODYS.Global

Age: 2006 (15 years old)

Listed Price: $2,180


Screen Shot 2021 02 09 at 8.50.41 PM

Backlinks: The site has notable backlinks from The Indiana Government, Indiana University, ABC Indianapolis, The NFL Player’s Association,, and

Site History:

Fathers Resource was owned by an organization called Fathers and Families Center. Their website served as a resource dedicated to men approaching fatherhood and adulthood. They provided men with information on how to improve skills to support families with children. They also educated men on how to find and keep great jobs while providing access to certifications.

Along with the information content, they provided classes to support men getting a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma and free counseling for individuals and couples.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Screen Shot 2021 02 10 at 6.16.07 PM

Growth Blueprint

This site would make for an excellent authority site targeted towards fathers. There are plenty of “mom blogs” out there, but few blogs helping fathers navigate expanding their family. This would be a good opportunity.

This is what I would do:

  1. Write informative articles about fatherhood
  2. Expand into product buying guides related to kids and parents
  3. An opportunity exists to create a fatherhood related newsletter

Monetization can be done via Amazon Associates, other affiliates via ShareASale and Commission Junction, and eventually digital products you can create to help fathers.

Blueprint #3:

Type: Content Site

Niche: Cannabis

‘Source: Flippa (see listing)

Revenue: ~$350/mo via Amazon Associates US & Seed Bank Affiliate


Screen Shot 2021 02 10 at 7.46.54 PM

Growth Blueprint


  • Diversified traffic with the top page bringing in 10%
  • Good backlinks from niche relevant domains (with a few outliers that need to be disavowed)
  • Unimpacted by December 2020 Google Core algorithm update
  • Ranking for 3,455 keywords with many pages on the bottom of first and top of the second page of Google


  • Impacted by May 2020 Google Core algorithm update

Here are the recommended easy wins:

  • Some high-traffic buying guide articles have no comparison tables, and call-to-action buttons or product boxes
  • Improving the navigation/logo area will push content above-the-fold resulting in higher CTR
  • Diversification to more niche-focused affiliate programs
  • Add author bios, about page, social media profiles, etc on the site
  • Find cannabis-related display ad providers and add them on the site
  • Expand into CBD and related topics
  • Build a newsletter focused on cannabis
  • Improve tech stack by using WP Rocket, ShortPixel, and GeneratePress Premium


The site has a good foundation to be a strong cannabis related website. There are many avenues to monetize this site and Amazon Associates is not the best. Amazon can act as a backfill with higher-paying programs being targeted for specific pages.

The site earned $381 in January 2021, and over the last 6 months from the data provided by the seller, seems to be around ~$350. At those numbers, today’s value is at $10,500 to $12,250. With the easy wins listed above, the earnings as-is with Amazon Associates should bump up to the north of $450-$500. I would value this site from $13,500 to $15,750.

However, note that the potential here is much more. There are many affiliate programs in this niche that pay high CPAs ranging up to $100 per sale, and also high commissions in the 20% range. The potential here is much higher but it’s difficult to pinpoint a valuation range on this.

A good site to pick up and build out!

Blueprint #4:

Type: Content site

Niche: Entertainment

Source: Flippa (see listing)

Revenue: $350/mo via display advertising from Venatus


Screen Shot 2021 02 12 at 5.47.28 PM

Google Analytics:

Screen Shot 2021 02 14 at 12.47.46 PM

Growth Blueprint


  • High domain authority site with backlinks from Wikipedia, PopSugar, Chron, HerCampus, and many other relevant domains
  • Ranking for over 60K keywords


  • Custom-built backend for collecting user contributions. May be expensive to upkeep.
  • Top 2 pages get 23% of page views. Diversification is required.

Here are the easy wins:

  • Switch to AdThrive (or other high-tier networks). The site is severely under-monetized with the current ad platform.
  • Large data tables are used on the site. Breaking them up (every 10-20 or so records) will allow further ad spots.
  • Expand content on each individual movie page to improve rankings


This is a quality site that is undermonetized. Shifting to a high-tier ad network like Adthrive, Mediavine, or Ezoic will result in much higher ad revenue.

The site currently earnings $300/month on more than 100,000 page views per month equating to a mere $3 RPM. Shifting to a higher tier network at a low RPM of $10 should result in at least $1,000 per month.

Furthermore, all of the specific movie pages have thin content. Expanding the content could help the site start ranking for individual movie pages.

Overall, a good site to add to your portfolio.

🔥 Other Quality Sites

  • An interesting site in the drone niche. The site was impacted by May Google Core algorithm update and has not recovered since. The high-traffic pages are well-optimized; there may be an opportunity to replace callout boxes with a comparison table for higher CTR. The easy win here is adding in products that pay per CPA. For example, there are offers that pay up to $92 (see here). Note that these CPA-based offers may not convert all that well so testing is required.

🙅‍♂️ “Too Good To Be True” Sites

  • This site looks great in terms of its niche, revenues, and domain authority. However, it has two expired domains being 301ed to it that do not look from the onset relevant. The site had a manual penalty in February 2019 but the seller stated that the penalty was removed. Make sure to double-check everything with this one. The buy it now at $25,000 nor the starting price at $11,000 justifies the risk with this one.

Wrap Up

These blueprints lay-out the high-level strategies to accelerate your ROI after the acquisition. Of course, the real effort is putting all of this into practice.

Make sure to review the “Too Good To Be True” and “Other Quality Site” sections. Doing as much due diligence as possible will ensure you hone your skillsets in finding good deals and opportunities in the future.


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