page title icon Authority Business Blueprints – Mar 15 – Week 14

Welcome to Week 14! Today’s Authority Business Blueprints will feature websites from Flippa and The Website Flip’s exclusive deal flow, and domains from Niche Website Builder’s and ODYS.

Don’t forget to check out my selection of “Other Quality Sites” and the “Too Good To Be True Sites” at the end. I also include a “Distressed Sites” section where I cover an off-market deal that is being sold at a reduced multiple.

Let’s get into the growth blueprints!

Blueprint #1:

Type: Expired Domain

Niche: Golf

Source: Niche Website Builders

Age: 2002 (19 years)

Listed Price:

This is a package deal for the domain, site build, and content:

  • Domain: $1,500
  • Site Build + 100K words of content: $6,495
  • Total: $7,995


Screen Shot 2021 03 11 at 7.19.35 PM

Backlinks: This domain has notable backlinks from Chrono Golf, Sky Golf, Union County Georgia, Golf Course Ranking, Golf Max, and more.

Site History:

This domain used to be home to the Butternut Creek Golf Course in Blairsville, Georgia.

This site featured tee times, details about the course, rates to play golf on the course, membership details, upcoming events, and the menu to the restaurant on-site.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Screen Shot 2021 03 12 at 7.52.25 PM 1

Growth Blueprint

Golf is a lucrative niche with the ability to cater content covering how to play and where to play to product reviews and courses. The audience is also not afraid to spend money to improve their game.

This is what I would do with this site:

  • Write informative articles on how to play, techniques, tips for getting started, and more
  • Write buying guides and product reviews on various golf-related products
  • Cover reviews of courses and training digital products

This niche would also do well with a weekly newsletter covering industry news, commentary on different players’ performance, and more. Monetization can be done with Amazon Associates, display advertisements, and course sales (e.g., Swingman).

One of the major cons of this niche is the seasonality. Golf peaks in the warmer months according to the Google Trends report below:

golf niche seasonality

Blueprint #2:

Type: Expired Domain

Niche: Diving

Source: ODYS.Global

Age: 1999 (22 years old)

Listed Price: $4,310


Screen Shot 2021 03 12 at 10.15.20 PM

Backlinks: The domain has notable backlinks from Oceana, Science Blogs, New Atlas, Geo Cities, Info Galactic, and more.

Site History:

The site was owned by a non-profit called the Northwest Diving History Association. It featured a newsletter, member sign-ups, and diving facts, information, and history dating back to the early 1900s.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Screen Shot 2021 03 12 at 9.16.25 PM 1


The diving niche, while seasonal, is an interesting niche with various monetization opportunities. Products range from diving suits, masks, fins, boots, underwater cameras, diving watches, dive computers, and much more.

This is what I would do:

  • Write informative articles on how to scuba dive, and the best locations around the world to dive
  • Do individual reviews of products, and also buying guides
  • A newsletter in this niche would be unique; not many newsletters for people to follow

Monetization can be done with Amazon Associates, display ads, affiliate programs through ShareASale (e.g., House of Scuba), and other direct programs (e.g., Dive Toy).

Blueprint #3:

Type: Content Site

Niche: Table Tennis

Source: Flippa (see listing here)

Revenue: $266/mo via Amazon Associates US & Megaspin Affiliates


Screen Shot 2021 03 12 at 7.25.10 PM 2

Growth Blueprint


  • High ratio of informational content vs commercial content
  • 6-year old site
  • AHREFs DR 15
  • Few quality backlinks from Wikipedia, WikiHow, and MegaSpin


  • One page receives ~30% of traffic
  • Flippa listing has minimal information

Here are the easy wins:

  • Add display advertisements: site receives 30K pageviews which would result in at least an additional $300/per month (assuming $10 RPM via Ezoic)
  • High-traffic articles do not have call-to-action or comparison tables. Adding these will increase earnings.
  • The website theme needs an upgrade. This will increase CTR.
  • Utilizing an Amazon plugin like AAWP would allow for product boxes to be included


The site has been doing well after the Google December update. See the traffic screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2021 03 13 at 9.56.58 PM

The website has a majority of informational content but does not utilize display advertisements. This is an easy win; add display ads throughout the site.

Furthermore, there are many keywords in this niche that are commercial (e.g., best paddle, best table). These can be added to the site over time.

The seller did not provide a P&L. However, it’s claimed the site earns $266/mo over the last 12-mo. Adding display ads would boost earnings by $300/mo.

Performing CRO, adding product boxes, and comparison tables on existing articles would boost earnings by another $100. I am estimating only $100/mo because none of the existing content is commercial intent thus conversion rates will be low.

As it stands today at the claimed $266/mo at a multiple of 32x to 35x valuation, you should pay no more than $8,512 to $9,310. With the existing traffic and easy wins implemented, the monthly revenue could be upwards of $666 per month. This puts the valuation at $21,312 to $23,310.

Blueprint #4:

Note: The Website Flip Brokerage is brokering this listing on behalf of a newsletter subscriber on Flippa. This listing was covered in a past week’s blueprint. The auction ends on Wednesday, March 17th.

Type: Content Site

Niche: Music

Source: Flippa (see listing)

Revenue: $2,770/mo over last 6 months via Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Clickbank, and digital course affiliate sales

Growth Blueprint


  • Aged website since 2000
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Revenue streams range from physical and digital products
  • Diversified traffic to top pages – the top page only receives 10% of the overall traffic

Here are the easy wins in order of importance:

  1. Improve the website design: a redesign of the website will lead to higher conversions. We recommend GeneratePress or Astra theme.
  2. Add comparison tables: buying guide articles have no comparison tables. Adding these will increase revenue significantly
  3. Add affiliate links to images: this will increase CTR and revenues
  4. Add Display Ads: Add Monumetric or Ezoic ads to increase earnings immediately. The site receives ~30,000 page views per month which will result in a minimum of $450/month at a $15 RPM.
  5. Perform Off-Page SEO: The website is aged with many high-quality links to the homepage. Adding links to guides, and info articles will boost rankings.
  6. Try Other Affiliate Programs: There are multiple affiliate programs in this niche that the seller did not test.
  7. Implement Pinterest Strategy: Seller never focused on social media but this niche has a large presence on Pinterest. Developing this as an alternate traffic source would be valuable.
  8. Launch your own digital products: The site makes $1,000+ from course affiliate sales. This is proof of the concept that launching digital products will work. 
  9. Re-launch e-commerce brand: add an e-commerce strategy via dropship or holding inventory


This is an interesting website that is aged and in a die-hard hobby niche. There are numerous physical and digital products in this niche. Digital products, which this site is promoting, includes training course to e-books.

The website has a TON of easy wins to increase revenues by at least $2,000 per month. Display ads are missing which based on current traffic would be $450/mo. CRO improvements to the high-traffic pages would increase earnings significantly.

The site is poised for growth and also a branded domain to start selling your own products either digital or physical (e.g., dropship).

🔥 Distressed Sites This site is owned by a newsletter subscriber. This site needs some time and care; the site has been neglected. The site at one point was earning $3,000/mo. However, the L6M average is $806 (we’ve discounted guest post income by 50%). It is being listed for sale at a 25X multiple thus $20,150. Check out the P&L here, and if interested in learning more, fill out the form here.

🙅‍♂️ “Too Good To Be True” Sites A site that boasts to have $2,000/mo in revenue. However, it’s built on an aged domain in the tea niche and has been repurposed with random content related to kitchen goods. This site was significantly hit in the December Google update as it should have been. If you want to see a bad example of how to repurpose an aged domain, this is it. Buyer stay away!

Wrap Up

These blueprints lay-out the high-level strategies to accelerate your ROI after the acquisition. Of course, the real effort is putting all of this into practice.

Make sure to review the “Too Good To Be True” and “Other Quality Site” sections. Doing as much due diligence as possible will ensure you hone your skillsets in finding good deals and opportunities in the future.


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