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Welcome to Week 21! Today’s Authority Business Blueprints features sites from Motion Invest and Flippa, and domains from Niche Website Builders and ODYS Global.

Let’s get into the growth blueprints!

Blueprint #1:

Domain Summary

Type: Aged Domain

Niche: Athletic Training

Source: Niche Website Builders (see here)

Age: 2004 (17 years old)

Listed Price:

This is a package deal for the domain, site build, and content:

  • Domain: $1,295
  • Site Build + 100K words of content: $6,495
  • Total: $7,790


Screen Shot 2021 04 30 at 4.38.36 PM

Backlinks: This domain has notable backlinks from, Sports Rec, Wifeo, Train with Push, Eric Cressey, Bret Contreras, Healthfully, and more.

Site History

This site was a resource center for coaches looking to teach the latest athletic training to college level athletes. They featured different products and services within the website on athletic training including video courses. They also features nutritional information and other affiliate offers.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Screen Shot 2021 04 30 at 4.46.17 PM

Growth Blueprint

There are plenty of sites out there for each specific sport, fitness training, weight training, etc. However, not many sites discuss training programs for sports. This domain covered training programs for coaches wanting to their their players college-level training

This is what I would do:

  • Create a silo page for each sport that offers training (e.g., soccer, tennis, golf)
  • Add informational content on college-level training drills
  • Review the individual training programs
  • Eventually, branch out into product reviews, and other such commercial content.

Here are a few affiliate programs to check out:


Blueprint #2:

Domain Summary

Type: Aged Domain

Niche: Golf

Source: ODYS.Global

Age: 2002 (19 years old)

Listed Price: $2,120


Screen Shot 2021 04 28 at 11.22.44 PM

Backlinks: This domain has notable backlinks from Golf Digest, ESPN,, City Lifestyle,, Golf WRX, and more.

Site History

This site used to be owned by a Golf Property Company that owned 6 high-end golf clubs between Connecticut and Virginia. The site featured mostly informational content around the golf courses.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Screen Shot 2021 04 29 at 11.27.45 AM

Growth Blueprint

If you’ve been following my blueprints, then you will know I’ve covered a few golf sites and domains. This is an aged domain in the golf niche. But this one is a bit different.

Due to it’s topical relevancy from the previous owners, who discussed their gold club locations on the site, I would do the following:

  • Write informational content on the top golf clubs in each city covering why it’s good, pros, cons, pricing, features, among other factors
  • And then branch into informational content on how to improve one’s game
  • Finally, cover commercial content reviewing products

Monetization in this niche is best done with your own digital products (or Clickbank has many training products in the golf niche), display ads, and affiliate marketing via Amazon Associates or golf-specific e-commerce brands.

Blueprint #3:

Website Summary

Type: Existing Content site

Niche: Radio Technology

Source: Motion Invest (see here)

Revenue: $1,029/mo via Amazon Associates US, UK & Mediavine

Listed Price: $37,662


Screen Shot 2021 04 30 at 4.59.24 PM

Growth Blueprint


  • Quality backlinks from Wikipedia, University of Michigan, Techcrunch, and niche relevant domains
  • Diversified traffic to top pages (top page gets 7% traffic)
  • Excellent and unique site design


  • Motion Invest listing does not mention this being an older domain since 2004. See the Wayback Machine.
  • Motion Invest did not mention a domain redirect ( that is completely unrelated
  • From AHREFs, shows it was hit by the December 2020 Google update

Easy wins

  • Add product comparison tables on top commercial pages
  • Existing call-to-action buttons are too small; increase font and button size
  • Add Mediavine video ads for increased revenues


Before discussing the site and valuation, I’d like to point out that I found some red flags that were not mentioned on the Motion Invest listing. This includes the fact that this site was repurposed from an aged domain, and has a 301 redirect from a irrelevant domain (unsure why).

If you are looking to buy this site, make sure to ask the seller on their reasoning for the redirect, and why it was not disclosed.

As for the site, I like the design, and the niche. It’s in a sub-niche of the technology niche covering radios. The website is well-designed, and the existing backlinks are quality. There are a few easy wins that would increase revenues, e.g., adding comparison tables, and video ads.

In my opinion, the valuation for this site is high. It’s listed at 37X monthly multiple using an average of 12-months. I would say this is more in the range of 32-34x due to the site being recently repurposed (2 years ago), and the red flags pointed out earlier.

Nonetheless, it’s one of the more quality sites listed on Motion Invest.

🙅‍♂️ “Too Good To Be True” Sites

This site is targeting the aquarium niche in the UK, where there is less competition than in the US. The traffic trend in Google Analytics shows a drop in April due to most likely the Google Product Reviews update. The main reason this is in the “too good to be true” category is because of the content. The content is extremely short and has no real value. I do not envision this site being ranked at the top for long. Here is my due diligence dashboard for this site.

Wrap Up

These blueprints lay out the high-level strategies to accelerate your ROI after the acquisition. Of course, the real effort is putting all of this into practice.

Doing as much due diligence as possible will ensure you hone your skillsets in finding good deals and opportunities in the future.


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