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Welcome to Week 25! Today’s Authority Business Blueprints features sites/domains from Flippa, ODYS Global, and Motion Invest. Overall, the market has been slow the past week with not that many good sites for sale. It should pick up.

Let’s get into the growth blueprints!

Blueprint #1:

Website Summary

Type: Existing Content site

Niche: General Comparisons

Source: Flippa (see listing here)

Revenue: $274/mo via Google Adsense


Screen Shot 2021 05 28 at 10.12.41 AM

Due Diligence Dashboard

The site was put through the due diligence dashboard. Check the Setbacks section for discussions below.

Screen Shot 2021 05 31 at 9.54.20 AM

Growth Blueprint


  • Diversified traffic to top pages (largest page is just 3%)
  • DR 31 with quality backlinks from WikiHow, Bustle, Wikipedia, and more
  • 635 published articles


  • Month-over-month downtrend in traffic due to neglect
  • Large amount of direct traffic that requires further due diligence

Easy Wins

  • Switch to Mediavine or Ezoic from Google Adsense for a 2-3X increase in revenues
  • Add new content to the site (last updated in May 2020)


The seller of this site sold a similar site,, which we covered here. Be aware that you will have a competition site with a similar idea.

These types of informational sites are easy to add new content to and maintain. There is also no end to the number of keywords available to target. They also naturally attract backlinks.

For this site, the easiest win is to switch to Mediavine or Adthrive. On Google Adsense, the site is getting a pageviews RPM of $4.06. Changing to any advanced ad network will 2-3x the RPMs easily.

Apart from this easy win, the others will not move the needle immediately.

Valuation: With the current earnings of $274/mo over the last 12-months, the valuation would be around 32-35X, thus $8,768 to $9,590. Assuming the revenues double, the true value of this asset is between $17,536 to $19,180. However, the site is at a downtrend which does warrant a lower multiple at 30-32x, in my opinion.

Blueprint #2:

Domain Summary

Type: Aged Domain

Niche: Food

Source: ODYS.Global

Age: 2006 (15 years old)

Listed Price: $1,740


Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 5.34.11 PM

Backlinks: This domain has notable backlinks from Washington Post, New York Times, The Atlantic, Food 52, The Spruce Eats, Civil Eats, and more.

Site History:

This site used to be a food blog around baking featuring different recipes ranging from breakfast, cookies, bread, pies, and a variety of desserts. It included other information around flour, different bread dough, and baking around different holidays.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Screen Shot 2021 05 28 at 9.47.08 AM

Growth Blueprint

It’s difficult to find a domain with quality backlinks from news publications, like NY Times, Washington Post, among others. Furthermore, it’s also rare the same domain was also a blog. This is both in the food niche.

Starting an authority food site with this domain would do well. This is what I would do:

  • Start with informational articles about baking (that’s what the original site was about)
  • Branch out to cooking related topics
  • Add commercial posts (e.g., best baking equipment)

Monetization will primarily be based on display ads, and your best RPMs will be through Mediavine and AdThrive. Secondary revenues can be through Amazon Associates. Advanced tactics include creating an e-book and selling it on the site.

🙅‍♂️ “Too Good To Be True” Sites

This site was brought up by a fellow group member in the Website Flip Facebook group. The site is listed for sale on Motion Invest and built on an aged domain.

Historically, this domain was used for a dance club in Miami; the majority of backlinks are from travel sites. However, all the articles on the site are about tech product reviews (radios, antennas, projectors, etc). There is absolutely no topical relevance with this site.

It is selling for $76,000 and earning about $1,800 per month and was started just over a year ago.

This is the absolute wrong way to use the aged domain strategy. This site will get penalized in due time. Buyer beware!


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Wrap Up

These blueprints lay out the high-level strategies to accelerate your ROI after the acquisition. Of course, the real effort is putting all of this into practice.

Doing as much due diligence as possible will ensure you hone your skillsets in finding good deals and opportunities in the future.

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