page title icon Authority Business Blueprints: Week 4 (12/28/2020)

Today’s Authority Business Blueprints will feature a hand-picked website from BlogsForSale brokerage, and aged domains from Niche Website Flippers, and ODYS.

Let’s get into the growth blueprints!

Blueprint #1:

Type: Aged domain

Niche: Fitness

Source: Niche Website Flippers

Age: 2000 (20 years)

Listed Price:

This is a package deal for the domain, site build, and content:

  • Domain: $2,999
  • Site Build + 100K words of content: $6,495
  • Total: $9,490


Screen Shot 2020 12 26 at 10.24.34 AM

Backlinks: Backlinks from Wikipedia, Bodybuilding, T Nation, Muscle and Strength, Elite Fitness, Muscle and Brawn, and 203 other referring domains.

Site History:

This was the website of the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation (NANBF). The NANBF is an education and promotion platform for healthy bodybuilding. The original NANBF shifted domains to and move all of the content over. They did not renew the original domain.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Screen Shot 2020 12 26 at 10.42.56 AM

Growth Blueprint

This site would make for an excellent authority website in the weight lifting and bodybuilding niche. I would ensure there are quality Google EAT signals by hiring writers that are true experts in the field.

This is what I recommend in terms of growth:

  • Publish information articles on weight lifting, weight training, bodybuilding, etc.
  • Publish detailed product reviews of weight lifting and fitness-related products
  • Publish buying guides
  • Develop digital e-books on weight training
  • Create a mailing list

This is a diehard niche where people are willing to spend money. There are plenty of affiliate programs for weight lifting equipment such as Rogue Fitness and Titan Fitness. The backfill for this website can be Amazon Associates as the other programs pay much higher commissions and have a higher conversion rate.

There are also many digital products, courses that can be sold.

Blueprint #2:

Type: Aged domain

Niche: Sports


Age: 2010 (10 years old)

Listed Price: $4,390


Screen Shot 2020 12 26 at 10.46.46 AM

Backlinks: Backlinks from Wikipedia, NY Times, Yahoo News, Rolling Stone, Boston Globe, SBNation, and 242 other referring domains.

Site History:

This was go-to authority site for all things related to baseball news, schedules, and events.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Screen Shot 2020 12 26 at 10.55.49 AM

Growth Blueprint

The blueprint for this one is simple: an authority site about baseball.

Here is what I would do:

  • Detailed informational articles about how to play the sport, how to go pro, training techniques, etc.
  • Product review articles on baseball products
  • Buying guides

The site can be monetized with Amazon Associates, digital products for baseball training (e.g., this one), other affiliate programs (e.g.,, and display ads.

Blueprint #3:

Screen Shot 2020 12 26 at 12.02.04 PM

Type: Existing content site

Niche: Parenting, Home

Source: Blogs For Sale (see listing)

Revenue: $1,262/month over last 6-months via Mediavine (post May Core update)


Screen Shot 2020 12 26 at 11.24.32 AM

AHREFs Traffic:

The AHREFs traffic shows a bump in traffic after the December Google Core update.

Screen Shot 2020 12 26 at 11.24.41 AM

Growth Blueprint


  • High advertisement RPMs via Mediavine
  • Diversified traffic to different pages
  • Dominated with informational content vs commercial content
  • NitroPack for page-speed improvements
  • Diversified social and organic traffic
  • Excellent backlinks from ABC News, Wikihow, Buzzfeed, Yahoo News, Lifehacker, The Spruce, Thrillist, and more


  • High-traffic pages have not been updated in years. Content needs to be updated
  • One revenue source via display ads only
  • Each article needs proper Google EAT via author bios, author images, social links

Here are my recommend easy wins with this site:

  1. Add Mediavine video ads. This will increase revenue immediately.
  2. Add Amazon Associate affiliate links/product boxes/comparison tables to high-traffic pages
  3. Add buying guide articles (e.g., Best X)
  4. Add product review articles
  5. Sell existing digital products via Gumroad or ThriveCart (see products here)
  6. Collect email list via option forms, and create a drip campaign to generate traffic back to the site

These are the type of easy wins I cover in my battle-tested database over at Check out 100+ more strategies.


The website is well-positioned to be grown into a further authority site with more informational content partnered with buying guides that can be monetized by affiliate programs.

The backlink profile is strong with links from top-quality sites in similar niches.

A long-term strategy would be to create long-form content on the category pages linking out to sub-articles. This will give each silo authority and the ability to obtain backlinks.

What would I pay?

The website is listed for $41,000. With a 6-month average of $1,260, the site is valued at 32.5 times the monthly average profit. The major cost considered here is the $50/month Mailchimp subscription fee. The owner did outsource Pinterest management for $300/mo. However, that can be done by the new owner or outsourced for cheaper.

Adding Mediavine video ads and Amazon Associate links to existing articles can add another $250/month to the website. This upside can be valued at $7,750.

The current Buy It Now price is fair.

Wrap Up

These blueprints lay-out the high-level strategies to accelerate your ROI after the acquisition. Of course, the real effort is putting all of this into practice.

Analyzed by Mushfiq S

Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling website assets since 2008. His first exit was in 2010. Since then, he has done 175 website flips with multiple 6-figure exits. Learn more about Mushfiq.

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