2 Off-Market Sites, 5 Broker Sites, 6 Aged Domains (Jan 17)

mushfiq sarker
Last updated: January 16, 2024

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This week’s deals feature 3 websites for sale from Flippa and Acquire in the cooking and sports niches, 2 websites from our private Facebook group in the gardening and apparel niches, and 2 aged websites from Odys.

For domains, we featured 3 domains from SerpDomains™ and 2 from GoDaddy auctions.

🚀 3 Vetted Aged Domains

This week we take a look at three premium-aged domains from our partners –SerpDomains.

➡️ ElectricTechnologyCenter.com – While this domain name is as generic as it gets, it could be an interesting purchase. A Texas-based electric consortium used this 19-year-old domain. As such, it attracted 76 referring domains, including backlinks from sites like NYtimes.com, texastribune.org, and ieee.org. You can even build a site focused on the local area with lead generation as the primary revenue model. The price is set at $1,450.

➡️ EthicaPublishing.com – If you are starting or developing a SaaS/agency in the content space, this domain could be a great match for you at a reasonable price ($970). This exactly 20-year-old domain was previously used as a website for a University of Colorado Boulder class. Although it hasn’t been updated for ages, it attracted 340 referring domains during its active lifetime.

➡️ MySkyGuru.com – An interesting domain in the aviation/travel niche. It was used as a site for an app designed to help you with tracking your flights. The app was abandoned back in 2018. Over its lifetime of 8 years, this domain attracted 169 referring domains. This one could be yours for $3,325.

🚀 5 Websites For Sale From Brokers

Need help with due diligence? Hire us to do a quick deal review.

➡️ 7-year-old site in sports niche on Odys – This is a 25-year old domain rebuild. The site peaked in 2017 when it surpassed 15,000 visitors according to Ahrefs. It is still ranking for 1,000 keywords and has a decent backlink profile with 385 referring domains. Overall, it presents a great opportunity to acquire a quality domain with a content and website. View on Odys

➡️ 1-year-old site in environmentalism niche on Odys – Another similar blog in the environmental/triple R niche (recycle, reuse, reduce) niche. It was built from scratch a year ago on an 18-year-old domain. The niche is vast and not yet oversaturated. Based on our experience, the biggest challenge will be finding alternative revenue sources other than display ads. View on Odys

➡️ 3-year-old eCommerce site making $4,000/mo on Acquire – An interesting e-commerce business in the trending bike conversion niche. With a decent profit margin coupled with solid organic traffic from related keywords, this business could explode with the proper combination of SEO and paid ads. The existing product is outsourced, so there are no inventory expenses. Over the years, we have seen numerous biking niche sites for sale. This would be a good tack-on business or to turn into an eCom plus niche site. View on Acquire

➡️ 12-year-old business making $8,831/mo on Flippa – We always like to see unusual businesses for sale; those that differ from the classic content sites earning from display ads. This one is a perfect example: an ‘Uber for archery training’, earning almost solely from the fees of their one-on-one training. It is heavily discounted due to its unique nature, but it is well-run. If you want to own a business that is not dependent on Google’s frequent updates, this could be a great pick. View on Flippa

➡️ 15-year-old recipes site making $5,849/mo on Flippa – The food/recipes niche is tough to break into and maintain high traffic, but this site has achieved both and sailed through recent Google updates almost unscathed. It has been on the market for some time, so best to conduct thorough due diligence to negotiate the price down if possible. View on Flippa

🚀 2 Off-Market Sites on Facebook

Don’t buy a site blindly. Hire us to catch any red flags and save you money.

The Website Flip runs a free Facebook group where sellers can list sites for sale. Here is a selection of a few sites this week:

➡️ $192/mo Gardening Niche Site: 2-year-old site earning via Ezoic. The asking price is $3,200 at a 16X multiple.

➡️ $98/mo Leather Niche Site: The site was hit by a Google update but still brings in revenues. The seller is listing at a fair multiple of 25X.

🚀 GoDaddy Auctions This Week

Aged domains bidding from $40 to $85 at the time of writing.

AccessDatabaseTutorial.com: Started in 2012. This was a site covering MS Access. The domain has a DR of 26 and is ranking for 2,318 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from AOL, Wikipedia and CodeProject.

ThisCityKnows.com: Was a travel site that started in 2017 showcasing user-contributed content. It has a DR of 48 and ranks for 1,207 KWs. Backlinks from Wikipedia, Axios and ArchDaily.

Branded domains bidding from $110 to $5,138 at the time of writing.


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👉 Additional Reading

Make sure to perform due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites. Here are more resources:

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