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Our niche site case studies cover exactly the step-by-step process we take to grow our website portfolio. We share income and traffic stats, highlights, failures, and strategies.

Active Case Studies

Our team is doing active case studies on the following websites that you can follow along every month.

outdoor site case study

We grew the site from $300/mo to $7,000 in 9 months. Read more.


We grew the site from $1K/mo to $9K/mo. Read more.

Growing The Website Flip Case Study

We grew to a 7-figure valuation. Read more.

Looking to learn how to do website flips? Our detailed course covers the ins and outs of buying and selling content websites. Get a decade of experience in a day. Check out the course!

Finished Case Studies


Purchased and outsourced to an operator to grow. The site was sold for $31,000 after acquiring for $5,000 via Flippa! Read more.

Health site case study

Purchased from Flippa for $10,000 and sold for $16,000. This was a "failed" website flip. Read more.

wp site case study

Growing an aged DR 51 domain into an authority website. The site was sold for $7,000 to free up time. Read more.

What's Included?

Our team believes in transparency and value. This is what you can expect from each case study:

  1. Highlights and setbacks
  2. Monthly traffic, revenue, and cost breakdown
  3. Growth improvements/discussions
  4. Next months' plans
  5. Takeaways

We share the raw data from Google Analytics and AHREFs. We draw insights from the data each month to provide takeaways. We don't just share the successes, we share our failures; that's where the learning happens.

No fluff. Actionable content that you can apply to your businesses.

Recent Niche Site Case Studies

Below is an unsorted archive of all the case studies we've done: