Website Due Diligence Service (PDF Report)

Get an expert analysis of a website based on our experience reviewing 1,000+ websites over 14 years

What’s included?

Analysis of all metrics related to content websites.

Detailed PDF report covering niche, SEO, content, and more.

Explanation on whether or not we would personally buy the site

Why do I need it?

We check 10+ aspects of the site quality

We review the sale valuation to determine if it is fair

We uncover red flags or critical issues with the site

How do I get it?

After you place an order and share the URL, we will send our report to your inbox within 7 business days: Order Now

What’s Covered In This Service?

Our due diligence process is based on 14+ years of experience reviewing thousands of sites and purchasing over 200 sites. A written report is provided that includes our analysis and conclusions from our in-depth and thorough website due diligence process.

Our due diligence service includes:

Reviewing of domain history

Evaluating the traffic trends

Checking if the site was affected by Google core algorithms

Checking the quality of the backlink profile

Checking for toxic links

Checking for signs of PBN links

Checking for diversified anchor text from inbound links

Checking for any 301 redirects from other domains

Checking the diversity of traffic across top pages

Evaluating the quality of the niche

Checking for content duplication on other sites

Checking the quality of the content

Determining if the sale valuation is fair

Our opinion on whether we would personally buy the site

Bonus: Email answers to any questions you have about our report

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6 Reasons To Order Due Diligence Service Right Now

In-Depth Due Diligence Process

We review 100+ sites each month and have developed a deep due diligence process designed to cover all the critical areas.

Report Delivered Within 7 days

Get our report with concise explanations of our findings and conclusions from our in-depth due diligence process.

Designed for Niche Website Investors

This service is intended for content website investors and flippers who need help with their due diligence.

Benefit From Over a Decade of Experience

Take advantage of 14+ years of experience in identifying major red flags.

Get a Second Opinion

Opinions of brokers/private sellers are biased. Getting a second opinion can save you from making a costly mistake.

100% money-back guarantee

Not satisfied? We will refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.

Get a second opinion from experienced experts. Order Now.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

My experience with Mushfiq was top notch. First, I purchased a due diligence review. But I didn’t have all the info I needed. So I asked if I could just wait and apply the due diligence at a later time. Mushfiq immediately issued a full refund. I purchased another due diligence package and I learned so much from his report. I didn’t move forward with purchasing the site. But his review was so valuable in spotting issues I didn’t know about. If you are thinking about buying the due diligence, do it! You won’t regret it.


Source: Trustpilot

I used Mushfiq’s website due diligence service and it was very in-depth, honest, and filled with learnings. He is an expert and very trustworthy person in the SEO, content, and online space. Takes pride in your requests and delivers. I would definitely work with him again!

Riad Bekhit

Source: Trustpilot

I hired Mushfiq to perform a due diligence report on a ~$90K website I was looking at purchasing. He provided a good assessment of the site (including backlink analysis and traffic/SEO trends), and also made very good suggestions – one of them was indeed a winner and has already paid off and covered the cost of hiring Mushfiq (in just 2 months).

– Nick

Source: Trustpilot

The A-Class Due Diligence Team

Mushfiq Sarker, Lead Analyst

Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling content websites since 2008. He has sold over 200+ websites with multiple six-figure exits.

Mushfiq created this service to help website investors with their due diligence. This service taps into his 14+ years of experience buying, growing, and selling content-based websites.

Mushfiq has been featured on the following sites as an expert website investor:

The Course on Website Flipping has been featured in many places
The Website Flip has been featured on

Colin Ma, Technical Analyst

Colin started his SEO journey with his first content website and has since grown from one person to a team of 6 with a rotating portfolio of websites with different business models. Additionally, he operates sites for a variety of clients.

Colin has acquired a portfolio of content sites and also has performed detailed due diligence for the likes of The Website Flip, Investors Club,, among others.

Check out Colin’s interview on Niche Pursuits.

Colin Ma is our in-house deal flow analyst
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Due Diligence PDF Report

We analyze all aspects of the content website and generate a rigorous PDF report.

Deep-dive PDF reports covering all aspects of the content website

Learn any critical issues saving you from a costly mistake

Second opinion from an expert without a conflict of interest

Bonus: Email answers to any questions you have about the findings

Guaranteed to give value or 100% money back

$1,990 $1,490


Easy Wins Teardown PDF Report

Receive a deep-dive analysis of “easy win” opportunities on the website before you purchase.

Analysis of conversion optimization tactics to increase revenues from existing traffic

Analysis of structural changes to the website to improve UX and search traffic

Out-of-the-box tactics to increase revenues

Bonus: Email answers to any questions you have about the findings

Guaranteed to give value or 100% money back

$790 $590

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view sample reports before buying the service?

Sure! View the sample due diligence report of a $125,000 content site listed on Empire Flippers at a 45X multiple.

What business models do you support?

We are experts in content-based businesses (i.e., informational sites, affiliate sites, digital products).

Our sister brand,, offers due diligence on Amazon FBA and eCommerce businesses.

Who is this due diligence service for?

This service is for anyone who is interested in purchasing a site from a broker or private seller and wants help performing due diligence on the site and a second opinion from an independent and unbiased expert.

Do you have experience conducting due diligence on Flippa sites?

Yes, we have experience conducting due diligence on sites from all the major marketplaces including Flippa, Empire Flippers, Motion Invest, Investors Club, Quiet Light, and FE International.

How are the reports delivered?

You will receive the PDF report to your email address within 7 business days. If you need it quicker, you can request a quicker turnaround via email.

Is this service only for beginners in website investing?

Although beginners in website investing may get the most value from this service, more experienced website investors could also benefit from a second opinion. There are many potential issues that even an experienced website investor could miss.

What if I have follow-up questions about the due diligence report?

I’m happy to answer any questions (via email) and provide clarification about anything in our due diligence report.

I want to learn due diligence myself. Do you have any resources?

Yes! Check out our do-it-yourself website due diligence guide and our full course on website flipping, which walks you through the due diligence process.

I have another question…

No problem! Use the chatbox on the bottom right of the page or send an email to