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We acquired a website in the Dating/Relationship vertical in April 2019. We sold off a majority stake in the business in January 2020, and continue operating the business for the investor. This is the journey.

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Project Summary

In April 2019, the asset was purchased for $36,000 from the Flippa marketplace. The site at that time was earning $896 per month on average over the trailing 6-months.

During the subsequent 8-months, we grew the website to an average of $6,000/month average. The site was on a steep growth trajectory. We sold off 75% equity to an investor in our network and continued to manage the asset.

We've diversified revenue streams to 8 different providers. We've negotiated higher cost-per-action payouts (e.g., our highest paying affiliate was negotiated from $45 to $60). All of this covered in our data-driven case studies.

Below you will find a project dashboard with high-level metrics such as revenues, costs, and traffic that is updated monthly. The detailed case study writeups can be found here.

Metrics (KPIs)

Here are the high-level key-performance indicators for the end of the last full-month (November 2020).










Here is the monthly traffic breakdown.

Revenue vs Costs

Here is the detailed monthly revenue and cost breakdown.

Costs by Source

Here is the detailed cost breakdown by source (i.e., content, VAs).

Case Studies

Each monthly report includes the revenues, costs, and traffic stats, plus highlights, improvements, and plans for the following month. Check out these actionable reports: