Best Deep-Dive Course On Website Flipping

Learn exactly how I’ve flipped 218+ websites with multiple 6-figure exits

What’s in the course?

Detailed videos covering the concept, due diligence, valuations, where to find sites, and much more

Includes 12 real-life website walkthroughs covering due diligence and growth teardowns

Why do I need it?

Are you spending time piecing together how to do a website flip successfully?

With this, you will get a deep dive into the concepts, processes, and mindset to be a website flipper

What’s included?

This is a video-based course with 6+ hours of recordings

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What’s Covered In The Course?

This course is 14+ years of experience boiled down into actionable and organized videos. No fluff. Actionable content guaranteed.

Concept of website flipping

5-stage lifecycle from purchase to exit

How and where to find websites to buy

How to perform website valuations

How to perform due diligence to catch red flags

Tactics to grow the site you purchased

Tactics to position a site for maximum exit

How to sell your site

How to hire a website operator to manage sites

Buying websites during/after a Google Core update

Bonus #1: video due diligence reviews on 7 sites

Bonus #2: video growth teardowns on 5 sites

Bonus #3: downloadable templates and spreadsheets

Bonus #4: access to the Website Flip Club Facebook community

Bonus #5: 5 due diligence PDF reports analyzing real sites for sale (20-pages each)

Bonus #6: 1-hour strategy phone call to help answer questions

The course is organized into 8 modules. There are 51 lessons total with over 6+ hours of recordings. It’s jam-packed!

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6 Reasons To Get The Course Right Now

Lock in the price while it lasts. Lifetime access.

Instant access to 6+hours of videos

You could spend countless hours learning about website flipping from non-expert sources, or you can access this actionable and organized course today.

Real Due Diligence Reviews and Teardowns

Get exclusive access to live reviews of websites for sale. We perform due diligence, growth, and valuation reviews.

Made specifically for websites

Every course lesson is fine-tuned to help you learn how to buy, grow, and sell websites.

For Beginners and Experts

This course will help beginners understand the A to Z of website flipping. For experts, it provides a framework for systematic website flipping. It’s for everyone.

Free updates on newly added lessons

Stay up-to-date with new lessons, case studies, and teardowns that get added.

100% money-back guarantee

Not satisfied? We will refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.

The Full Course Syllabus

This course will help you master website flipping. Here’s how…

Introduction 35 mins

What’s Covered
Website Flipping Concept2:26
Terminology & Abbreviations2:25
Setting Your Investment Criteria10:10
Data from 39 Website Flips3:21
Building vs Buying Niche Sites3:27
The Required Skillsets5:28
Website Portfolio Model8:05

Website Flip Lifecycle 38 mins

What’s Covered
Stage 1: Buying a Site3:06
Stage 2: Stabilizing The Site6:36
Stage 3: Growth9:06
Stage 4: Exit Optimization5:39
Stage 5: Exit Execution5:44
2 Case Studies of Website Flips8:01

Find Websites To Buy 22 mins

Using Brokers4:44
Using Marketplaces3:48
Using Non Conventional Places2:10
Off Market Deal Tactics2:53 Overview7:41

Website Valuations 101 46 mins

What’s Covered
Valuation Methodology3:35
Monthly Multiple10:51
Revenues & Cost Calculation10:11
Bonus: Live Walkthrough of P&Ls16:01
Negotiation Tactics6:12

Due Diligence 101 145 mins

What’s Covered
Arsenal of Tools Needed3:14
Due Diligence Framework27:47 Review4:44
Bonus: 7 Live Deal Reviews109 mins

Growing The Site 104 mins

What’s Covered
High-Level Tactics2:29
Easy Growth Levers6:48
High Difficulty Growth Levers3:58 Overview3:27
Bonus: 5 Niche Site Teardowns88 mins

Positioning For Sale 16 mins

What’s Covered
Why Position?4:12
Create a Mini Prospectus3:06
Advanced Tactics to Maximize Exit6:25
Keep Easy Wins for Buyer1:53

Executing The Flip 22 mins

What’s Covered
Why Sell a Niche Site3:06
When to Sell a Niche Site3:35
Valuation as a Seller2:35
Listing Site For Sale3:45
Escrow Process5:01
Website Transfer Process3:42

Bonus Videos 45 mins

Hiring a Website Operator21:21
Impact of Google Core Updates12:50
Creative Finance Structures10:48

See What Our Fans Are Saying

Mushfiq is very knowledgeable about his subject matter and a great resource.

His website is an in-depth resource, and I gained a lot from my consulting session with him.

Jared Bauman

Niche Pursuits

Valuable information and products

Mushfiq’s products are top notch! Not only that the service he provides and knowledge is unmatched. I highly recommend anyone looking to get into website investing and owning use his products and services.

J Paul Dodson

You 100% get what you pay for

This is the go to place for learning how to buy, grow, and sell online businesses. The straightforward & practical approach of Mushfiq makes his content stand out in the industry. I’ve personally taken his course & 1 website teardown. 100% you get what you pay for.

Liam Lafferty

Mushfiq provides awesome information and excellent help in the programs!

I have purchased several of his courses and programs because each is so good.

My websites (and my income) are improving because of the great work he has put together. I’m glad to find The Website Flip and can not adequately express all my thanks for the help provided. Also thanks Mushfiq for the personalized help too!

Patricia Vaughn

Patricia Vaughn

I highly recommend The Course on Website Flipping.

Mushfiq breaks down each part of the website flipping process in a clear and concise manner. He provides examples with data-driven results. There is no fluff in this course. Great purchase!


Angelica A.

Buying and selling niche sites can be the old west, but Mushfiq has made the process scary simple. Almost too simple. I don’t want half these nuggets he drops in the course to be public.

I’m in the middle of a flip now based pretty solely on his advice from the course.

Chris Myles

Chris Myles

Blogger Evolution

A Word From The Creator

Hey, Mushfiq here! I have been buying, growing, and selling content websites since 2008. I’ve sold over 215+ websites with multiple six-figure exits. My team and I are also authorized brokers and sellers on the Flippa marketplace with over 140 transactions to date.

I organized and created this course to help those who want to enter the website flipping industry. This course is a deep dive into my 14+ years of experience buying, growing, and selling content-based websites.

I’ve also been featured on the following sites as an expert:

Mushfiqur Sarker
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Course on Website Flipping: $190

Tap into 14+ years of expertise flipping 218+ websites in this video course series. Get 6+ hours of lessons, bonus videos, downloadable templates, access to The Website Flip Facebook community, and much more!

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Course + Due Diligence Reports: $690

Includes video course and five due diligence PDF reports (20 pages each) of real sites for sale.

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Are you looking to acquire a website? Hire my team of M&A specialists to perform due diligence. We analyze traffic, content, and financials to catch any red flags. We’ve done 1,000+ due diligence reports since 2008.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view sample lessons before buying the course?

Sure! Here is a selection of two lessons out of 51 total for you to preview.

Website Valuation Methodology [3:34]

Using Marketplaces to Find Acquisitions [03:47]

Who is this course for?

This course is both for beginners and experts.

For beginners, the course will walk you through the beginning concepts all the way to executing the sale of your site. You will learn the terminology, where to find sites to buy, how to do due diligence and valuations, and how to position your website for sale.

For experts, this course can act as a standardized framework for you to systematically build a portfolio of website flips.

In addition, both beginners and experts will find immense value in the live due diligence and teardown videos of real sites included with the course.

How is the course structured?

This is a deep-dive course into the world of website flipping. The included topics are:

  • Module 1 [The Introduction]: deep-dive into what is website flipping
  • Module 2 [Website Flip Lifecycle]: deep-dive into the 5-stage lifecycle
  • Module 3 [Finding Sites To Buy]: how to buy, where to look for deals
  • Module 4 [Website Valuations]: details of valuations, multiples, and P&L
  • Module 5 [Due Diligence]: red flags to look out for on a deal
  • Module 6 [Growing The Site]: tactics you can employ to grow the site
  • Module 7 [Positioning for Sale]: how to get the highest exit price
  • Module 8 [Executing The Sale]: deep-dive into prepping your site for sale

The course has been designed such that you could theoretically start at any module. However, it’s in your best interest to go sequentially. 

What’s the format of the course?

The course consists of video recordings walking you through the concepts with examples and case studies. In addition, some lessons include a combination of video plus written content.

You will also find bonus downloadable templates such as P&Ls, financial models, raw data sets, and more.

What if I fall behind?

A common concern many people have when signing up for a course is that they will run out of time or fall behind.

That is not possible with this course because it is self-paced. You can finish it in a few days, or take your time with it. Whether it takes days, weeks, or months, it does not matter. You will always have access to the course.

I don’t know anything about website flipping, is this for me?

Yes! This is the getting started course on website flipping. It’s designed to take someone who has limited knowledge on how to buy and sell sites and get them ready for their first deal.

If you are brand new, you will get value.

How do I get access and what happens after I sign up?

This course is completely online-based.

Once payment is made, you will be instantly enrolled in the course platform and can start learning right away.

Isn’t everything in this course online for free already?

This is a fully comprehensive course teaching you the real ins and outs of buying, growing, and flipping content websites.

You won’t find anything as comprehensive on YouTube, or blogs. While you may find things here and there online for free, it won’t provide you with the full picture.

Do I get discounts on your other products?

Yes! Inside the course, there are exclusive discounts to, a database of 120+ strategies to 10X your site’s growth, and, a due diligence dashboard and database of questions.

Both of these products are not necessary to be a website flipper but they do help in the journey.

What’s inside the Website Flip Club Facebook community?

Check out the exclusive private Facebook community by going here.

The community includes 1,700+ website flippers and investors. In the group, members can interact with each other by asking questions. Every week an open Q&A takes place where members can ask questions in a dedicated manner.

On a weekly basis, Mushfiq shares insights into his website flips, analysis of the market, and much more.

This is the one and only dedicated community for website flippers out there. Don’t miss out!

What’s inside each due diligence PDF report?

You get access to multiple analyses we’ve done of REAL websites for sale that were listed on major brokerages. Each report is roughly 20 pages and dives deep into revenues, on-page SEO, content, backlinks, and much more.

Check out a sample PDF report here.

If you order the bundle, you will get 5 of these PDF reports.

I have another question…

No problem! Use the chatbox on the bottom right of the page or send an email to