4 Off-Market Sites, 5 Broker Sites, 6 Aged Domains (Jan 24)

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This week’s deals feature 2 websites for sale from Empire Flippers and Flippa in the health and e-commerce niches, 2 websites from our private Facebook group in the fishing and religion niches, 2 off-market deals in dating and automotive niches, and 3 aged websites from Odys.

For domains, we featured 3 domains from SerpDomains™ and 3 from GoDaddy auctions.

🚀2 Off-Market Sites by The Website Flip

This is an off-market deal not available on any marketplaces. Interested buyers will be connected with the seller directly. Fill out the Google Form, if interested.

➡️ AudioAssemble.com – This is a 6-year-old site in the music/audiophile niche. The site earns evenly from Amazon Associates and Raptive display ads. Over the last 6 months, the site has been earning $1,189. The site was hit by the most recent update, and the overall valuation was altered accordingly. The seller is asking for 30X, which amounts to $35,692.

➡️ TheAbsoluteDater.com – One of our favorite niches is the evergreen dating niche. Even with modest traffic, you can earn from dozens of affiliates and similar partnerships. This site does just that, earning $746 over the last 6 months from 3 separate dating affiliate programs. The site was hit by one of the Google updates, so a valuation multiple is at 30X. The total price is $22,396.

🚀 3 Vetted Aged Domains

This week we take a look at three premium-aged domains from our partners –SerpDomains.

➡️ ViroMusic.io – For starters, we have this reasonably priced expired domain ($440). It is relatively “new,” having been first registered in 2021. Originally, it hosted a site about an NFT music project. Due to its uniqueness, it attracted backlinks from reputable news outlets, resulting in 53 referring domains from sites like fortune.com, rt.com, and mixmag.com. This makes it a decent option if you are planning to start a site in the music niche.

➡️ GraftConcepts.com – Another reasonably priced 13-year-old expired domain. This one was previously used as a site for a startup creating iPhone accessories. The business dissolved more than 8 years ago, and the domain has been dormant for years. In its first few years, the site attracted 96 referring domains. Our suggestion for any domains that have been dormant for over a year is to undertake basic link-building after purchase. This will help revive the domain. The price is $895.

➡️ NewsAndTech.com – A great-looking 27-year-old domain was used as a website for the International Journal of Newspaper Technology. Over the years, the domain attracted 790 referring domains, including links from almost all major US news outlets. While the price is high ($12,790), numerous revenue models could be applied to recoup your investment in a matter of months.

🚀 5 Websites For Sale From Brokers

Need help with due diligence? Hire us to do a quick deal review.

➡️ MustangLab.com – 15 year old site in car niche on Odys – The site peaked in 2016 when it surpassed 1,500 visitors according to Ahrefs. It is still ranking for 400+ keywords and has a rather thin backlink profile with 45 referring domains. There are plenty of sites focused on one car brand and model, so this could be your opportunity to build one. View on Odys

➡️ FrugalMouse.com – 11 year old site in entertainment niche on Odys – An interesting domain in the entertainment niche. There are thousands of potential keywords related to Disney World. The price is a bit high, but with the right approach and a mix of display ads and lead generation, you should be able to recoup your investment in this domain. View on Odys

➡️ BundlyNYC.com – 6-year-old site in parenting niche on Odys – Although the existing content on the website aligns with a typical mom’s blog, given the domain name, we propose pivoting it into a location-based blog focused on the New York City area. This approach has seen considerable success with numerous smaller cities across the U.S. Nonetheless, tackling a metropolis as vast as the Big Apple may present a significant challenge. View on Odys

➡️ 12-year-old health business making $11,532/mo on Empire Flippers – This is likely the best listing on the market so far this year, featuring an impressive combination of a website and a faceless YouTube channel that primarily earns from display ads. There are substantial opportunities in this specific health sub-niche. The site wasn’t affected by the most recent updates. Although the 44X multiple is high, the seller probably knows that he has a valuable business in his hands. Do a thorough due diligence to negotiate the price down. View on Empire Flippers

➡️ 4-year-old apparel e-commerce making $1,274/mo on Flippa – Small but intriguing, this e-commerce business focuses on seasonal apparel for the winter months. All revenue is generated through Facebook ads, leaving plenty of room for improvement. The product offers a unique upsell opportunity. The seller maintains a small-sized inventory.View on Flippa

🚀 2 Off-Market Sites on Facebook

Don’t buy a site blindly. Hire us to catch any red flags and save you money.

The Website Flip runs a free Facebook group where sellers can list sites for sale. Here is a selection of a few sites this week:

$279/mo Fishing Niche Site: 1-year-old site earning from Amazon Affiliate program. The asking price is $10,000 at a 36X multiple.

$200/mo Religious Niche Site: The site was hit by a Google update but still brings in revenues. The seller is listing at a fair multiple of 12X. ($2,500). Be sure to verify the proof of revenue.

🚀 GoDaddy Auctions This Week

Aged domains bidding from $55 to $6,105 at the time of writing.

  1. QCApproved.com: Was a lifestyle blog started in 2016. It has a DR of 18 and is ranking for 3,953 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from Wired, AOL, Substack.
  2. DoctorsInTraining.com: This site has provided resources to medical students since 2008. The domain has a DR of 31 and ranks for 39 KWs with backlinks from Crunchbase, MSU and Georgetown.
  3. MyHeatWorks.com: This was a startup offering a fully electronic water heater. Starting in 2014, it has a DR of 57 and ranks for 18 KWs with backlinks from NYTimes, TechCrunch and USAToday.

Branded domains bidding from $75 to $1,791 at the time of writing.

  1. InvestmentCenter.com
  2. CustomFlag.com
  3. AlternativeInvestor.com
  4. WholeGreen.com
  5. TravelHive.com

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👉 Additional Reading

Make sure to perform due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites. Here are more resources:

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