How Much Can You Make With Ezoic For 1,000 Pageviews?

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Ezoic is a display ad and video ad provider that has gained a lot of attention over the past few years as being an excellent early alternative to AdSense and a competitor to Mediavine that was available to smaller publishers. 

Ezoic is an excellent option and is generally considered one of the current “Big Three” of display ad providers. Many website owners are curious at just how Ezoic compares to AdSense, Mediavine, Raptive, Newor Media, or other major ad providers.

Especially when looking at that all-important metric: revenue per 1,000 visitors. So how much can you make with 1,000 pageviews on Ezoic?

Let’s dive in and find out!

How Much Money Can A Blog Make Per 1,000 Pageviews? 

Monetizing well is an important part of making money online, and for many successful blogs, display ads are a major part of that. For the general answer of how much money a blog can make per 1,000 views, that varies greatly depending on monetization method, targeted traffic, and other factors.

When it comes to what display ads per thousand earn, there are multiple factors. Seasonality, niche, what quarter it is (the 4th quarter traditionally is the huge earner because of the holidays), whether providers are bidding against each other for your ads, etc.

Two sites getting the same traffic that are the same age could have drastically different earnings per one thousand website views.

Common factors that will change the earnings per thousand for ads:

  • The niche the sites are in
  • The time of year or season the ads are clicked
  • The advertising quarter 
  • Whether advertisers are bidding against each other for your ad space
  • If you are enrolled in any program with premium ads

The same factors apply to Ezoic. While one site might make as little as $3 per 1,000 pageviews with Ezoic in the beginning, a well-established site with premium ads in the right niche might be making $50 or $60 per thousand.

The niche, time of year, and access to premium ads matter, especially when they are all combined.

The average range for earnings per 1,000 people across niches and time will come out to a range of $12-18 for most sites that have access to the full array of Ezoic ads available.

Specific examples that have been made public online include:

Quick Overview Of Ezoic

Ezoic once required at least 10,000 views a month to qualify, but that has changed. There is technically no traffic requirement now to sign up for Ezoic, though site owners should have at least one website with a few posts up before applying.

Applicants are put in Ezoic Access Now or Ezoic Levels depending on how much traffic they are receiving, and get trained on how Ezoic works. This is done through training videos and a solid online course that teaches users what they need to know to effectively set up ads.

These display ads come in multiple forms and styles, and the website owners get a lot of control over what ad types are used, where they are placed and can test out many different layouts to set up the ads the way they want them to be on a site by site, or even a page by page basis.

As a website owner hits certain benchmarks like monthly traffic and earnings, more features including premium ads are unlocked.

What is EPMV?

EPMV stands for earnings per thousand views. This is how ad providers are measured since it lets website owners get a good sense of how much they would make at each level of traffic. 

This is also enough data to more accurately compare various ad providers and see what level of revenue is provided for a set number of visits to the site.

The EPMV is the standard way to measure income from display ad providers and for website owners to compare one provider to another.

Ezoic Requirements

Ezoic allows even brand new website owners to apply. You will need an actual website setup and it’s a good idea to have some blog posts so Ezoic can see that you’re serious and building up a website.

If the site is under 10,000 views a month then the applicant starts off in the Ezoic Access Now program. This does allow monetization from the beginning and has educational resources to help new website owners build up their sites and make them even more profitable.

Those with 10,000 or more views a month are brought into the levels program where more tools and analytics are accessible. 

Access to the most valuable premium ads does require a higher level of traffic and an invitation from Ezoic, though users can apply for consideration to the next “Level” before hitting all the benchmarks.

Ezoic Premium

Ezoic Premium is a program that a website owner can only get via invitation. This does cost publishers, who have to pay to be a part of the program.

Originally the cost was $25 a month to be part of the program, but then gave these publishers access to premium ads that earn far more than the average ads. 

At present, the cost is based on traffic and the number of premium ads served, helping to ensure the Ezoic premium partners who get premium ads on their sites will make money over and above what they would without them.

The page describing the program can be found here and experiential reports indicate that the amount made by publishers far exceeds what they would have without the premium ads – and that’s with the premium fees included.

Ezoic Ad Revenue Index

Ezoic has developed an online ad revenue index that tracks the current trend of Ezoic’s platform.

Here is a snapshot of the index below:

Ezoic Ad Revenue

The index goes from 1 to 100, where 100 is the highest advertising EPMV day in history. Essentially, the index tracks against the top day and gives an idea of the trend either downward or upward.

The ad revenue index will give you insights into how the platform is doing as a whole and also to compare historical months against current months.

Ezoic’s High Paying Niches

A study done by Wordstream broke down the CTR and CPC for specific industries. These industries also demand the most display ad revenues. The highest-paying niches for Ezoic are:

  1. Legal
  2. Finance
  3. Dating
  4. Travel
  5. Auto
  6. Education
  7. Real Estate

How To Increase Ezoic Earnings

Ezoic can be a bit intimidating to new website owners because the amount of control in setting ads can also be overwhelming to those who don’t have experience setting up their own ads on the page before.

This is a great learning opportunity but it also allows for custom ad designs for certain types of pages. Affiliate heavy or product review heavy pages can have fewer ads to encourage the sale while informational posts have more ads.

There are many tools provided to help increase site performance and earnings. The smart placement of ads is crucial, as is linking Ezoic to an AdSense account and experimenting with video ads.

Ezoic earnings increase checklist

  • Add more ad placement options for testing
  • Allow ads above the fold, or at least in the first couple paragraphs
  • Use Ezoic’s video tools to get ad income from video
  • Allow enough time for the AI to test out various ad placements
  • Make sure sticky ads are turned on
  • Enable Speed and Ezoic Leap to minimize site speed issues with ad loading
  • Link an active AdSense account for active bidding

4 Major Pros Of Ezoic

There are four major benefits of using Ezoic for ad income. Those benefits include:

1. Well Designed Onboarding System

The onboarding system is very good. The training is step-by-step, the backend of Ezoic is extremely easy to navigate, and adding Ezoic to WordPress via the plugin is simple. Even for people who aren’t tech-savvy.

It’s easy to see a lot of time and testing went into making the onboarding system user-friendly regardless of prior tech experience.

Optimizing takes time and testing, but getting setup with Ezoic is incredibly simple.

2. Good Support Team

The support with Ezoic is excellent. They are responsive, working to make sure they provide good support at all levels, and the information and training provided is really top-notch. That combination is a definite plus.

There are great online guides, troubleshooting guides, and direct support for publishers at all level. This is something that definitely makes Ezoic stand out in a good way.

3. Great Control Over Ad Placements

Because Ezoic gives the tools for ad placement to the website publisher, they have enormous control over where ads can and can’t appear on any given page.

This level of control is actually unusual as many ad providers take care of the majority of ad placement or offer minimal control for adjusting certain ad placements.

4. Training Provided

The training provided not only teaches publishers good practice for ad placements, but it also explains how to place ads specifically for Ezoic and how to understand how ad revenue works in general.

The training allows a complete newbie to train up and understand how to optimize current and future websites for better display ad revenue. That knowledge will continue to pay itself off for publishers multiple sites into the future.

3 Major Cons Of Ezoic

While there’s a lot to love about Ezoic, there are also multiple drawbacks that need to be considered before deciding if Ezoic is the right platform for you or not.

1. Possible Site Speed Issues

All display ads are going to affect site speed to some extent. One of the cons of Ezoic has been reports of needing either very good hosting and a little bit of technical know-how to use the tools to optimize site performance.

If everything isn’t properly set up or if shared hosting is used, there could be site speed issues that affect user experience or SEO signals to Google.

2. Setup Can Be Slightly Tricky

Getting Ezoic setup so ads are shown isn’t overly difficult. It’s designed to be fairly easy. Setting things up well so you can optimize revenues, site speed, and user experience – that is trickier. 

There are tools for ad placement, ad testing, video use, speed, cloud caching, and more. If you’re not technically inclined then that’s a lot to deal with all at once. 

There are easy mistakes to make with server hosting/caching vs Ezoic caching that can cause problems, so optimizing that initial setup can be tricky and will require some work and testing.

3. Tiered Ad System

The best (i.e. highest-paying) ads are reserved for the website owners who have the most traffic and that means there is a tiered ad system. 

New website owners are going to make less per ad and less per click than a long-time member of Ezoic who is in the premium program.

It can take time to get access to the high-level ads and that is by invite-only.

Takeaway – How Much Can You Earn With Ezoic Realistically? 

There are many factors that go into how much a site can make on Ezoic, and without knowing about the individual websites, niches, or traffic it’s impossible to nail down exact numbers.

There are a few consistent takeaways worth knowing about Ezoic:

  • They are very beginner friendly
  • The income returns tend to be many times more than what Google AdSense offers
  • There are tools to minimize disruption of site speed (unlike with AdSense)
  • Ezoic EMPV is often comparable to other ad providers, especially once premium ads are unlocked
  • Optimizing Ezoic’s tools is important

Ezoic is an excellent option when it comes to display ads and although the revenue per 1,000 views might be low compared to Mediavine or Raptive in the beginning, they tend to be comparable for publishers who unlock all of Ezoic’s tools and optimize accordingly.

mushfiq sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

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