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Last updated: April 26, 2024

When OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, it quickly became the fastest-growing consumer application of all time. After just five days, ChatGPT had over one million users, and it reached 100 million monthly active users in just two months. For comparison, it took Facebook four and a half years to reach that figure.

The launch of ChatGPT was the start of a boom in AI tools and there are hundreds of competing AI content writers available today. The range of options can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to know which tool to choose. 

Some AI writing tools are little more than ChatGPT clones that use the same LLM (large language model) as OpenAI’s groundbreaking AI, meaning you could end up overpaying for standard ChatGPT features.  

In contrast, the best AI content writers add value by fine-tuning the LLM, adding new functionality, building integrations with third-party apps, and improving the user experience and interface.

We’ve tested dozens of AI content writers to find the best tool for any task. So, whether you want to write sales copy, a fiction novel, an academic study, a short-form social post, or a long-form article, we can help you find the best AI content writer for you. 

Let’s get started with a quick comparison of our 14 favorite AI content writers.  

Best AI Content Writers: Comparison Chart

We compare 14 of the best AI content writers, including what they do best, their top features, and their subscription options.

AI Content WriterBest For…Best FeatureFree planCheapest paid plan
Copy.AIOverall Performance & Features2000+ integrations with other appsYes$49/mo or $36/mo billed annually
AnywordSales & MarketingPredictive performance scoringYes$49/mo or $39/mo billed annually
SudoWriteWriting Fiction‘Story engine’ step-by-stepnovel writerNo$19/mo or $10/mo billed annually
ChatGPTBeginnersMost advanced LLM (large language model)Yes$20/mo
RytrWorking with a Limited BudgetChrome extension for AI writing on the goYes$9/mo or $7.50/mo billed annually
Content at ScaleBlogging & long-form contentRankWell SEO insightsNo$49/mo or $39/mo billed annually
WritesonicChat, audio & short-form contentChatsonic feature to interact with documents and linksYes$19/mo or $13/mo billed annually
Article ForgeWordPress IntegrationAuto schedule and post AI articles to WordPressNo$27/mo or $13/mo billed annually
AI-WriterCiting sourcesVerifiable citationsNo$29/mo
FraseSEO & Competitor ResearchAnalyze competitors’ content with SERP researchNo$14.99/mo or $12.66/mo billed annually
QuillbotStudents & academicsParaphrasing toolYes$19.95/mo or $8.33/mo billed annually
GrammarlyImproving your writingAll-in-one grammar, punctuation, spelling, and plagiarism checkerYes$30/mo or $12/mo billed annually
Hypotenuse AIGenerating AI imagesHypoArt image generatorNo$29/mo or $24/mo billed annually
RewordTraining your own AI writerGoogle Search Console integration to learn your writing styleNo$49/mo or $39/mo billed annually

Best Overall AI Content Writer: Copy.AI


Copy.AI pitches itself as an AI ‘operating system’, bringing together AI writing and other AI functions to simplify and automate the marketing & sales process.

The Marketing OS helps you create content briefs and outlines, then transform those outlines into blog posts before repurposing the content across your marketing channels. Meanwhile, the Sales OS automates the process of scoring leads, generating sales emails, managing your CRM, and more.

Best Features:

  • Content Creation Workflow: Manage your content through the process of briefing, outlining, writing, editing, publishing, and repurposing.
  • Social Media Workflow: Automate the process of creating social posts, including captions, descriptions, and short-form video scripts.
  • Email Marketing Workflow: Use AI to create personalized onboarding emails and multi-touch email marketing campaigns.


  • Free trial: No
  • Free plan: Yes – Generate up to 2,000 words per month
  • Paid plans: From $36 per month

Best AI Writer for Marketing: Anyword


Anyword is built for marketers. It allows you or your marketing team to create content in your unique brand voice and to train the AI to improve future campaigns based on your best campaigns to date.

The tool can be used to create campaigns across a variety of marketing channels, including ads, blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, and to improve your SEO.

Best Features:

  • Copy Intelligence: Analyze your marketing content and find what works best.
  • Brand Voice Training: Manage your brand messaging and tone of voice and teach the AI to sound like your brand.
  • Custom Scoring: Anyword gives you a ‘predictive performance score’ to estimate how well each marketing activity will perform.


  • Free trial: Yes – 7 Days
  • Free plan: No
  • Paid plans: From $39 per month

Best AI Writer for Writing Fiction: SudoWrite


SudoWriter is an AI content-writing tool designed specifically for fiction writers. It can help you create plots and characters and complete a novel in as little as one week.

The team behind SudoWrite describes the tool as a “writing partner”, there to improve and accelerate your writing, not to write for you. They claim that it will never plagiarise unless you explicitly force it to do so, which is against the SudoWrite terms of service. 

Best Features:

  • Story Engine: A step-by-step novel writing process that starts with creating an idea and an outline and ends with a polished novel written in your writing style. 
  • Describe: Highlight your text and hit describe to generate vivid descriptions of your scene.
  • Canvas: An automated way to generate new plot points, twists, and backstories for your characters. 


  • Free trial: Yes – 7 Days
  • Free plan: No
  • Paid plans: From $10 per month

Best AI Writer for Beginners: ChatGPT


The AI content writer that started the boom in AI writing tools. ChatGPT offers access to its latest model (currently GPT-4) for a monthly fee and its previous model (GPT-3.5) free of charge.

The benefits of upgrading to the latest version include the capability to browse the web, analyze data, and generate images. 

Best Features:

  • Free tier: Generate an unlimited number of words using a powerful language model.
  • GPT-4: Affordable: access to the latest language model from the leader in the field of AI research, OpenAI. 
  • Rapid development: ChatGPT is advancing rapidly and OpenAI has the resources to release new features at pace.


  • Free trial: No
  • Free plan: Yes – unlimited, but uses an older language model.
  • Paid plans: $20 per month

Best AI Writer on a Limited Budget: Rytr


Rytr is the best AI content writer for anyone who wants the benefits of a premium AI tool without breaking the bank. 

The ‘saver plan’ starts from just $9 per month and allows you to generate 100,000 characters per month, writing in any of 30+ languages and 20+ tones of voice, while also checking for plagiarism and adding up to 20 AI-generated images.

Best Features:

  • Chrome extension: With Rytr, you’re not limited to generating AI content within the tool itself, the Chrome extension lets you use Rytr’s AI in other apps, including email, documents, blogging platforms like WordPress, and social media.
  • Templates: The tool offers more than 40 templates and use cases to generate the right kind of content for you.
  • Multi-language: Rytr makes it possible to create content in more than 30 languages.


  • Free trial: No
  • Free plan: Yes – up to 10,000 characters per month
  • Paid plans: From $7.50 per month

Best AI Writer for Blogging & Long-Form Content: Content at Scale

Content at Scale

Like most other AI writing tools, Content at Scale can produce short or long-form content, but long-form content is where it excels. If you’re looking for a tool that can write a 3000+ word blog post, correctly formatted for your blog and optimized for SEO, then Content at Scale could be the tool for you.

Best Features:

  • RankWell: A built-in SEO suite for keyword research, content optimization, and real-time competitor research.
  • AIMEE: A chatbot AI writing assistant that can help you write short-form content.
  • Content Producer: Long-form content written in your personal style or brand voice.


  • Free trial: No
  • Free plan: No 
  • Paid plans: From $39 per month

Best AI Writer for Chat, Audio & Short-Form Content: Writesonic


WriteSonic can generate text, write blog posts and rephrase your writing like any other AI writing tool, but it has a few other tricks up its sleeve too. Where WriteSonic comes into its own is in short-form content, including chatbot interactions, as well as in generating AI audio. 

If you’re looking for AI support with customer service or you want to produce audio along with your written content then it’s well worth trying WriteSonic’s free plan.

Best Features:

  • ChatSonic: Access real-time Google search results, interact with documents, and generate images. 
  • BotSonic: Train a multilingual chatbot to interact with your customers online and via WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack or Telegram.
  • AudioSonic: Transform your text content to audio with this AI voice generator.


  • Free trial: No
  • Free plan: Yes – 10,000 words per month
  • Paid plans: From $13 per month

Best AI Writer for WordPress integration: Article Forge

Article Forge

Are you looking to produce a large amount of AI content and publish it to WordPress? Then Article Forge could be the tool for you.

With its WordPress integration and ability to create articles in bulk, Article Forge can transform an empty WordPress install into a complete content site in a matter of minutes.

Best Features:

  • WordPress integration: With Article Forge there’s no need to copy and paste your AI content into WordPress, the tool connects directly to your WordPress site to schedule and publish content for you.
  • Bulk generator: Create hundreds of articles with a single click.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: In addition to a 5-day free trial, when you try Article Forge you also have 30 days to request a no-questions-asked refund.


  • Free trial: Yes – 5 Days
  • Free plan: No
  • Paid plans: From $13 per month

Best AI Writer for Citing Sources: AI-Writer

AI Writer

Two of the biggest worries when using an AI content writing tool are accuracy and plagiarism. How do you know whether your AI content is factually correct and not stolen from somebody else’s website?

With AI-Writer it’s easy to check. The tool is “built to be trusted” and provides a complete list of its sources with every article you generate.

Best Features:

  • Verifiable citations: Manually check the citations to verify the accuracy and originality of your content.
  • Topic Discoverer: AI-Writer suggests new article ideas based on related articles currently ranking in the Google search results.
  • Publish to WordPress: Like Article Forge, AI-Writer is another tool that can auto-publish your AI content to your WordPress website.


  • Free trial: Yes – 7 Days
  • Free plan: No
  • Paid plans: From $29 per month

Best AI Writer for SEO & Competitor Research: Frase


When it comes to combining AI writing with SEO, Frase is by far the best tool on the market. With Frase, every step in the content creation process is built around the current Google search results and analyzing your competitors to see what works and how you can outrank them.

The process starts with researching the top search results, including metrics like word count and number of headings. Next, you build your outline using a drag-and-drop tool that lets you ‘curate’ headings from your competitors, before finally using the AI language model to write your content and optimize it for the right keywords.

Best Features:

  • SERP research: Frase analyzes the current search results for your keyword, offering insights into what works for your competitors.
  • Outline Builder: Frase can automatically generate complete content briefs using the current Google search results and lets you drag and drop curated headings.
  • Compare keywords: The tool’s topic model will tell you what keywords you should include for better rankings.


  • Free trial: No – 5-day trial for $1
  • Free plan: No
  • Paid plans: From $12.66 per month

Best AI Writer for Students & Academics: Quillbot


Quillbot is useful for anyone who wants to take some text and paraphrase it, check grammar, summarize the key points, check for plagiarism, and add citations. 

Helpfully, you’re not limited to writing within Quillbot’s interface. The tool has extensions for Chrome, Microsoft Word, and MacOS, where you can use its AI functionality within apps like Slack, Notes, and Messages.

Best Features:

  • Paraphraser: Take a block of text and rephrase it with a variety of pre-set writing styles.
  • Summarizer: Copy & paste a longer piece of prose and have Quillbot write a summary for you.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Check your text to see which sentences and paragraphs might get flagged for plagiarising other works.


  • Free trial: No
  • Free plan: Yes – Paraphrase up to 125 words and limited access to other features
  • Paid plans: From $8.33 per month

Best AI Writer for Improving your Writing: Grammarly


Grammarly is a popular AI writing assistant that checks your writing in real-time to spot spelling mistakes, typos, grammatical errors, and clunky phrasing. The tool integrates with a huge range of apps, which means you can have your AI assistant proofread your writing wherever you go online.

In addition to its writing assistant functionality, Grammarly also offers free AI writing tools, where you can generate text for several use cases using just a few quick prompts.  

Best Features:

  • Correctness checking: Grammarly checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation in real-time as you write.
  • Clarity checking: The tool also analyzes the clarity, engagement, and delivery of your writing.
  • Rewrite with Grammarly: Unsure how to rephrase part of your text? Then have Grammarly’s AI assistant rewrite it for you.


  • Free trial: No
  • Free plan: Yes – Limited features
  • Paid plans: From $12 per month

Best AI Writer for Generating AI Images: Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI

Tell Hypotenuse AI what you want to write, including keywords you want to rank for and the tone you want to use, and the tool will generate a 1500+ word article in just a few minutes.

But of course, lots of tools can write articles. What makes Hypotenuse AI stand out from other AI writing tools is its integrations – including with Shopify – and its built-in image generation and document analysis tools.

Best Features:

  • HypoArt: Enter a text prompt and generate original AI images to accompany your written content.
  • Shopify integration: Connect Hypotenuse AI with Shopify and use AI to write or reword your product descriptions within your Shopify store.
  • HypoDoc: Upload a PDF and have Hypotenuse AI read it, summarize it for you, and answer any questions you may have about the document.


  • Free trial: Yes – Try any plan for 7 days
  • Free plan: No
  • Paid plans: From $24 per month

Best AI Writer for Training Your Own Writing Assistant: Reword


What separates Reword from other AI content writing tools is its focus on training your own AI writing assistant. Where other tools might promise that their content is well-written, or might let you choose from a range of pre-set writing styles, Reword is all about giving the AI access to samples of your writing and training it it to write like you.

You can train the AI in several ways, including giving it access to Google Search Console, adding articles manually by entering links to your published content, or training as you write using the Reword editor.

Best Features:

  • Google Search Console integration: Give Reword access to Google Search Console and it will find all of the articles published on your websites, and then use those articles to train the AI to write in your style.
  • Priming: As well as giving the AI example articles you can also answer questions about your blog topic and typical read to help the AI write for your audience.
  • Voices: Do you want Reword to write in a certain tone of voice? Simply find three or more articles that match the tone of voice you want and feed them to the AI. It will create a new ‘voice’ that matches the tone, article structure, and sentence construction.


  • Free trial: Yes – 7-day free trial plus a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Free plan: No
  • Paid plans: From $39 per month

Should you use an AI Content Writer?

AI writing tools can dramatically accelerate and scale up your content creation, but they have some major limitations too. 

In deciding whether an AI content writer is the best option for you, you’ll need to carefully weigh up their pros and cons alongside your own priorities.

Reasons to use an AI content writer:

  • Speed: AI writing tools can write thousands of words in seconds, a task that would take most human writers hours.
  • Volume: A task that may be impractical for a human – writing hundreds of thousands or even millions of words, for example – is easily achievable with AI.
  • Ease: Writing can be hard work, but AI can produce content at the click of a button.
  • Ideas: AI writing tools can suggest headings, sections, or even ideas for entire articles.
  • Cost: While paid AI writing tools cost more than writing an article yourself, they are still far cheaper than employing a human writer.

Reasons not to use an AI content writer:

  • Inaccuracies: AI writers are not always accurate and are notorious for “hallucinating” incorrect information, which they state as if it were a fact.
  • Plagiarism: AI writers rely on their training data and sometimes web searches. They have to get their information from somewhere, and this can lead to plagiarism issues.
  • Robotic writing style: While some AI writing tools can be trained to write with your desired style, most AI output has a stilted and unnatural tone.     
  • Lack of creativity: AI simply cannot match the creativity, emotion, empathy, and real-world experience of human writing. At least, not yet…

Ultimately, whether you should use an AI content writer depends on how these pros and cons are balanced for you and the work you need. 

If the pros outweigh the cons – or you’re willing to spend some time editing AI content to mitigate the downsides – then an AI content writer could be worthwhile. 

On the contrary, if you want to produce creative content that is written with human personality and is guaranteed to be 100% accurate and original, then you may find that you’re better off researching and writing manually.  

How to Choose the Best AI Content Writer for You:

You’ve decided that you do want to use an AI content writer, but how do you decide which tool is best for you? 

As well as reading our comparison of 14 leading AI content writers, you may want to think about these seven factors to help make your choice.

  1. Content Type: The type of content you are writing, whether it is articles, marketing copy, social media posts, or something else, will help determine the best AI content writer for you.
  1. Budget: Consider how much content you need to produce and whether it is affordable with your preferred AI tool. If not, you may need to look for cheaper or free options.
  1. Features: Look for tools that offer the features you need. This may include SEO and programatic SEO tools, a plagiarism checker, grammar and punctuation checking, or integrations with other apps.
  1. Content Quality: Check reviews, try a free trial, or start with the free plan to ensure that the content produced by the AI reads well and is factually accurate.
  1. Content Quantity: Keep in mind that most AI writing tools limit the number of articles or words you can produce within your plan.
  1. Ease of Use: Consider whether you like the interface and find it easy to create the content you need.
  1. Supported Languages: Some AI tools support multiple languages while others don’t, so make sure to choose one that supports the languages you require.

Final Thoughts: The Best AI Content Writers In 2024

Choosing the best AI content writer for your needs isn’t easy. There’s such a dizzying array of options available that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Of course, you could make use of free trials and limited free plans to try lots of different tools, but it may take a long time to find something that works.

The quicker way is to trust our experts and start with our choice of the best AI content writer for each of these popular use cases.

mushfiq sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

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