2 Off-Market Sites, 3 Broker Sites, 6 Aged Domains (Apr 24)

mushfiq sarker
Last updated: April 24, 2024

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This week’s deals feature 3 websites for sale from Empire Flippers and Flippa in the sports, data, and gaming niches, and 2 websites from our private Facebook group in the finance and flooring niches.

For domains, we featured 3 domains from SerpDomains™ and 3 from GoDaddy auctions.

🚀 3 Vetted Aged Domains

This week we take a look at three premium-aged domains from our partners –SerpDomains.

1️⃣ CardServiceInternational.com

22 years old — 89 ref. domains — $670

This domain is in the highly lucrative credit card niche. For this domain, our advice is to focus on pure lead generation fueled by paid traffic. While it is a highly lucrative niche, you would benefit from existing knowledge about card management, lead generation, and finding an optimal (and inexpensive) paid traffic strategy. View on SerpDomains

2️⃣ AudioRefer.com

20 years old — 60 ref. domains — $550

Audio production is one of the hottest niches right now. There are dozens of sites reselling audio plugins and earning from both affiliate commissions and direct sales. This domain could be a perfect pick for a fresh site in this niche. View on SerpDomains

3️⃣ PreferHired.com

6 years old — 149 ref. domains — $1,480

Operating a specialized job board can be an interesting alternative to the traditional content model. Take a look at SEOjobs.com as an example; nearly every profession has a few similar platforms. This domain name is more versatile, allowing you to target almost any profession. View on SerpDomains

🚀 3 Websites For Sale From Brokers

1️⃣ 6-year-old gaming site making $4,023/mo on Empire Flippers

Membership site Sports—46X — $185,040

A great-looking business in the sports niche, earning revenue from various subscription models and sponsored content. The organic traffic was not affected by the latest Google update. There is room for improvement in this emerging sport, particularly in the US. The valuation multiple is high, but online businesses that are not reliant on organic traffic are rare nowadays so it is worth a check. View on Empire Flippers

2️⃣ 6-year-old data as a service site making $7,094/mo on Empire Flippers

Membership site B2B data — 39X — $290,857

This membership site operates as a data-as-a-service business, offering valuable data about EU-based businesses. Originating from a newsletter that remains active with over 20,000 subscribers, it exemplifies a business model where the type of traffic to the site is more crucial than the volume of traffic. A really interesting asset that could result in a successful flip. View on Empire Flippers

3️⃣ 1-year-old gaming e-commerce site making $19,047/mo on Flippa

Gaming — Live Auction ($13,000 starting bid price, 1 bid)

Lastly, we’ve saved this intriguing e-commerce site, fueled by TikTok traffic in the EU region. The monthly profits are substantial, and it’s available for a bargain at 0.4X the last eight months’ profits. It’s a newer business, and TikTok remains a somewhat uncharted avenue for dropshipping and e-commerce. However, the information about this business setup provides you with the opportunity to create new shops in other niches. View on Flippa

🚀 2 Off-Market Sites on Facebook

The Website Flip runs a free Facebook group where sellers can list sites for sale. Here is a selection of a few sites this week:

$10/mo Flooring Niche Site: For just $500, you will get a decent starter website that generates some earnings from Amazon Affiliates.

$1,441/mo Finance Niche Site: The site was hit by a Google update but still brings in revenues. The site is earning from Ezoic display ads, sponsored posts, and alternative affiliate partnerships. The asking price is $39,000 at the 27X.

🚀 GoDaddy Auctions This Week

Aged domains bidding from $85 to $3,650 at the time of writing.

  1. BirthplaceOfHockey.com: A site chronicling the birth of hockey started in 2002. The domain has a DR of 32 and is ranking for 604 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from Wikipedia, NYTimes and GlobalNews.
  2. FlixPress.com: Was a video animation template site started in 2011. It has a DR of 52 and is ranking for 232 KWs. Backlinks from Crunchbase, TechRadar and Medium.
  3. PhotoshopBrushes.com: This Photoshop brush site was started in 2004 with a DR of 53 and ranking for 56 KWs. It has backlinks from TheGuardian, MIT, and Wired.

Branded domains bidding from $65 to $1,678 at the time of writing.

  1. FreshMint.com
  2. WakeupNow.com
  3. MasterPrograming.com
  4. HealthySpirit.com
  5. PetRelief.com

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👉 Additional Reading

Make sure to perform due diligence when acquiring any domains or websites. Here are more resources:

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