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The Website Flip was featured on empire flippers, investors club, flippa, quietlight, semrush, ezoic, niche pursuits, niche website builders, entrepreneur, appsumo, domainmagnate, odys

As Featured On

The Website Flip was featured on empire flippers, investors club, flippa, quietlight, semrush, ezoic, niche pursuits, niche website builders, entrepreneur, appsumo, domainmagnate, odys

Getting Started

Want to get started with website flipping? We wrote a detailed guide covering the following:

  • What is website flipping?
  • How much money can you make?
  • Should you build or buy websites?
  • Characteristics of a good website acquisition
  • How to find websites to buy
  • How to perform due diligence
  • FAQs

Mushfiq Sarker, founder of The Website Flip, shares his decade of website flipping experience in this jam-packed guide. Read now!

For further reading, check out specific guides on buying, growing, and selling websites.

Who’s Behind The Website Flip?

Hey, Mushfiq here! My team and I have been buying, growing, and flipping online businesses since 2008. Our first website in the VoIP vertical was acquired in 2010 by a prominent media company. Since then, we’ve transacted on 218+ websites to date with several 6-figure exits.

I started this website and newsletter, The Website Flip, to share pre-vetted websites for sale, share case studies, and help newcomers understand the website flipping space. No fluff. Straight actionable content.

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Mushfiqur Sarker

Buying & Selling Websites

With over 14 years of experience and 218+ website asset transactions, we share our framework, data, and insights into buying websites. We also share the process of selling websites once you’ve grown the revenue and traffic.

Other Guides

Our growth guides are jam-packed with actionable tactics you can apply to your existing portfolio or website flipping strategy.

Our Services & Products


A+ Website Management

Hire my team to run your online business’s SEO and growth.


Due Diligence Reviews

Have our team of due diligence experts review your next acquisition. We catch red flags that others miss!

Vettted SEO Marketplace

Vetted SEO Marketplace

Get SEO services from vetted SEO experts.


120+ battle-tested strategies applied to 218+ websites over 14 years to increase website revenues & traffic.

Website Flipping Course

Get the deep-dive course with 6+ hours of videos, due diligence reviews, site teardowns, and templates.

Aged Domain Course

Get the deep-dive course with 4+ hours of videos, real-life case studies, and more.

See What Our Fans Are Saying

Check out what our fans are saying about our newsletter and website flipping services.

Mushfiq is very knowledgeable about his subject matter and a great resource.

His website is an in-depth resource, and I gained a lot from my consulting session with him.

Jared Bauman

Niche Pursuits

Valuable information and products

Mushfiq’s products are top notch! Not only that the service he provides and knowledge is unmatched. I highly recommend anyone looking to get into website investing and owning use his products and services.

J Paul Dodson

You 100% get what you pay for

[This] is the go to place for learning how to buy, grow, and sell online businesses. The straightforward & practical approach of Mushfiq makes his content stand out in the industry. I’ve personally taken his course & 1 website teardown. 100% you get what you pay for.

Liam Lafferty

Five Stars for Mushfiq’s Consulting Service!

I read a TON of info on websites and Mushfiq’s is absolutely top of the stack. Always actionable, to the point, honest and on the mark.

I hired Mushfiq to do a tear-down review/video consult of one of my larger sites and it was a terrific investment. Highly recommend!

CleanShot 2024 01 27 at

Rachel Parisi

Hidden Goldmine for Content Site Investing

Super knowledgeable guy. Started following and quickly went deep down the rabbit hole of top quality content.

Love the newsletter with real insight from someone who does this stuff.

His products are underpriced in my opinion for the return they will get.

73x73 1

Cameron Upton

Mushfiq’s website due diligence

I used Mushfiq’s website due diligence service and it was very in-depth, honest, and filled with learnings.

He is an expert and very trustworthy person in the SEO, content, and online space. Takes pride in your requests and delivers. I would definitely work with him again!


Riad Bekhit

Questions About Website Flipping

We receive many questions. Here are answers to the most common ones:

What is website flipping?

Website flipping is the idea of building or buying a content website, growing revenues, and then selling it. The goal is to sell the website for more than you bought it for, thus profiting. The debate whether to build vs buy a niche site is a personal decision, but both have pros and cons.

The skillsets needed for website flipping include search engine optimization (SEO), niche research, market research, monetization research, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and project management. Many of these tasks can be outsourced to specialists if need be.

Make sure to check out the website flipping course for a detailed deep dive into the concepts.

How do I become a website flipper?

The process of getting started can be boiled down to these high-level steps:

  1. Decide on if you are going to build a site from scratch or buy one
  2. If buying, find a website to buy from different brokers, marketplaces, or private sellers
  3. Perform website due diligence
  4. Negotiate back and forth with the broker or seller to determine its worth
  5. Acquire the site and transfer ownership to your accounts
  6. Grow the site’s traffic and revenues
  7. Position the site for sale
  8. Flip the website for profit
  9. Rinse and repeat

There are tons of nuances in all of these steps.

If you want to save time, we launched The Course on Website Flipping, which covers the ins and outs of getting started over 6+ hours of videos. Get a decade of experience in a single day!

Is website flipping profitable?

Yes, website flipping is profitable. The Website Flip has done 218+ website acquisitions, which we’ve bought, grown, and sold. Several of these acquisitions have been 6-figure exits. Here are the numbers behind a few of our flips:

  1. Wellness website: acquired for $5,650 in July 2020 and sold in December 2020 for $30,100. The site was earning $300/mo and when sold it was earning $936/mo.
  2. Dating website: acquired for $32,000 in early 2019 earning about $1,000/mo. The site currently earns $9,000/mo. The site is valued at $270,000 to $360,000.
  3. Outdoor website: acquired for $23,000 in April 2020. The site was earning $300/mo. We scaled the site to earn $3,000 to $6,000 per month depending on the time of the year. The site is valued at $140,000 to $160,000.
  4. B2B website: acquired for $3,000 in May 2023. This site was a pure asset sale (no revenue). The asset had a website aged with traffic and content, a 3,000+ email list, social media, digital products, and more but lacked monetization. We flipped to a strategic buyer in the niche for $15,000 in October 2023.

As you can see, website flipping is profitable. When growing a site, we are building up the monthly income and simultaneously the website asset value. It’s this two-pronged approach that makes the business model lucrative.

This was a selection of our website flips that we have niche site case studies. For insights across most of our website flips, read this write-up.

How are website valuations calculated?

On average in 2023, content websites are selling at 30 to 40 times monthly average profits, or in other words 2.5 to 3.33 times annual profits. The average profits are calculated usually using the profits from the last 6-months or last 12-months (if the niche is seasonal).

Example: if a site is earning $1,000 per month on average across the last 6-months, then the site can sell for around $30,000 to $40,000.

Read the detailed framework on website valuations.

Where can I buy and sell websites?

For more information on where to buy a website, check out this guide on website brokers. If you are looking to sell a website, check out The Website Flip Brokerage services.

Can I invest into websites without operating?

Yes! You can hire dedicated website operators, who will manage the day-to-day of your website portfolio on your behalf. In return, they usually charge a fixed management fee.

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