WP Website Case Study #6 (October 2020)

mushfiq sarker

Welcome back to my WP site case study update. Check out the previous month’s update here, and the archive of updates here. This will be a quick update as not much work was done from my end; however, the site continues to creep up in the SERPs.

Let’s get to it!

🆕 October 2020 Update

October was the sixth full month of ownership. Let’s review the stats:


October 2020:

image 84

September 2020:

image 83

August 2020:

image 82

The growth in organic keywords going from 261 to 405 to 819 is great to see. The site is climbing slow and steady.

I like to see slow growth. The sites that climb up exponentially tend to come down exponentially as well (just anecdotally as I do not have hard evidence of this).

Traffic Stats

October traffic:

image 80

Last 7 months traffic:

image 81

💰 P&L Breakdown

The monthly costs so far have been:

  • Apr: $361.53
  • May: $917.36
  • Jun: $32.94
  • Jul: $419.80
  • Aug: $467.24
  • Sep: $26.25
  • Oct: $351.08
  • Nov: $33.00

Total equates to $2,609 of which $2,409 is content costs, and $199 is VA costs.

Revenue-wise in October, a company reached out for a guest post. I charged them $100 for it and they provided a very high-quality article that is bringing in traffic.

Altogether, the expired domain was purchased for $4,000, the content was $2,409, and VA costs were $199. I have invested approximately $6,609 to date.

Make sure to read this guide on aged expired domains.

📅 October Improvements

New Content Added

  • 12 articles
  • 20,536 words
  • 1,711 words per article average

For these 12 articles, I scoped out a shoulder niche (similar to what I did for my outdoor site).

I usually target shoulder niches much later in the life of growing a website. However, in this situation, the shoulder niche will provide more authority to my entire site. It essentially ties everything together for the niche.

This will allow me to do better interlinking with Link Whisper when I get to it.

What kind of articles am I posting?

This is the breakdown of the type of articles I have on the website to date:

  • Comparison (X vs Y): 19 articles
  • Review (X Review): 39 articles
  • Buying Guides (Best X): 15 articles
  • Informative (Why, How To, What): 4 articles

A total of 77 articles exist on the site now. That equates to 128,395 words with an average word count of 1,667 words per article.

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⏭️ Next Steps for November 2020

Since the traffic is growing, it’s time to shift some focus onto this site:

  1. Identify un-monetized pages from Google Analytics: make a shortlist of articles that need to be optimized and send to VA to add comparison tables, CTA buttons, and affiliate links. I covered the process here.
  2. Signup to Affiliate programs: this niche has individual affiliate programs so it’s a manual process to signup to each. I will do that this month.
  3. Interlink articles together for an on-page SEO boost
  4. “Getting Started” article for homepage: homepage is an archive of posts. However, a full pillar article should be on the homepage which then links to relevant categories and articles.
  5. Keyword research for new content

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday coming up and with the niche that this site is in, I can generate revenue by promoting discounts on products/services. This can be done with a popup or a scrolling bar at the top of the page. To be determined what I do here.

🤝 Stay Tuned!

The growth curve of this website is exciting. This can be a quality authority site in the niche over time.

mushfiq sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling website assets since 2008. His first exit was in 2010. Since then, he has done 218+ website flips with multiple 6-figure exits. He is the founder of The Website Flip. Check out all Mushfiq's articles, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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