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Afflytics is a one-stop affiliate dashboard that aggregates revenue data from each affiliate network for each of your websites.

For my portfolio of websites, Afflytics has saved hours in putting together P&Ls to keep track of revenues.

In this discussion, I cover the following:

  • Afflytics at a glance
  • Major features
  • Common questions
  • Pricing review
  • Interview with founder, Austin Tuwiner
  • Is it worth it?

Let’s get into it!


🔥 Afflytics – Affiliate Analytics Dashboard

Afflytics help affiliate marketers save time every day by automatically consolidating all of their affiliate commissions data into a single dashboard. I use them across my portfolio of websites to keep track of the day-to-day. They have a 2-week free trial that doesn’t even ask for a card. Check them out!

Afflytics Review: At A Glance

If you manage a portfolio of websites with different revenue streams from different networks, then Afflytics is a must. 

Before Afflytics…

I would tally up revenues from over 10+ networks (e.g., Commission Junction, ShareASale, Impact Radius) every 10-15 days to ensure my sites are performing well. I take the revenues and plug them into a Google Sheet for each site I own. This can take several hours to finish up for various websites.

Here is a snapshot of my Google Sheet’s P&L:


With Afflytics…

With Afflytics, I can now get an update of my earnings from each network for each site in real-time. Afflytics does the heavy-lifting of grabbing all of my earnings. I now save upwards of several hours every 10-15 days.

Here is a snapshot of my Afflytics dashboard for a single site:

image 1

What I like About Afflytics

  • Includes 8 different dashboards summarizing different revenue data
  • Ability to add multiple websites
  • Integrates with top tier affiliate networks (and always adding more)
  • Provides high-level metrics (e.g., avg. commission, number of products sold)
  • Provides detailed transaction data
  • Data is filterable

How Crucial is Afflytics?

Afflytics has been integrated as one of my day-to-day revenue management tools for my portfolio of website assets. 

In short, it’s crucial. Can I live without it? Of course; I can always do it manually by copy/pasting it into a Google Sheet P&L document. Afflytics saves me time.

3 Major Features in Afflytics for Affiliate Site Owners

As an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for software that streamlines my day-to-day. Afflytics is that SaaS tool that I’ve been always looking for.

Here are the major features.

1. All Major Affiliate Networks Included

This is key. Without integration capabilities with all major networks, Afflytics is not useful. Luckily, they’ve integrated with the large networks.

This includes:

  • Commission Junction
  • Has Offers
  • ShareASale
  • Impact Radius
  • AvantLink
  • FlexOffers
  • Refersion

Check out the selection below:

image 2

What if my network is not supported? You can submit a request for them to add your network. Or, you can do a manual import of data into Afflytics. 

2. Connect a Website to a Network

Once you add a website, you can assign a specific affiliate network to it. This means any earnings coming from that network will get associated with the websites. This allows you to track earnings for each specific website.

image 3

You can see in the screenshot above that each website has a set of affiliate accounts assigned to it. For example, one of my sites has 9 networks whereas another has 2.

3. High-level Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Metrics

Data leads to metrics. Afflytics utilizes data to calculate KPIs. The major KPIs include:

  • Total commission revenue
  • Total advertiser sales
  • Total products sold
  • Average commission
  • Highest commission
  • Project Annual Revenue
  • Total advertisers
  • Unique products sold
  • Top affiliate networks
  • Top affiliate programs
  • Top products

These are crucial KPIs to understand how each of your websites is performing over time. All the KPIs can be filtered by the start and end date as well.

Raw Transaction Data

If you want to look through the raw transaction data, you can do that by navigating to the Transactions tab.

Here you can see all of the transactions for a specific website during a chosen start and end time. Check out an example below:

image 4

Afflytics Pricing Structure: How Much Monthly?

Here is the pricing breakdown:

Total Commissions $1,000$5,000$25,000$100,000
# of Affiliate Networks51550100
Data Update IntervalDaily12 hours6 hours3 hours
Historical Data1 month3 months12 monthsUnlimited
ReportingDaily & WeeklyDaily & WeeklyDaily & WeeklyDaily & Weekly
# of WebsitesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Common Questions with Afflytics

1. Who is Afflytics right for?

If you have one or two sites monetized by Amazon and display ads, Afflytics is most likely overkill.

If you have sites with diversified revenue streams from numerous networks, then Afflytics can save you hours each month.

Note: For example, my outdoor site has 9 different affiliate networks within Afflytics. Without Afflytics, I would have to log in to 9 networks, filter the dates, grab the earnings, plug into Google Sheets, and calculate the totals. While a simple process, it can be time-consuming to do.

2. Does Afflytics support Amazon Associates?

Amazon is tricky as there are two main ways to automatically upload data to Afflytics: APIs, and scraping.

Amazon doesn’t have an API for affiliates, so the only other option is scraping, which is against their TOS.

However, they do have a manual add feature, that will allow you to manually add transactions one at a time, or via a spreadsheet. 

You’ll be able to upload a spreadsheet directly from Amazon into Afflytics, adding all your data to Afflytics. It’s not automatic but good enough.

3. Does it support display advertising networks (e.g., Ezoic, Mediavine)?

Similar to Amazon, these networks do not have APIs so scraping is usually the only option.

For the time being, you can manually add in the data or upload a spreadsheet.

4. Can I download raw transaction data?

No. At the moment, Afflytics does not allow you to download the raw transaction data.

5. Can I share dashboards with external parties?

Not at the moment as of Q1 2021. However, this is a feature I’ve requested to be added.

If you are an operator of websites, sharing a dashboard periodically, or even adding sub-users can be a great way for your investor to “stay tuned” to the website’s day-to-day.

6. What happens if an affiliate network connection goes down?

If for any reason a network goes down, Afflytics will grab the data when the connection is back up. 

Interview Questions with Austin Tuwiner, CEO of Afflytics

austin tuwiner is the founder of afflytics

I reached out to the CEO of Afflytics, Austin Tuwiner, to get his take on the software, it’s history, and more.

When was Afflytics started?

Afflytics was technically started as far back as July 2018. I acquired it from a previous owner in October of 2020 after being in touch with the founder for over 6 months. I ran a portfolio of affiliate sites for four years and decided to buy and take over this project out of my pain.

After making my adjustments, I sold off my portfolio and relaunched the service in January 2021.

What’s Afflytics one major value-add?

The main value adds to Afflytics is the enormous amount of time and clarity it adds to an affiliate marketer’s workflow. For every additional affiliate program you link with Afflytics, the more valuable it becomes. 

Rather than log into every single affiliate program you work with every day, you can now log in to one place, to view all affiliate commission data. Using APIs, scraping, and other methods, we consolidate all your affiliate data into one, streamlined dashboard.

You can also enable daily or weekly email reports, where we’ll send you a rundown on all of your commission data.

How large is your team?

Besides me, I have a team of three developers based in Poznan, Poland, and some other independent contractors that help with marketing from around the world.

What customer or website data does Afflytics store?

Afflytics has to store customer commission data, API keys, and logins (for the integrations we scrape), to run our crawls and update your dashboard. That being said, the data is hashed and encrypted inside our database.

What happens if an affiliate program is not supported?

If an affiliate program is not supported, you can email us to add the program, or use Acute inside our app to request a program, and upvote other requests. We add the affiliate programs that are requested most often from our customers.

We can add programs with APIs quickly, in around 10 hours of development time, but scraping is a last resort.

From the data you have, what’s the top affiliate program generating the most sales?

We are unable to see our customer’s earnings, API keys, or logins. We understand that data is one of your business’s most valuable commodities, and protect it through SHA256 Password-Based Encryption and 256bit AES-CBC-BC encryption.

Afflytics will never sell our customers’ data, which is why we have to charge for nearly all Afflytics plans.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do! Upon sign up, you can create an account and link affiliate networks and programs instantly. We don’t ask for a card or payment method until a two-week trial is over. 

During the trial period, customers have 100% freedom on Afflytics and don’t experience any revenue or integration limits. 

Once the trial ends, you’ll have to move onto a plan based on your earnings and the number of integrations. Assuming you make under $1,000 a month and connect less than five affiliate programs with Afflytics, you can use it for free, for life!

Wrap Up: Is Afflytics Worth It?

For me, yes.

But for you, it depends. If you have many sites with many different streams of revenue from different networks, then definitely it can save you hours each month putting together P&Ls.

Afflytics has been able to put hours of my time in putting together detailed P&Ls to send to investors and for case studies that I do.

I highly recommend it!

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Analyzed by Austin Tuwiner

Austin is the owner of After running a portfolio of affiliate sites, he decided to start his own SaaS company, aimed at helping affiliate marketers save minutes (sometimes hours) every day by consolidating all of their affiliate data into a single, streamlined dashboard. Connect with Austin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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